10 Adobe CC Shortcut Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier


Cheat sheets are wonderful, especially if you’re actually taking a test.  (I only speak from hearsay, of course…)  But, they can also be invaluable when trying to maintain a speedy workflow within an application.

With the recent release of the 2015 updated Adobe CC, it was only a matter of time until the keyboard shortcut cheat sheets started pouring in.  Thanks to Jamie Spencer of SetUpABlogToday who posted a whole slew of updated cheat sheets, there is no excuse for going the long way around Robin Hood’s barn again.

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Recently-Unearthed Photo Is the First Confirmed Image of van Gogh in Adulthood


Photography is probably one of the greatest tools for preserving history.  While present generations stand at a perilous place with all of our memories sitting on hard drives and SD cards, we are thankful for those who had to take the time to develop each shot into a physical medium.  Writings and paintings can only provide so much accurate detail and are often skewed by the perspectives of their creators, but photographs seem to preserve another level of historic accuracy.

Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter best known for The Starry Night, his insane preoccupation with selfies, and chopping off bits of ears long before Mike Tyson made it popular, has often been portrayed as a dark and brooding cloud in art history.  Yet, we have never seen a photograph of his face in adulthood…until now.

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See What ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Would Look Like in Real Life

I have to admit, there are times I have been hard-pressed to NOT turn my driving experience into a real-life Grand Theft Auto trailer. I mean, have you met these idiots on the road? Geez…

But, the very generous (and creative) guys at Corridor Digital (we’ll call them Sam and Niko) were nice enough to eliminate some of that guesswork with a new “real-life” GTA video around the streets of Los Angeles.

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The Great Photography Debate: Gain experience without giving yourself away for free


Every aspiring photographer who is just starting out will sooner or later run into a quirky conundrum:  How do I get paying work without prior experience?  I’ve been there, many of you have been there…it’s a sticky situation.  And, unfortunately, many of us, at one time or another, have opted to work for free in order to build that experience.

Ted Forbes is a firm believer in the Never-Free Doctrine, a term I just made up to define the belief system of never working for a client for free.  In the photography world, your sellability as an artist is primarily based on the images in your portfolio, and there are many ways to build that portfolio without having to undervalue yourself to the business world.

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8 Steps to Estimating – Questions to Ask Before Handing Over a Price

Estimating, along with cold-calling, is probably one of my most difficult tasks as a photographic businessperson. There are so many variables that can potentially come into play that it can be downright maddening. Add to that the fact that sometimes clients feel an estimate is a bit more fluid than is reality, and it can become a nightmare trying to juggle client expectations with the original budget while not undercutting yourself or upsetting them by having to change it.

The best way to eliminate a lot of that hassle is by thoroughly feeling out what the client’s needs, expectations, and usage of the final product will be. Photographer and mentor J.P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens gives us some pointers on gathering the information that we need.

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Steve Axford on capturing the beautiful world of fungi


I think you would be pretty hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t afraid of something. For some, it’s heights; for others, it’s death…or dogs. For me, it’s fungi. I hate fungi…and spores…and weird, tiny shapes…and clusters… Granted, I love edible mushrooms more than anyone I know, it’s just all the other variations that creep me out.  That’s where Australian photographer Steve Axford is doing his duty to humanity by forcing me to face my fear and capturing a treasure trove of fungus photos. These are beautiful images, despite my predisposition, and show just how awesome nature truly is.

Steve also took the time to share a little about his gear and the process he uses for capturing the images.

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‘Portraits of Shame’ – Ivaylo Petrov shares the story and passion behind his emotive portrait series

Gold medalist Tsvetelina Tsvetanova seen standing in a hotel room at her training facility in Vidin, Bulgaria.

Gold medalist Tsvetelina Tsvetanova seen standing in a hotel room at her training facility in Vidin, Bulgaria.

When I first saw the evocative work of Bulgarian photographer Ivaylo Petrov in his series “Portraits of Shame,” I was immediately captivated.  The series is a collection of images depicting Bulgarian athletes inside their training center in Vidin.  The most startling aspect of the project, as I came to learn, is that these are not creative images in some nostalgic urban decay environment – these are photographs inside an active training ground that’s still in use today.

I wanted to know more about the project and Ivaylo’s passion behind it, so I decided to ask him some questions.

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Von Wong and a Glimpse of the Other Side – Photographs from inside a Malaysian royal palace


Ben Von Wong is a great friend. No, we may have never spoken or emailed or seen each other in person, but in my mind we go way back. (There’s a lot of people I know in my imagination…I’m quite the popular fellow, my therapist says.) Yet, even better than a friend, Ben makes an awesome photographer, and we’ve previously featured his work here…and here…and here… You get the idea. He’s practically family.

Recently, Ben and a team of creative professionals had the opportunity to photograph and video The Royal Istana of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia’s newest royal palace. The palace is off-limits to the general public and access is only granted on an invitation-only basis. I mean, what rich and powerful guy wants his local deli clerk just strolling into his thirteenth living room while he and his harem are seated in a circle reading Twilight?

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Jimmy Nelson shares the challenges of photographing 31 vanishing people groups

I’ve always been fascinated by anthropology, but, with a father who was an anthropology professor, it’s little wonder that some of it wore off on me. In a utopian world, I think, at least, that my ideal life’s mission would be jetting off to the four corners of the world to document those people who are sort of hidden from the rest of the planet.

While he claims no title of anthropologist, photographer Jimmy Nelson did just that, setting off with an air of romanticism to capture the beauty of 31 vanishing people groups throughout the world.

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“Dear New Photographers” – Why Internet trolls don’t really matter

dear-new-photographerThe Interwebs are rife with mocking and ridicule, from armchair pundits spouting their views on politics to religious nut-jobs attempting to bludgeon the public into belief conformity. Heaven knows I’ve done my fair share of it (which typically coincides with a depleted supply of Midol).

But, there’s one specific demographic that I frequently see getting beat on, and it’s really beginning to irritate me. Why only one in particular when there are so many options from which to choose? Because…I can’t really tune it out due to my own career choices. I can tend to be a pretty apathetic guy about most things, but it’s when I become annoyed that I start to speak out.

Those of you new to the photography world, whether you joined as a hobby or are a career-minded individual, are under attack. A lot. From Top 10 lists mocking your approach to “experts” shouting about how you’re ruining the pristine world of photography to individual trolls attacking you on a personal level, you take flack from all sides. Heck…you get shot at with friendly fire before you even step foot in the recruiting office!

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