Online Database Of Historic Photography Will Inspire And Keep You Entertained For Hours

Next time you find yourself browsing through photos on 500px or Instagram, why not switch it up a little bit and check out It’s an online database that’s chock full of incredible photographs taken by some of history’s most beloved photographers. Plus, it’s highly organized–first by genre, then by photographer.

So, for example, say you have a hankering to get your landscape photography fix. Just click landscapes, pick your photographer, then arrow through the portfolio. Instant inspiration! [Read more…]

Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal the Candid Moments From Princess Di’s Wedding Day


Everyone loves a good fairytale…or, at least my daughter does.  (Me?  Not so much…)  But it was on July 29, 1981 that the world looked on at the fairytale wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  (Sure, it didn’t last, but so what?)

Lord Patrick Lichfield was the only photographer allowed to capture the candid moments of the royal family as they returned to Buckingham Palace for the reception after the big to-do at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Lichfield was commissioned with compiling a private photo album for the newlyweds, but not all of his photos made the final cut.  Now these never-before-seen images have been brought to light, thanks to Lichfield’s assistant that day, and are being sold by RR Auction in Boston.

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Creativity Personified – Behind the Scenes With Walk Off The Earth – Rule the World

Walk Off The Earth Behind the Scenes Rule the World

When you depend on creativity for your livelihood – you can’t help but be inspired by other artists.

One of my favorite bands is Walk Off The Earth.

These guys leveraged the exposure from one viral video into a full blown career as rock stars – which is pretty amazing – but they are also phenomenal artists in every sense of the word.

Their latest video for the song Rule the World directed by 28 year old Canadian director John Poliquin features a “little planet” 360 degree GoPro rig, stop motion animation, colored smoke, pigment powders and of course, their trademark Walk Off The Earth style.

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New Feature-Length Movie Is Shot Entirely On The iPhone 5S


The iPhone has come a long way since the first generation release in 2007.  With more advanced sensors and optics and powerful apps, we have seen a huge uptick in quality work coming from the little devices over the last several years.  Now, a feature film shot entirely on the iPhone 5S will be hitting select theaters this weekend.  Yes…an actual movie…shot on a smartphone…in theaters.  (There was a time when people said man would never fly, either.)

Tangerine is about transexual prostitute Sin-Dee who learns from a friend that her boyfriend (and pimp) was unfaithful to her during her recent incarceration.  The film follows Sin-Dee and her best friend on a quest to learn the truth about the rumor.  (Warning:  Video after the jump contains strong language.)

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DIY: How To Build A Portable V-Flat With Customized Catchlights


DIY is where we started, and we love to return to it whenever possible…especially for tutorials like this.

Columbus, Ohio-based photographer Nick Fancher believes that you can “studio” anywhere, turning the most ordinary locations into quality pseudo-studios.  In this video (after the jump), Nick shows us how he constructed a simple and portable v-flat lighting configuration using (what appears to be) foam board and tape.

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10 Adobe CC Shortcut Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier


Cheat sheets are wonderful, especially if you’re actually taking a test.  (I only speak from hearsay, of course…)  But, they can also be invaluable when trying to maintain a speedy workflow within an application.

With the recent release of the 2015 updated Adobe CC, it was only a matter of time until the keyboard shortcut cheat sheets started pouring in.  Thanks to Jamie Spencer of SetUpABlogToday who posted a whole slew of updated cheat sheets, there is no excuse for going the long way around Robin Hood’s barn again.

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Recently-Unearthed Photo Is the First Confirmed Image of van Gogh in Adulthood


Photography is probably one of the greatest tools for preserving history.  While present generations stand at a perilous place with all of our memories sitting on hard drives and SD cards, we are thankful for those who had to take the time to develop each shot into a physical medium.  Writings and paintings can only provide so much accurate detail and are often skewed by the perspectives of their creators, but photographs seem to preserve another level of historic accuracy.

Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter best known for The Starry Night, his insane preoccupation with selfies, and chopping off bits of ears long before Mike Tyson made it popular, has often been portrayed as a dark and brooding cloud in art history.  Yet, we have never seen a photograph of his face in adulthood…until now.

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See What ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Would Look Like in Real Life

I have to admit, there are times I have been hard-pressed to NOT turn my driving experience into a real-life Grand Theft Auto trailer. I mean, have you met these idiots on the road? Geez…

But, the very generous (and creative) guys at Corridor Digital (we’ll call them Sam and Niko) were nice enough to eliminate some of that guesswork with a new “real-life” GTA video around the streets of Los Angeles.

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The Great Photography Debate: Gain experience without giving yourself away for free


Every aspiring photographer who is just starting out will sooner or later run into a quirky conundrum:  How do I get paying work without prior experience?  I’ve been there, many of you have been there…it’s a sticky situation.  And, unfortunately, many of us, at one time or another, have opted to work for free in order to build that experience.

Ted Forbes is a firm believer in the Never-Free Doctrine, a term I just made up to define the belief system of never working for a client for free.  In the photography world, your sellability as an artist is primarily based on the images in your portfolio, and there are many ways to build that portfolio without having to undervalue yourself to the business world.

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