‘Shelter Dogs’ Captures Human-Like Emotions from Dogs in City Pound

Photographer Traer Scott, probably best known for her work with animals, has an impressive resume.  In addition to authoring five books, her work has been featured in numerous magazines, including National Geographic, Vogue, People, Life, and others; she has been the recipient of the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Photography Fellowship Grant and the Helen Woodward Humane Award for animal welfare activism; and has appeared as a guest on Fox and NPR, among others.

Her portrait series “Shelter Dogs,” which was turned into a book of the same title, is a beautiful and stunning collection of work that focuses, literally, on canines living in a local pound, almost anthropomorphizing them in hopes of increasing adoptions.  Traer provides some insight into the project as well as some unique advice for aspiring photographers.


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The Incredible Light Painting Of JanLeonardo


A while back I stumbled on the light painting work of Jan Leonardo Wöllert, and was immediately taken. By now, you probably know all about light painting, but if not, it is the art of using bright objects to “paint” imagery in total darkness. As light hits the sensor it ‘paints’ the final image.

JanLeonardo is no different and his work is done only with photography in total darkness, painted with light. No layers work and digital composing. I asked JanLeonardo for more information about his work which he gladly shared with DIYP readers.

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Photographing Lions From 4 Meters Distance


To me, black and white photography is one of the most mesmerizing art forms ever created and has the ability to draw a viewer into a scene like few others.  Swedish photographer Pekka Järventaus capitalizes on its detailed nuances in “Prowling with Lions,” an ongoing photography project focused solely around the lions of Africa.  Unlike some photographers who are content with simply snapping a good image of a captive lion, Pekka searches for truly wild animals roaming freely on the savanna, getting up close and personal with some of the most fearsome beasts on the planet.

Here, along with his stunning photography, Pekka provides insight into his process, the gear he uses, and the driving force behind his work, along with some very simple yet poignant advice for aspiring photographers.

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Listen: Interview With Sally Mann On Her Controversial Photography, Mortality, & Human Form

Mann's latest book, Hold Still.

Mann’s latest book, Hold Still.

Over the past several decades, Sally Mann has become preeminent figure in the world of photography. And though her expansive portfolio is home to many, many beautifully crafted photographs, Mann has also found herself under public fire. Her book, Immediate Family (1992) attracted a lot of attention from critics who claim the photos of Mann’s naked children found inside the book eroticized children. [Read more…]

Portraits On A Budget [NSFWish]

M: Peliroja – MUA: Jodi Lakin

M: Peliroja – MUA: Jodi Lakin

These days I have been shooting with very small lighting set ups. Either one main light though a 170cm Softbox or a Single speed light. A few months ago or maybe longer, Digital Photographer magazine​ got in touch and we did a short interview about what the kit and stuff. This blog is an updated version of that interview.

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Easychrome: A DIY Aerochrome-Emulating, Color-Infrared Point & Shoot Camera


World In Infrared is a project spanning over 30,000 kilometers, with an IR modified camera – Easychrome – that flew over the Atlantic Ocean, across North America and down to the South Pacific to capture the world as it it seen in the infrared spectrum. Having elements of both Infrared hacking and somewhat of a crowd-sourced project we asked Steven Saphore, its maker a few questions:

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Interview With Franey Miller: How The 19 Year Old Photographer Broke Into The New York City Fashion Scene

0E6A7454copyWhen graduating high school, most teenagers have absolutely no idea what they want to do with their lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I always kind of found it unfortunate that, right out of high school, people are expected to declare a major and settle into the same job for the rest of their lives. Before you can legally buy a beer in the United States, you are asked to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Those standards always seemed a little off to me. Then someone like Franey Miller comes along. Someone who thwarts the system, giving hope to all the dreamers out there.

Indeed an exception to the rule, Miller knew exactly what she wanted out of life before she even made it out of the 12th grade. For Miller, there was nothing else that could possibly entertain her more than being a photographer. After picking up a camera for the first time as an eight year old, Miller was hooked. Before she could drive a car, she was booking gigs. Photographing models after school and on weekends, Miller knew her future was in fashion photography.

“…there was a point where I decided I would never ever quit photography. What else would I do?…”

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Interview with with ISS Astronaut Don Pettit (from smugmug’s From Above)

Astronaut Don Pettit has become one of the most prolific astronaut photographers during his expeditions aboard the International Space Station. He could (and did) saturate downlink transfers with photos for three full days from just one 30-minute photographic session in space. While photography is part of an astronaut’s job requirement, Pettit’s engineering ingenuity and natural curiosity has led him to create photos that are as stunning for their artistic beauty as they are for their scientific value.

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The Life Of A National Geographic Adventure Photographer: Jimmy Chin

JIMMY CHINIf you’ve always suspected that National Geographic photographers have awesome lives, this interview with Jimmy Chin might help prove your case. A team from Mashable traveled to Jackson, Wyoming to visit the NatGeo photographer in his home, offering us a glimpse into the adventurers’ paradise that is Chin’s storage and supplies room. (Holy cow does he have a lot of cool stuff.) It’s also kind of fun to see what Chin does in his downtime when he’s not skiing Everest or climbing Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru. Granted, he doesn’t get very much downtime with adventures of those proportions to partake in. Even when he is able to take a “break” from work, it seems as though Chin is always up to something epic. Seriously, the man is beast.

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Supermodel Helena Christensen And Iconic Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Share Their Inspirations


Mary Ellen Mark is a photographer who needs no introduction. She has been creating her remarkable portfolio of images since the 1960’s. Outside of her notable street photography work, she has also found herself photographing movie sets and countless publications such as Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. Helena Christensen, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and supermodel extraordinaire is also a talented photographer whose work you can find gracing the pages of Elle, Marie Claire, and Nylon magazines. [Read more…]