Police Capture Fugitive Turned Model by Setting Up a Fake Photoshoot

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

So many things can go wrong when you’re working on a set, especially when there are more people involved; the make-up artist can call in sick, your assistant might oversleep and there’s a risk the stylist might get lost on the way to your studio, just to name a few.

I’ve heard of all these, and many other last-minute problems happening more than once, but what I’ve never encountered was a model who got arrested on his arrival to the studio.

Luckily the scout who hired the model was an undercover British police officer and the company, WOU Photography, was actually operated by the Wanted Offenders Unit – WOU (did you see what they did there?)

Ben Fiberesima modeled for tops brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford while he was a fugitive in Australia, though his next outfit won’t be as glamorous.

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How To Stop A Gear Snob From Bullying You

As a photography enthusiast, chances are you’ve run into someone like this guy. The guy who likes to brag about all his expensive equipment while belittling everyone else’s choice in gear. The guy who genuinely thinks having an expensive camera makes him a better photographer than anyone else in the room (and he’s almost always embarrassingly wrong about this).

If you’ve ever heard about this special kind of photographer, or seen one live in action, you’ll really appreciate this clip from the television show, Veep. When an especially obnoxious man, played by Timothy Simons, confronts an event photographer, questioning him as to why he’s shooting with a Canon 5D instead of a 1D, the annoyed event photographer quickly turns the passive aggressive insults back onto the offender.

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Olympus Goes After DSLRs Where it Hurts Most in Its Mocumentary DSL-ARM Campaign


DSLR cameras have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages over their smaller rivals, but at the end of a long shooting day there’s one difference than lingers on – the weight.

The size and weight of a DSLR might feel right for those who shoot with long lenses or have big hands, but usually it’s just the price one has to pay to enjoy the benefits DSLRs have to offer.

With mirrorless cameras gaining popularity, the weight issue has become more important and an increasing number of photographers are deciding to compromise somewhat in certain parameters in exchange for a lightweight system.

Obviously Olympus won’t advertise the OM-D EM-5 Mark II’s shortcomings, but it created an entire (hilarious) mocumentary campaign around DSLR shooters suffering from the DSL-ARM syndrome, where the arm carrying the heavy camera becomes longer than the other arm.

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Dear Canon and Nikon, I Have Some Suggestions


Dear Canon and Nikon,

Last November, a spacecraft which had traveled 6.4 billion miles over ten years successfully landed on a comet. A COMET. This means we can now do ANYTHING, which is why I am writing you today with a list of suggestions, nay, improvements that I hope you will consider implementing in future DSLR’s.

None of the suggestions are as daunting as landing on a comet, I assure you. Let’s get the idea machine started!

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Humorous Infographic Shows How Digital Photography Changed the Way We Take Photos


Back in the days of film you would think twice, at least, before snapping a photo. You’d then wait patiently (or impatiently) until you used the entire spool to have it developed.

The digital photography revolutionized our entire photo-taking process, from the thought invested prior to clicking, to how many of the photos we actually bother to develop (or edit) to what we do with the photos later on.

This infographic by Truth Facts is a humorous, though kinda true, presentation how photography today compares to film photography.

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Clever Ad Nails Photography Gear Expectations vs Reality


Be it Gear Acquisition Syndrome or simply the misbelief that excellent gear equals excellent photos; I bet that many photographers will relate to this video during some point of their hobby or career.

The ad, titled ‘Camera Accessories – Do something smart with stupid purchases’, will touch a nerve for those who have had high hopes and expectations of their new gear, only to discover that an expensive lens won’t automatically get your photos published in National Geographic.

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Man Asks Photoshoppers to Place the Eiffel Tower Under His Finger; Gets Trolled Big Time


It is said that 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year, and as with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, many of them take forced perspective photos pretending to be holding, pushing or otherwise interacting with it.

One tourist, who tried taking such a photo and was quite a ways off, recently posted his attempt on 4chan’s Graphic Design forum and innocently asked for someone to photoshop the Eiffel Tower so it appears under his finger.

Awakening the forum’s trolls, the poster received tens if not hundreds of edited photos; none quite as he had expected.

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Excuse Me? Why, Yes, My Camera DOES Take Great Pictures. Thank You For Noticing That


“Excuse me?

Why, yes, my camera DOES take great pictures. Thank you for noticing that. You have a keen eye and a very good sense about these things-not everyone does. Well done!

But can I share something with you? I mean no disrespect to my camera but…it didn’t used to take great pictures. I mean, not at all.

I bought it because I’d heard how good these nicer cameras were, so I was expecting great things from mine, but when I got home and opened the box, it didn’t do anything. Nothing at all. For what I paid, I expected it to jump out of the box and work with people to get great expressions and select locations and create natural posing and compose images filled with warmth and beauty and light, but nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. What a loser it was.

It simply refused to do anything. It just lay there, motionless, like me after my 5th margarita.

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“Detox Specialist” Says You Must Eat Fruits and Veggies or You Camera Will Cause Brain Tumors


“Warning for photographers!!”, a video about the radiation output of digital cameras and its potential damages, was posted by an Ontario-based vegan.

Its creator, known as Vegetable Police, claims he’s a certified detoxification specialist and that using your camera could be the reason behind poor eyesight, loss of hair, trouble smelling and many other health issues.

“Eventually we’re talking tumors in the brain”, he says, adding that you should “eat lots of fruits and veggies” to clear the electromagnetic toxin.

Needless to say, it didn’t take too long before his video was completely refuted.

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