Man Asks Photoshoppers to Place the Eiffel Tower Under His Finger; Gets Trolled Big Time


It is said that 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year, and as with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, many of them take forced perspective photos pretending to be holding, pushing or otherwise interacting with it.

One tourist, who tried taking such a photo and was quite a ways off, recently posted his attempt on 4chan’s Graphic Design forum and innocently asked for someone to photoshop the Eiffel Tower so it appears under his finger.

Awakening the forum’s trolls, the poster received tens if not hundreds of edited photos; none quite as he had expected.

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Excuse Me? Why, Yes, My Camera DOES Take Great Pictures. Thank You For Noticing That


“Excuse me?

Why, yes, my camera DOES take great pictures. Thank you for noticing that. You have a keen eye and a very good sense about these things-not everyone does. Well done!

But can I share something with you? I mean no disrespect to my camera but…it didn’t used to take great pictures. I mean, not at all.

I bought it because I’d heard how good these nicer cameras were, so I was expecting great things from mine, but when I got home and opened the box, it didn’t do anything. Nothing at all. For what I paid, I expected it to jump out of the box and work with people to get great expressions and select locations and create natural posing and compose images filled with warmth and beauty and light, but nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. What a loser it was.

It simply refused to do anything. It just lay there, motionless, like me after my 5th margarita.

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“Detox Specialist” Says You Must Eat Fruits and Veggies or You Camera Will Cause Brain Tumors


“Warning for photographers!!”, a video about the radiation output of digital cameras and its potential damages, was posted by an Ontario-based vegan.

Its creator, known as Vegetable Police, claims he’s a certified detoxification specialist and that using your camera could be the reason behind poor eyesight, loss of hair, trouble smelling and many other health issues.

“Eventually we’re talking tumors in the brain”, he says, adding that you should “eat lots of fruits and veggies” to clear the electromagnetic toxin.

Needless to say, it didn’t take too long before his video was completely refuted.

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Magic Lantern’s April Fools’ “Joke Mode” Intentionally Crashed Cameras


Image: josecarlosss

For years Magic Lantern has been loved and trusted by many Canon users, and envied by Nikon users, thanks to the host of features the free software adds to the camera’s firmware.

A miserable April Fools’ joke, however, has many users irritated with the developers.

Turns out Magic Lantern though it would be funny to set the camera to have a 1 in 1000 chance of getting the blue screen of death, as long as the camera is not busy recording video. That’s right, ML intentionally crashed cameras.

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Carry All Your Gear with This Insane DIY Photography Rig


A few months ago I came across a photographer who had a DSLR strapped to his chest, another taking stills and a GoPro mounted on his head capturing video. Never mind that most of his footage was likely not even worth watching, he seemed to have a pretty decent method of carrying all that gear.

Then came along this Japanese photographer to show us all how it’s done. Almost more gear than man, this walking pile of equipment uses a custom-made rig to lug three Nikon DSLRs, the same number of off-camera flashes, a smartphone and an assortment of compact and action cameras.

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Blast From The Past: Retaking an Image With Film

Ever Photographed any kids? You know that the first thing that happens after you click the shutter is them running over and asking if they can see the photo.

Of course this “show me the photo” pavlovian effect is a completely new behavior. Only a few years ago we shot on rolls of film, and had to wait hours (if not days) between the time the shutter was clicked till the time we could actually see the photo. (and forget blink detection…..).

What happens when we cross our need for immediate gratification with the fact that some of us still shoot film? College Humor tried to find out with a short film that “crosses the beams” between that girl who always wants to see the photo and the fact that the camera is use is a film camera.

+ you know…. Zombies.

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