Natural HDR In Films – Disney’s New Algorithm Is Taking Us One Step Closer


Today’s cameras are able to capture an enormousness amount of dynamic rage. Sadly our monitors and film projectors are not able to display the entire tone range that we can capture. This calls for a process called Tone Mapping. This process squeezes the larger, captured, tonal range into a smaller tonal range that the display is able to display. It is the same process that gives HDR its signature look. Of course if not done subtly, it can create a chewed to death overwhelming effect.

When video comes into play, HDR tone mapping becomes even harder and can result in some interesting video artifacts such as ghosting, Brightness Flickering and camera noise.

The team at Disney Research (yes they do research as well) created a new algorithm that can better handle the tone mapping part of HDR processing.

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How I Offended the World’s Most Popular Photographer

The advent of the Internet was a momentous occasion, one which afforded me a litany of new ways to continue doing what I have always done best but now with a much larger audience — open my mouth and say things I probably shouldn’t. I know, shocker. Consider yourself a gem from Heaven if you are unable to testify to having done it at least once. Go ahead, cast the first stone.

As an aspiring photographer, like many artists, I had a tendency to find masters of inspiration and just latch onto them for all I was worth. I would follow their work, I would follow their lives, I would live vicariously through their utter awesomeness. But, as anyone who has idolized anyone can tell you, eventually your idols let you down, sometimes through no intentional fault of their own.

How I Offended the World’s Most Popular Photographer

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Introduction To High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Introduction To High Dynamic Range (HDR) PhotographyHigh Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) is a creative technique in which you combine 3, 5 or 7 images shot at different exposures, which are then merged into a single image.

The advantages are far more detail, vibrant color and control of lighting than you could ever achieve by manipulating a single JPG or RAW image in Photoshop.

In the following post Gavin Phillips will cover some of the main (yet often overlooked) aspects of HDR Photography.

(Roll your mouse over any of the images and linger for a second to see how it looked like before HDRing it).

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