A Surf Photographer’s Personal Crusade Against The Mundane

burkardWorking as surf photographer that specializes in shooting some of the most frigid and icy waters on the planet is a mentally and physically demanding career. It’t the kind where you’re putting your life on the line on a regular basis and while it might be difficult and dangerous at times, it’s also incredibly alluring to those who accept it. That’s because, to see something all the way through to these sorts of extremes, you really, really have to love it–and love can make the soul do crazy things.

Take for example, Chris Burkard. A photographer who once dreamed of a thrilling life travelling to warm, tropical paradises to photograph the surf. That is until he caught a taste for the adrenaline brought about by paddling into the wicked, freezing waters of Iceland. Pushing himself to the brink of hypothermia, becoming disoriented in overhead surf, getting lost on a wave as a light snowfall suddenly turned into a full on blizzard–these are the kinds of things Burkard lives for. [Read more…]