4-Part Paris In Motion Is a Happy Love Song For The City Of Light


Videographer Mayeul Akpovi just released his latest addition to his Paris In Motion series. It is a fun, happy timelapse/hyperlapse series showing Paris in all its glory.

Through wonderful locations, interesting people and great cinematography Mayeul captures the uplifting side of the city. Being a four parts series it is interesting to see how Mayeul technique refined through the year he has been releasing those movies.

Two years ago we would have been thrown back by the minimal list of gear that Mayeul uses (5D Mark III, 24-70mm f2.8, 17-40mm f4 and a  70-300 lenses as well as ND2 to ND400 filters), but over the last year we learned that you don’t really need lots of gear to produce astonishing work.

As usual with those kinds of videos, sit back, go full screen and enjoy the show. [Read more...]

This Beautiful Hyper Lapse Of Barcelona Is Pure City Love (And 24,000 Photographs)

This Beautiful Hyper Lapse Of Barcelona Is Pure City Love (And 24,000 Photographs)

Photographer Alexandr Kravtsov did one amazing job capturing the beauty of Barcelona. But not without blood sweat and a broken camera.

We have talked Hyper lapses before, but this video really takes it to the extreme making Barcelona look nothing but amazing.

The movie was made in three months in late 2013 and only used a Canon 7D and three lenses: Tokina 11-16, EF 24-105 4L, EF 70-200 2.8L.

Now, as with most other timelapses, sit back, go to full screen and push that volume dial all the way to the top. Now, hit the jump. [Read more...]

How To Make A Hyperlapse

A week ago we featured a Hyperlapse primer that explains how to use a tripod and a boardwalk to create a Hyperlapse.

How To Make A Hyper Lapse

Griffin of Indy Mogul (which is a great resource) shares another great Hyperlapse tutorial with going into the nitty-gritty details going from methods to move the camera while doing a Hyperlapse, through camera settings and stabilization comparison and finally stabilizing the finished product in After effects.

The movie plus a few of Griffin’s favorite and inspirational Hyperlapses after the jump. [Read more...]