Incredible Surreal Images of Rural Mississippi Created Entirely on iPhone


iPhones are a pretty consistent staple in the photography world anymore, from grabbing quick selfies and behind-the-scenes footage on set to shooting feature-length films and luxury car ads.  The technology and available apps keep getting better and better, and those who laughed at the idea of smartphone photography are sheepishly slinking into the background.

Melissa Vincent is one of those jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and never looked back.  With nearly a half million Instagram followers, she’s channeled her passion into creating surreal images of rural life near her home in Mississippi.  Shot and edited on an iPhone, her photos have a stunning quality that we are beginning to associate more and more with smartphone photography.

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DxO ONE Camera Boasts a 1” CMOS 20.2 MP Sensor and Attachs to Your iPhone; Coming Tomorrow

DxO-ONE-cameraFor the past week DxO has been sharing mysterious teasers on its New Shape of Photography website, announcing its new vision of photography will launch on June 18th.

It didn’t take too long, however, before the secret was revealed and the full specs of the upcoming camera were made available prior to the official release.

The camera, claiming to include the world’s most advanced image processing, can be used as a standalone camera or connect to an iPhone/iPad to offer a large interactive viewfinder and ‘other powerful DSLR features’.

While DxO’s desire to pour its extensive knowledge into creating its own camera is understandable, how will this move affect the credibility of the company’s sensor and lens ratings?

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Tric for iPhone: New Device Will Allow You to Use Speedlights with Your Smartphone

The iPhone wow-ed us all when it first came on the scene in 2007, and over the years we have seen how photographers, both amateur and professional, have used it to create some pretty stunning images. Even as far back as 2010 the guy at FStoppers amazed us with their iPhone fashion shoot using a 3gs. But, there has always been the limitation of not being able to pair off-camera strobe lighting with the little device.

Those days are over, thanks to Tric, a new wireless flash trigger for the iPhone system.

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Camera51 App Claim They Crammed All Compositional Info Into An App That Tell You How To Shoot

I was wondering when something like this will pop up. An app that not only shares information about photography, but also tells you how to shoot. Camera51 is just that. An app that tells you how to shoot to get better photos.

I am really not sure what I think about this kind of technology, on one hand smartphone photographers do sometimes spray and pray, but on the other, I am not sure I am comfortable with the idea of letting an app telling me how to shoot.

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Upgrade Your iPhone With An APS-C Sensor And f2.0 Lens Simply By Sliding It Into This New Case


I have to admit, I love the idea of a smartphone that has Leica glass more than I like the idea of attaching a giant lens to my existing smartphone. While both have their downfalls, it’s still nice to see phone manufacturers really starting to get inventive and pushing the technology that drives our phone’s ever important camera elements. Jumping on that bandwagon is a start up company named Relonch which is looking to enter the competitive world of smartphone photography with the release of a new iPhone case. The Relonch case appears to pack quite a punch in terms of what it can do for your phone’s current camera. [Read more…]

Sony Aims To Turn Smartphones Into Full DSLRs with the QX1 and QX30


Yesterday, Sony’s upcoming QX1 was leaked onto the internet, giving us our first look at the lens mount and exactly what it’s expected to bring to smartphone users. The device wasn’t just officially announced today; it’s coming with a partner, as well, called the QX30.

I’ll start off with a TL;DR. Basically, we got the QX1 down yesterday: a mount compatible with any E-mount lens Sony offers. The newly announced QX30, however, is a fixed lens mount with an appropriate-to-title 30X optical zoom.

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StreamNation Introduces Shutter, an iOS Photo App Offering Unlimited Cloud Storage for Free

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.04.25 AM

With how much of a push companies are making these days toward cloud-based storage, is it really a wonder that phones are still being sold with an infuriatingly small 16 gigabytes of space? When it comes to the actual cloud storage itself, we have to worry about the payments those storage services ask for as well; missing one could inevitably mean that we’d lose what we’d have stored for good. It’s a business model that I’m starting not to like, and I feel like it’s a poor way to ensure the safety of our backed up pictures.

StreamNation is a cloud-based service that’s deciding to do things a little differently; they’ve recently released Shutter, a camera app on iOS that promises us unlimited cloud storage for pictures absolutely free of charge. The app itself is simple: another point-and-shoot interface, but with a different method of storage.

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Bentley shoots High End ad with iPhone 5S – Edits with iPad

When you think about a camera to match the Bentley brand you probably go as high as you can, Red Dragon, Arri Alexa something along those lines. This is why I was kind of shocked to discover that Bentley’s new ad Intelligent Details was shot entirely on the iPhone 5S.

The video shows Luc Donckerwolke, director of design, and SangYup Lee, head of exterior design, talking about their motivations and decisions inside a $298,000 Bentley Mulsanne.

While the story and cinematography are really catching I hate to say that the camera does not hold its own. Easy shots are…. OK. But the camera really falls when it comes to more complex shots and dynamic range.
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Ultrakam Brings 2K Video To iPhone 5S

If you’ve been upset with you the video that you iPhone produces, you may be pleasantly surprised with this new iPhone app: Ultrakam.


The App claims to provide full, uncompressed video from the iPhone 5 coming at 2K resolution (roughly twice the res of full HD – 1936X1446). iPhone 5S can push this res a bit further to 2240×1672. Both using the H.264 iFrame codec. [Read more…]