How To Build DIY variable ND-Filter (And Motivate Your Models)

We have just over a month and a week left for our “how I took contest” and I wanted to share one of the great submissions by Evil Flip about creating a built in variable ND filter. It’s a bit risky as you’ll be hacking near your sensor, but the results are surprisingly good.

How To Build DIY variable ND-Filter (And Motivate Your Models)

I took this picture by using a long exposure and since I wanted to shoot outside I needed an ND filter. I’m more of a video guy and when shooting video with a DSLR you really need an ND filter if you want control over your aperture. Since you’re stuck with a shutter speed of 1/50, shooting outdoors can force you to close your aperture and this doesn’t really give you that nice blurry filmic background. This is why professional video cameras sometimes have an ND-filer build in. And so I figured I’d try to do the same. [Read more…]

How To Build A Rain Machine

Our How I Took I contest is quickly gaining critical mass with all the great tutorials being submitted by you guys. Got some great news on that, the folks at Rosco just chipped in with a LitePad Loop kit.

Raj Khepar submitted a cool tutorial about how he built a rain machine for one of his shoots.

While we have had a rain machine before, this one is quite different in the way it was built and in the final effect it creates.

How To Build A Rain Machine [Read more…]

How to Shoot the Moon – in Honor of Neil Armstrong

Submissions for our How I Took It contest are starting to roll in and today I would like to share an interesting submission that has to do with blue moons astronauts and, of course, photography. Photographer Jason Carlton made a basic tutorial about shooting the moon. You’d be surprised at how little gear you need to photograph spectacular moon images. Tonight is a full moon. Go give it a try!

082812 Honor Neil Armstrong r2 [Read more…]