Clever Parody Mocks Apple’s Brag Campaign By Displaying Photos Also Shot On iPhone 6

also shot on iphone

Those Apple advertisements featuring gorgeous photos and a simple line of text which shares the photographer’s name along with “Shot on iPhone 6″ are starting to pop up everywhere, subtly leading people to believe all they really need to start taking better cell phone shots is an iPhone upgrade. After Apple plastered the ads all over San Franscisco, two local graphic designers decided to instill a little more truth into the viral ad campaign.

They scoured the internet for photos which were also taken on an iPhone 6 that are, perhaps, more typical of shots people usually take with their iPhones. You know, like naked bathroom selfies. The two used the photos they found to make their own set of “Shot On iPhone 6″ posters and took to the streets to hang their masterpieces up alongside authentic Apple ads for a cheeky little side by side comparison. They named the parody Also Shot On iPhone 6, gave it’s own Tumblr, and watched as the city of San Francisco scrambled to take their ingenious posters down. [Read more…]

Which One Of These Party Animal Cameras Would You Invite Over To Your Place? [Humor]

What could possibly be more fun than personifying inanimate objects? Especially when those objects are cameras. And not just any old Canon or Nikon DSLR, those are entirely too boring. Everyone knows those trendy mirrorless types have all the personality. They’re basically the reality TV stars of the camera world. Don’t believe me? Check out this humorous clip from The Camera Store, where they partake in a harmless little social experiment by inviting 6 different mirrorless models to a party (7 if you’re counting Samsung, that poor guy never gets any love).

The cheeky dialog between the cameras pokes fun at all the sterotypes and stigmas attached to each camera in the real world. Except for Samsung, a good time is had by all, especially the Sony a7r who convinces the Fuji X-T1 to go back to his place before the party is even over… [Read more…]

Watch Art Connoisseurs Unknowingly Analyze a $10 Print from IKEA


The value of art has been at the center of many heated debates, probably ever since the first piece was sold, only being surpassed by the debate on the actual definition of art and what can be considered art.

LifeHunters decided to check what happens when a $10 print from the critically acclaimed Swedish artist Ike Andrews, known to most people as IKEA, is mixed into an art collection worth millions.

Art buffs analyzed and admired the piece; some valued it in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of Dollars, but above all they proved that art is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

While most people got a chuckle out of this experiment, not everybody thought it was amusing. I guess serious art is no laughing matter.

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Photoshop Masters Fumble Around Version 1.0


When I think of names such as Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt I think of Photoshop gurus who will be able to walk me through anything the software has to offer, in their sleep.

While that might be true for the latest versions of Adobe software, watch what happens when Photoshop hall of famers and educators are asked to use Photoshop 1.0. Not even Photoshop CS 1, just 1.

Other than giving you a deeper sense of appreciation for just how awesome software is these days, this video will give you a few good laughs.

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That Moment Rockstars Realize They’re Jamming on Giant Slugs


Have you ever noticed how rockstars seem to pull the weirdest faces while soloing? Still images make them look even worse.

Glasgow-based blogger Michael M. used photoshop to replace the musicians’ instruments with giant slugs and those faces suddenly make perfect sense.

This humorous series was just meant to be a fleeting, transitory wee laugh”, Michael told DIYP, but it gained serious momentum and got featured all over the web.

It’s just really lovely to see people embracing the idea of these horrible big slugs on their favourite rock legends and it making some sort of weird sense”.

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Photos of American States Show That Food Can Be Fun

New Jerky

Children love to play with their food; parents not so much. But when your father runs a food blog, playing with food is not just allowed, it becomes a joined project.

Chris Durso, creator of Foodiggity, and his eight-year-old son Cameron set off to create all 50 states out of food in a “pun-fueled” photo series call the Foodnited States of America.

The duo has just passed the halfway point and say that the remaining states will be joining New Jerky, Arkanslaw and Swissconsin within the next few months.

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Daniel Cerejo Brings Pop Culture Action Figures To Life

Hey, Yoda, girl, it's manicure time

Hey, Yoda, girl, it’s manicure time

Toys are meant to entertain no matter your age, according to Daniel Cerejo, so rather than let his toys collect dust he decided to have some fun and photograph them.

Cerejo’s love of toys and humor has lead to an ongoing series capturing the daily experiences of pop culture action figures, and over 20,000 followers on his Instagram account.

See how Kermit the Frog and Mr. Potato groom, Spiderman in a sticky situation and Darth Vader putting his lightsaber to good use.

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Photographs Of Superheroes In Everyday Situations


If you are like me you know what superheroes are doing for the brief 120 minutes that they are on the silver screen, but surely they have a life after the movie, and they face the same situations as we all do, don’t they? Photographer Edy Hardjo decided to find out.

In his photos our favorite superheroes face jealousy, bodily needs and human emotions. Not without a healthy sense of humor.

I wondered how the photos look so real. I guess using 1/6 detailed figures (like Hot Toys, Enterbay, 3A and alike, they those are not cheap and can easily go over $200-$300) have a big contribution to that, but Edy also told DIYP that he makes small modifications to the figures: “especially the hair. I change original the sculpted hair with rooted hair, to make it looked more alive. My friend do it for me, he is the expert“. And those modifications are well worth the effort.

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Study Shows Photographers Are Among The Sexiest Of Creative Types


The numbers don’t lie, being a photographer is a sure fire way to secure your status as a sex symbol.

Good news, photographers, it turns out we’re some seriously sexy mother jumpers. Though we’re still pretty ugly compared to musicians, we are more attractive than comedians and poets. The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Scott Barry Kaufman, lists the ability to take “artistic photographs” as the seventh most sexy creative characteristic a person could possess.

Here’s the Top 10 finishers according to the group of 815 “ethnically diverse” under-graduates polled for the study, which consisted of 119 males and 696 females. [Read more…]