Recently-Unearthed Photo Is the First Confirmed Image of van Gogh in Adulthood


Photography is probably one of the greatest tools for preserving history.  While present generations stand at a perilous place with all of our memories sitting on hard drives and SD cards, we are thankful for those who had to take the time to develop each shot into a physical medium.  Writings and paintings can only provide so much accurate detail and are often skewed by the perspectives of their creators, but photographs seem to preserve another level of historic accuracy.

Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter best known for The Starry Night, his insane preoccupation with selfies, and chopping off bits of ears long before Mike Tyson made it popular, has often been portrayed as a dark and brooding cloud in art history.  Yet, we have never seen a photograph of his face in adulthood…until now.

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The RMS Empress of Ireland, a Forgotten Titanic, Sank 100 Years ago Today


This is my 100th post for DIYPhotography, and I wanted it to be something different. In the same vein as my cinematography posts, I decided to introduce a new weekly column that’ll take us back in time and feature significant events in history, and what those events looked like through the lenses they were captured with. This is my first one for you guys, and it revolves around a tragedy that happened on this very day, exactly 100 years ago. On May 29, 1914, on its 96th voyage into the sea, the RMS Empress of Ireland collided with a Norwegian collier. 14 minutes was all it took for the ship to sink, taking the lives of 1,012 people along with it.

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History.JPG: The American Museum of Natural History Digitizes its Photography Collection for Online Public Access

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 5.32.09 PM

Back about two hundred years ago, the development of chemical photography brought forth the first camera. For the next one-hundred and fifty years, most photographers didn’t have an easy time at all with preserving the shots they took. Today, so little is left preserved from that time. Most photographs from the past are in a state of preservation today.

By announcing that their entire photography collection is now digitized and online for any person in the world to view, the board of the American Museum of Natural History are ensuring now that those preservations are never forgotten.

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