Epson Wants you To Print Again, Makes Printers That Last 2 Years Per Ink


If you are one of the few who are still printing pictures, you know that one of the most annoying things about actually printing is dealing with ink. I don’t just mean the outrageous ink prices, it also has to do with how you can’t print when one of the color cartridges ends. If you did not stock up with a spare cartridge of that specific color, it’s a trip to inkland.

Epson wants to change all that and to help you print more, by removing the biggest obstacle home printers have: INK. Their new EcoTank series is promised to go for 2 years on a single dose of ink. And when that runs out, a new set of ink bottles will set you back a mere $59.

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Adobe Is Taking A Big Bite Into The Hardware Market, Competes With Wacom

Adobe's new hardware: Ink and Slide.

Adobe’s new hardware: Ink and Slide.

If you think Adobe, you think software. With the release of new iOS applications for iPad, Adobe today also announces new hardware to break into the market previously dominated by Wacom. With the release of a new stylus and digital ruler, Adobe has come out swinging by turning the iPad into a high definition graphics tablet.

Previously, Adobe have excelled in producing software and dominated within the photographic and design industries. Now, with new hardware, they are further cementing themselves as the leader of innovation. If you own an iPad already, no longer will you have to buy a graphics tablet in addition, which you likely use with Photoshop anyway. Instead, by using the free iOS apps, particularly Adobe Photoshop Mix, these two pieces of hardware allow you to expand your work into areas you may not have previously ventured with fine control in editing and design work around your photographs.

I find this bold step fascinating. Adobe has long had a firm foothold in the industry as a software giant, but now it is taking that extra step to go further. The hardware items are listed below:

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