HTC Promotes Its 24 Karat Gold One M9 By Photographing It With An iPhone


What’s the best way to promote your 24 karat gold flagship phone? Photograph it with your best competitor’s phone and send to media. Or at least this is what HTC must be thinking.

HTC released a premium version of their HTC One M9 made from 24K gold. As far as we know there is no way to obtain this phone via stores (though it may eventually pop on eBay), and the only way to get one is to be one of the selected few who receive it in the UEFA Champions League season finale.

And how do HTC go about creating buzz about this phone? They tweet it’s photo. But one keen eyed follower noted a weird reflection on one of the phones. A closer examination clearly shows – the photo was taken with an iPhone 6. The tweet was taken down, but you can see a snap of it below

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Sony Grabs a Lytro-Esque Patent for Light Field Sensor Technology

Sony's New Patent

Lytro’s one of the few companies out there that are pioneering in what’s called “light field” technology; their light field sensors basically take in massive amounts of data and process them into a small picture that you can interact with. The final result helps achieve a sort of post-focusing effect you’d find in Google Camera’s Lens Blur or the HTC One M8’s double-sensor camera. Back about two months ago, Lytro announced a camera called the Illum – one of the first major steps in making a camera like that reality while keeping the specs a bit up to date.

But right now, the technology’s still in its growing stages. The Illum is a first, but at the same time it’s retaining a hefty price tag of around $1500. It’s needless to say that there’s still a lot left to be done with this technology before it can actually be that profitable. Just recently, Sony took a big step for the future of light field sensors by grabbing their own patent for light field sensors. According to the patent [warning, geeky read], apparently Sony has a way to get past some of the limitations that light field sensors bring to the rest of the technology implemented in. Put that together with the fact that this is Sony we’re talking about, which both has the tech power and the market interest, and you’ve got a pretty promising look at what the future might hold for these new sensors.

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