Instagram in Hot Water for Censoring a Photo of a Fully Clothed Woman on Her Period


Source: Facebook/Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur, a poetess & spoken word performer as she calls herself, was at the center of a recent social media storm after she posted a photo of woman lying in bed with period blood visible on the sheets and the woman’s pants.

The photo is part of a series created by Kaur as part of her final project for a visual rhetoric course she’s taking, aimed at demystifying the period and making it “normal” again.

Sure, this isn’t a subject you see photographed or posted online very often, but what caused the outraged responses was Instagram’s reaction to the photo. The mobile photo-sharing social network deleted the photo stating it was in violation of the community guidelines. When Kaur re-uploaded the photo, and Instagram once again deleted it, the artist lashed out against the “misogynist” decision.

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Instagram Releases Layout, an App Dedicated to Creating Collages


Several third-party apps have been built in recent years in order to accommodate Instagrammers’ growing desire for grid collages and other forms of combined photos.

Hoping to offer its users an advanced yet simple solution, while eliminating the competition, Instagram decided to launch Layout as a standalone app.

The main advantage of the app seems to be that it presents you with several configurations based on the photos you selected from your camera roll, rather than having you choose a grid beforehand.

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Psychedelic Photos From The 60’s & 70’s Document The Freewheeling Lifestyle Long Lost To Modernity

Philip Michael Kolman. Big Sur, CA. June 1978

Philip Michael Kolman. Big Sur, CA. June 1978

The story of Roger Steffens life is undoubtedly spellbinding. The kind of guy that could entertain a crowd for days on end simply talking about all his past adventures. In his memoirs you might encounter the telling of the part of his life he spent working in an army psychological operations unit after being drafted into the Vietnam war, an era that marked the beginning of his love affair with photography. Digging a little deeper, you’d be treated to the tales of the times spent in LA interviewing Keith Richards about an album Richard’s recorded in Jamaica. Or, perhaps, you’d most connect with the time Steffens turned the great Paul Simon onto African music, which inspired the recording of Simon’s album, Graceland. [Read more…]

How To Bake The Most Delicious Chocolate Mousse Instagram Surprise Cake

With the holidays coming it’s never a bad idea to share a cake recipe. But then again this is a photography blog so what do we do? A few years back we showed you how to bake a Nikon cake, then we had some good times with camera shaped cookies, but this project from How To Cook That puts them all to shame.

For Instagram’s 300M users announcement  today, we thought we’d share one of the most wonderful camera baking we’ve seen to date – How to bake the most delicious chocolate mousse Instagram surprise cake.

Mousse and Instagram are pretty trivial, the surprise element comes from the fact that the cakes looks like a perfectly normal cake until you slice it to reveal its inside glorious Instagramish delicacy.

[For the full (5 Polaroids difficulty) recipe hop over to How To Cook That]

P.S. If you are looking for something a bit easier to feast on, try Photojojo’s Gingerbread cameras.

Much Anticipated Instagram Update Offers Users Ability To Edit Captions After Posting


New edit feature and People tab added to Instagram

One of the top most requested updates asked from Instagram users is the ability to go back and edit captions after their photo had been posted. This simple fix would allow them to correct typos, add additional information, or change the caption altogether. Seems like an obvious enough option to include in an app, especially one with a user base as wide as Instagram’s. Thankfully, in an update that is being rolled out today, the pipe dream of being able to edit captions is finally becoming a reality.

The update also introduces a new People tab on the Explore page which has been designed to make it easier to find new accounts to follow. In an email from an Instagram represenative, it was shared that 40% of Instagram users visit the Explore page on a daily basis, making it an excellent resource to discover and be discovered.  [Read more…]

Video Clip Explores Age Old Conundrum Of Photographers–Do We Really Only Experience Present Time As An Anticipated Memory?

As a photographer, I’ve always just kind of assumed the duties of turning the present moment into the past without ever considering the downfalls of that or, rather, without ever even realizing there were downfalls in the first place. It’s just who I am. I photograph people, smiles, laughter, cries, love, rebellion… I photograph moments, capture time at its most powerful junctures all in the name of preserving that specific instant for future reference. After all, isn’t that what photographers are supposed to do? We capture important moments, how could that be a bad thing?


Then I happened across ‘The Instagram Generation’, a short, philosophical performance film, which opens up with a statement that, admittedly, cut right through to my core as it somewhat covertly questioned the very existence I have come to love as a cameraman…

“The ‘Instagram Generation’ now experiences the present as an anticipated memory.”

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Camera Makers, Can We Please Have A Gyroscope In Each Camera


Just a few days ago Instagram announced their Hyperlapse app which creates in-camera hyperlapse movies. Quality is not a stunner, but it definitely hint on the possibilities. Here is the trick, Instagram uses the in-phone gyroscope to stabilize the footage.

This is a great idea (as Ben noted), and in fact  I think that all cameras should have a gyroscope built into them. In fact, I predict a trend coming in the next wave of camera to have a built in Gyro. For more than one reason:

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Model And Photographer Call Swimwear Company Out For Altering Photos And Using Them Without Permission


Screenshot of the original photo and the altered photo.

After discovering each other through Instagram, underwater photographer, Pip Summerville, and model/self proclaimed mermaid, Meaghan Kausman, decided to take on a personal project together. Summerville wanted to take photos of Kausman posing in a swimming pool and when Fella Swim heard about the pairing, they were nice enough to offer up some free swimwear for the model to use in the photoshoot. According to a statement made by Kausman, the entire shoot was a collaboration and no payment ever changed hands. [Read more…]

Seven Ways to Improve What You Upload to Instagram


Instagram’s become a staple in the average smartphone user’s app drawer. Where it once started off as a tool to enhance and showcase your phone photography, however, it has now arguably taken over as a complete social network altogether. With the introduction of direct messaging, the ability to tag other people, and the all around influx of people simply posting up pictures of what they’re doing at the moment, it’s become clear that the app isn’t just used as an artistic tool anymore. It’s become a form of communication.

But that’s not a bad thing at all. With how much potential the app now holds, Instagram can truly bring something to your following as a photographer. What matters is both how you market yourself and the content that you make. This post won’t necessarily help you with the former, but it can definitely give a few tips on the latter. When Instagram was first released, smartphones were still a new thing; not everyone was able to own one, and taking pictures with a phone’s camera was still more of a novelty thing; with how many different toy-cam styled filters the app offered, it got the job done when it came down to giving a bit of vintage spice to your pictures.

Even Instagram, however, knows that things have changed; in the past few months alone, they released an update allowing an entire editing package and even a hyperlapse app. And it’s because smartphone photography is becoming more sophisticated. As the world’s population becomes virtually void of flip phones, more and more people are starting to use smartphone cameras as their primary lens. And with Instagram being possibly the most popular photo-based social app out there, I decided to throw my two cents out there for those of you who want to make the best of it. This doesn’t have to be about getting more followers, and it doesn’t even have to be about having a professional photography presence on the app. If you just like posting pictures on the app and want a few good tips on how to make them a bit more perfect, then maybe I can give you a few tips here.

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Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App Is Surprisingly Smooth



Instagram is making it easy for everyone with an iPhone to become timelapse creators with the new app it announced today, which the social photo sharing giant has dubbed Hyperlapse. In it’s infancy, Hyperlapse was nothing more than a side project a few developers from the Instragram camp decided to take on for the fun of it; however, the underdog of an app got its big break as it started circulating around the Instagram offices winning the hearts of all the employees. The positive reaction the app garnered among their own motivated Instagram to go public with it. A move, I suspect, will pay off big for the company given the popularity of it’s namesake app.

The  app allows iPhone 5 users to capture up to 45 minutes of video footage to be converted into a hyperlapse all within the app. iPhone & iPod Touch 4 users can also use the app, but will be limited to 10 minute capture times. According to Hyperlapse Technical Support page, all devices must be running iOS 7 or later. [Read more…]