The Life Of A National Geographic Adventure Photographer: Jimmy Chin

JIMMY CHINIf you’ve always suspected that National Geographic photographers have awesome lives, this interview with Jimmy Chin might help prove your case. A team from Mashable traveled to Jackson, Wyoming to visit the NatGeo photographer in his home, offering us a glimpse into the adventurers’ paradise that is Chin’s storage and supplies room. (Holy cow does he have a lot of cool stuff.) It’s also kind of fun to see what Chin does in his downtime when he’s not skiing Everest or climbing Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru. Granted, he doesn’t get very much downtime with adventures of those proportions to partake in. Even when he is able to take a “break” from work, it seems as though Chin is always up to something epic. Seriously, the man is beast.

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Supermodel Helena Christensen And Iconic Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Share Their Inspirations


Mary Ellen Mark is a photographer who needs no introduction. She has been creating her remarkable portfolio of images since the 1960′s. Outside of her notable street photography work, she has also found herself photographing movie sets and countless publications such as Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. Helena Christensen, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and supermodel extraordinaire is also a talented photographer whose work you can find gracing the pages of Elle, Marie Claire, and Nylon magazines. [Read more...]

DIYP Interviews Robert Cianflone, World Cup Soccer Photographer

The World Cup has been thrilling so far. Despite the Australians bowing out early with three straight losses, I have loved every minute I have seen as the world’s best compete. With just four games to go, the excitement is high as the world wonders if Brazil could achieve a World Cup victory at home.

There has been incredible goal after incredible goal. And on the sidelines there has been a team of photographers specialising in sports and football photography capturing every moment for the world’s press.

Robert Cianflone capturing locals playing soccer.

Robert Cianflone, a Getty Images photographer, is one of those photographers. In 2014 alone, I have followed his Instagram account with awe has he covered both the Olympics in Russia and now the World Cup in Brazil. I was curious about what it is like to be covering the World Cup, so I reached out to him to get some answers. [Read more...]

Photographer Wally McNamee Talks About His Time With John F. Kennedy

A shot from the video of Wally McNamee's work.

“He would allow people to photograph his most unguarded moments with his family.”

Wally McNamee used to work for Newsweek, a job that took him everywhere from basketball courts to the White House itself. Many of the photos he’s taken over the course of his life have now become a part of history itself, and some of his most important work came from his time photographing John F. Kennedy.

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Interview With Rock/Concert Photographer Adam Elmakias

Jared Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars at Rock For People Festival in Hradec Kralove CZE July 2nd, 2013

Adam Elmakis is one of the best concert/band photographers I know. He was kind enough to “sit” with us for an interview. I had no idea how demanding his job was.

DIYP: Can you tell us about your background and how you got into photography?

AE: I was born in California, and my parents moved us to Madison, WI when I was young. My family was normal-ish (I like to think). I got into photography in high school.

I started shooting in 2005 when I was a high school sophomore in Madison, WI. School wasn’t really my thing, but I took a yearbook class that I really liked. We were given an assignment to shoot self portraits, and when the school counselor saw my photo he convinced me to give photography a try.  Eventually I signed up for and shot around for that site, and the same teacher was able to convince someone from the community to generously give me a camera.  I’m very competitive, so it dpchallenge was a fun way to get inspired! You can see some of my early work there.

Most of my time outside of school was spent going to local shows, so I started bringing my camera to concerts for fun. Eventually I became friends with local promoters and was able to trade photos for free admission, and from there I scored gigs with online publications that allowed me to start shooting bigger shows from the photo pit.  My [parents'] house became a crash pad for touring bands, and we would usually do quick press shoots the next day around town. I went to college for a semester, but ended up deciding it wasn’t my thing. Was making pretty decent money doing press shoots for bands. So yea, stopped school, and started touring. [Read more...]

DIYP Interviews Fine Art Photographer Rebecca Litchfield

Rebecca Litchfield is somewhat of an un-categorized hybrid, she shoots fashion (and does it darn well), but she is also very well known for her urbex (urban Exploring) photography. I’ve been following Rebecca Litchfield’s work for a long time, but it was only when I saw her great talk over at the photography show that we made the connection and started an interview. I knew it was going to be fascinating, I just did not know how much.

DIYP Interviews Urbex And Fashion Photographer Rebecca Litchfield

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DIYP Interviews Photographer Steve Richard [NSFW]

Today we are interviewing Fine art photographer Steve Richard. He is an amazing photographer who has supreme understanding of light. Some of the photography below is NSFW. (They are top notch fine art, but skin is showing…)

DIYP Interviews Photographer Steve Richard [NSFW]

DIYP: Hi Steve, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your relations with photography?

SR: I have been involved with photography off and on for most of my life. I was interested in both music and photography relatively early on; I began playing guitar and had my first manual camera both around the age of 13. Though I was initially more interested in music in my youth I have always been intrigued with capturing images. Over the past 40 years I have had the opportunity to work within almost every category of photography you can imagine (landscape, portraiture, commercial, wedding, product, etc). I even did some time working in a commercial colour lab in the late 70’s, which I think was the reason I actually gave up photography for a while. In addition to my obsession with photography, over the past 11 years I have also become very passionate with cinematography. I think this has also broadened my perspective on taking still images and given me a much better insight into the art and importance of lighting to tell a story. [Read more...]