Jimmy Nelson shares the challenges of photographing 31 vanishing people groups

I’ve always been fascinated by anthropology, but, with a father who was an anthropology professor, it’s little wonder that some of it wore off on me. In a utopian world, I think, at least, that my ideal life’s mission would be jetting off to the four corners of the world to document those people who are sort of hidden from the rest of the planet.

While he claims no title of anthropologist, photographer Jimmy Nelson did just that, setting off with an air of romanticism to capture the beauty of 31 vanishing people groups throughout the world.

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“Dear New Photographers” – Why Internet trolls don’t really matter

dear-new-photographerThe Interwebs are rife with mocking and ridicule, from armchair pundits spouting their views on politics to religious nut-jobs attempting to bludgeon the public into belief conformity. Heaven knows I’ve done my fair share of it (which typically coincides with a depleted supply of Midol).

But, there’s one specific demographic that I frequently see getting beat on, and it’s really beginning to irritate me. Why only one in particular when there are so many options from which to choose? Because…I can’t really tune it out due to my own career choices. I can tend to be a pretty apathetic guy about most things, but it’s when I become annoyed that I start to speak out.

Those of you new to the photography world, whether you joined as a hobby or are a career-minded individual, are under attack. A lot. From Top 10 lists mocking your approach to “experts” shouting about how you’re ruining the pristine world of photography to individual trolls attacking you on a personal level, you take flack from all sides. Heck…you get shot at with friendly fire before you even step foot in the recruiting office!

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Robert De Niro Tells Photography and Other Creative Graduates: “You’re F*cked”


In his commencement speech for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the Oscar winning actor shared some brutal truths with the graduating photographers, actors, filmmakers and other creatives.

“Tisch graduates, you made it… and you’re f*cked,” said De Niro, comparing their unclear future to those who decided to study nursing, dentistry, business or law.

“On this day of triumphantly graduating, a new door is opening for you: a door to a lifetime of rejection”, De Niro added, letting the class of 2015 know what the future holds for them.

No matter where you studied, or which field you chose, if you’re a professional creative you’ll relate to this speech.

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All Your Favorite Shows Cuts 160 Movies Together With A Centralized Storyline

Here is where dedication and rain-man-like memory of movies will get you.

The team at Ornana Films created this wonderful animation where a kid is faced with a reality where the shows that he likes becoming a reality. (at least that’s what we think is happening). The crazy twist – some of the animations are replaced with short cuts from 160 movies. (With no list available though, the movies just screams for a guess the movies game).

The movie brilliantly, and seamlessly shifts from Danny Madden’s animation to short film clips that are almost too fast to comprehend.

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What Are You Willing To Give Up To Be A Better Photographer?

what would you

A couple years ago, Eric Veloso was sitting in his car in a parking lot in Vancouver, beating back the feeling of dread as he mentally prepared himself to start work at his day job. Not a bad job, but still a job that Veloso did not want to be at. It wasn’t his passion in life and did little in the way of nourishing his creative aspirations. That, of course, is not an uncommon feeling to have, perhaps you, too, are familiar with it. When a routine becomes so dull, so unfulfilling it just sits there heavily, like a rock, in the bottom of your stomach, until finally, one day, you realize just how much it’s weighing you down. and wearing you out. It’s like an epiphany when that happens. All of the sudden a light bulb turns on and there’s a moment of clarity, followed shortly afterwards by an overwhelming sense of relief and freedom. [Read more…]

What Makes A Great Photo?

Photo & Video by Joel Grimes
It’s hard not to love Joel Grimes. Not only is he a gifted photographer, but he’s also an outstanding educator and great source of inspiration. In the inspirational video below, Grimes’ down to earth, you-can-do-this personality shines as he talks about what makes a photograph great–and it might not be what you’re expecting to hear.

Sure, we all know proper exposure, interesting composition, and well executed focus are definitely ingredients for a great photo, but as Grimes explains, beauty still lies in the eye of the beholder. In other words, no matter how technically outstanding your work it, not everyone is going to like it. Grimes compares it music. We all have different tastes when it comes to our musical choices. Just because you might not agree with someone else’s taste in music, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. The same can be said of your photography. Just because someone doesn’t like your work, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good–it just means it wasn’t for that person. [Read more…]

Winter is Coming – So Here’s Some Winter Photography Inspiration

winter photography inspiration jp danko toronto adversiting photographer

In order to celebrate the unholy amount of snow that just fell on my neighbors in Buffalo and Western New York (how does two meters or six feet of snow in November sound to ya?), I thought I’d share a few of the stories behind some of my favorite winter photos.

When it’s cold and snowy, it can be hard to find the motivation to pull your camera out, so hopefully the stories behind these photos might inspire a few winter photography moments.  Because, winter is coming.

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