Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Narration Of Her Glamour Magazine Cover Shoot


Ever wonder what kind of thoughts are running through model’s heads as they’re sitting through hair and makeup or on set trying to make sexy, sultry faces while having wind blown into their face? According to Amy Schumer, it may not be as exciting as we like to think it is. Just take a moment to watch this hilarious behind the scenes footage of the comediennes recent Glamour Magazine photoshoot.

Schumer personally narrates the entire clip, giving viewers a laugh as she invites us into the mind of a model at work. Between sarcastic jabs at the over zealous wind machine operator and giving herself whimsical little pep talks, her unfiltered opinion of the experience had us bursting at the seams with laughter. [Read more…]

Humor: This Diagram Shows The Creative Fear Of Committing Work


Committing work is not an easy task. Hitting that save button for the last time and shipping your work may be frightening. Your work is leaving your hands and it no longer under your control. Whatever greatness or mistakes that you’ve put in are there forever now.

I guess, this is why committing to a final version of a file is so hard and creatives go back to editing their files again and again. This phenomenon should probably have an entry in the DSM next to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Maybe something like RCS (Re-editing Compulsion Syndrome).

This funny diagram by @akshar (Akshar Pathak) and @theyashbhardwaj perfectly illustrates this fear of commitment (and also a shocking lack of file versioning system).  While originally for designers, this applies to any photographer too. Can you relate?


Selfiology: the Story of the Selfie


More than once I have succumbed to the pressure to be in one and together with me, only few have been able to escape the phenomenon of the selfie. 

Selfies seem to have become just another part of life. Over time the wonderment about people striking the strangest of poses in front of their telephones has vanished. Younger generations will even find themselves in selfies that exceed their memory. We have simply learned to see upon the selfie as a part of modern day society and the debate surrounding it slowly fades away.

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Prince Philip Yells At Photographer To ‘Just Take the F***ing Picture’


Any of us who have ever done portrait or wedding photography know what it’s like to work with a fussy client/model/subject who has a tendency to think they are royalty.  Granted, those cases are often few and far between, and it’s just par for the photography business course.  But, what happens when your subject is fussy AND royalty?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elisabeth II, was at a photo-op at the RAF Club in London to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  Apparently, the photographer wasn’t moving the procession along fast enough which is when the royal gentleman and veteran of the Royal Navy lost his royal temper.

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Australian Fugitive Asks Police to Replace ‘Horrible Mugshot’; Gets Invited to Have a New Photo Taken


Victoria Police asked their 290,000 Facebook fans to help them locate a person named Daniel Damon, who is wanted for traffic and drug matters. The warrant was issued after Damon failed to answer bail and the police had hoped social media users would come to the rescue.

Among the many responses was one they weren’t expecting; Damon himself had responded and asked that another photo of him be used. “Can you use a better photo tho. This is a horrible mugshot”, his commented.

Proving they have a sense of humor, and perhaps hoping Damon’s running low on brain cells, Victoria Police asked him to check in for a new photo.

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Operator Crashes Drone Into His Own Head


Source: YouTube/doctorsnaketown

Drone fans, amateurs and professionals alike, dread hearing about safety incidents involving their beloved flying devices.

Knowing that any crash can put them at risk of even more restrictive rules, especially if a person is hurt, responsible operators make sure they follow the guidelines and take the necessary precautions.

One FPV (first-person view) mini quadcopter operator, who goes by the name doctorsnaketown on YouTube, discovered the hard way that there’s a risk even when flying outdoors with no other people around… as he flew the drone directly into the back of his head.

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Humor: This Video Helps Explain Why Office Stock Photography Always Looks So Cheesy

Almost everyone who has had the misfortune of sifting through stock photos of office life has the same exact same question mind: “Why is there a doctor in the office flipping through charts?” Well, ponder no longer my friends. The creatives behind YouTube channel Nacho Punch have released a video that explains this ages old conundrum, along with explaining several other notable cliches like why are there always women eating salads with cherry tomatoes on their forks and what about that stressed out guy who’s always frantically shouting into two phones at once?

And don’t you worry, they didn’t forget about the notorious group of workers standing in a V-formation with ridiculously puffed up chests and far away stares. All this and more in the quick 2 1/2 minute long clip, take a look… [Read more…]

12 Different Types of Wedding Photographers and How to Handle Them

London Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers are a breed apart. But did you know that there are many sub-species within this group, all with their own distinctive habits? Even wildlife presenter David Attenborough would be fascinated to study these strange, wild creatures out in the field.

Selecting the right type of wedding Photographer is an important decision. You’ll be spending almost as much time with your Photographer as with your spouse on the day – so make sure you are compatible!

Many species of them have been discovered in their natural habitats – always chasing the best photograph! From our extensive research of all the wedding Photographers in existence out in the wild, the main types are listed below, along with their distinctive characteristics, their mating calls and some survival tips for you to cope with them – and their funny little ways: [Read more…]