Photographer Tased and Arrested After Flying a Drone in Hawaiian National Park


Travis Sanders visited the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on Saturday night with his wife and daughter in order to see the rising lava lake at Halema’uma’u Crater, but never imagined that he’d turn into the main attraction.

At some point Sanders decided to use a drone to capture the spectacle and the crowds, later claiming he was unaware his actions were against the law, but things turned ugly when a park ranger approached and demanded that he brings it down.

Accounts of what happened after the ranger asked to see Sanders’ ID greatly differ. The photographer stated he was simply trying to avoid a confrontational ranger, while park officials said the “very unruly” suspect fled the scene and was stopped in order to protect the hundreds of people at the scene and prevent him from falling down the edge of the 500-foot deep caldera.

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“Shoot Loose And Edit Tight” Words Of Wisdom From One Of The World’s Leading Surf Photographers

Growing up in Hawaii, it’s hard not to have an appreciation and love for the ocean. It literally surrounds us and is an integral aspect of life on an island. For Zac Noyle, acclaimed surf photographer and Hawaiian native, being in the water was ingrained in him at a very young age. Growing up the son of a professional photographer, taking photos, however, wasn’t something that initially caught Noyle’s eye. It wasn’t until he took a camera out into the surf on a whim, that he was inspired to take great photos.

Since that moment, Noyle’s fearlessness and natural talent has led him on countless adventures and eventually earned him the title of Senior Staff Photographer for Surfer Magazine. An accomplishment that didn’t come easy and remains a labor of love everyday as he risks his life swimming in some of the world’s biggest waves to get the shot. His skills as a waterman also afforded him the privilege of being the only photographer allowed to swim into the line up of the prestigious Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational. [Read more…]

71 Year Old Street Art Photographer Martha Cooper Returns To Photographing What Made Her Famous


Martha Cooper photographing graffiti artists in Hawaii.

In 2013, Martha Cooper celebrated her 70th birthday in grand fashion. She had a shoot planned in Manhattan to photograph a massive street art mural. When she arrived to take the photos, she discovered the mural was actually a giant birthday card to her from two well known street artists, How and Nosm. The entire thing was a clever ploy to get her to her own surprise party. As word spread via social media about NYC’s latest graffiti installation, more and more people starting showing up to the party. Before long, there was a waiting line of well known writers, artists, photographers, and fans all waiting to have their photo taken with Cooper.

You see, though she’s a photographer of many things, Cooper has a reputation for being one of the best graffiti and street art photographers in the world. Getting her start as a photojournalist for the New York Post, after an intership with National Geographic, she was at the forefront of the graffiti revolution that painted New York City throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. She immereserd herself in the culture when it was still fresh and new, slowly building her reputation as the graffiti photographer. [Read more…]

What It Was Like To Photograph 7 Volcanic Vortexes At Once

Volcanic Vortex by Brice Omori

Volcanic Vortexes by Bruce Omori

Hawaii really is a photographer’s paradise. It’s filled with beautiful people, dramatic landscapes, brilliant night skies, and enough varieties of sea life to keep an underwater photographer busy for a lifetime. Given the diversity of Hawaii’s climate zones (there’s 8 of the world’s 13 climate zones on Big Island alone), we also get some pretty wicked weather.

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the Extreme Exposures Fine Art Gallery in Hilo, Hawaii where two photographers, Tom Kuali’i and Bruce Omori, display their work. Of course, all of the work gracing the walls of the gallery were eye-catching, and one photo in particular really stood out. The award winning photo has made its rounds on the internet and has even made its way into the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Seeing Bruce Omori’s “Volcanic Vortexes” in person (and beautifully printed on metal to boot) was even grander than one can imagine.

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Photographer Captures Firebird Looking Aurora At Alaska


When we feature Hawaiian photographer CJ Kale it is usually when he is under (or) over a wave at sunny Hawaii. Even when shooting hot lava he is wearing a swimsuit and in the water. In a 180 degrees change of scenery, CJ traveled to Alaska to document the Aurora Peak which accrued in 2013. The next peak is going to be at around 2022, a good 8 years from now.

Going out of his comfort zone, CJ captured the most wonderful northern aurora photos including one that amazingly resembles a Phoenix rising from Ashes.

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