World’s Largest Hard Drive Offers Photographers 16TB of Storage


As photographers, backing up our images has sort of become a passion, and so it should.  The catch-22 in the situation is that hard drives (the ones with the little DJ in there spinning laser-read disks) offer the most storage space but suffer from low long-term reliability.  We therefore resort to all kinds of other methods to increase file redundancy, such as cloud storage.  Solid state drives (SSD) are great (and fast), but they have typically been rather limited in capacity.  That…is changing.

The other day we reported on Samsung’s new 256-gigabit flash technology that would significantly increase the storage capacities of solid state drives, but we had no idea they were aiming for the moon and hitting it!

Samsung has since unveiled the culmination of this technology:  the world’s largest SSD hard drive.

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Samsung Wants To Rid Of Hard Drives, Makes A 256-gigabit Flash


Up until not too long ago having a complete system made with SSDs was not really a practical option for the most photographers. I mean the highest capacity SSD was 2TB and it was a hefty sum of $800, give or take a byte.

But now, Samsung is in the process of manufacturing a huge 256-gigabit SSD (32GB) should enable significantly more storage on each SSD drive. Considering that 80Gigs of data were around $70 just a few years back on 2004, I think that it will not take a lot of time until SSDs will replace HDDs completely. I mean, price per HDD storage dropped from $0.5/Gig to $0.0317/Gig in the course of the last ten years (that is a 96% drop) so it would not be surprising to see these huge SSDs drop from $400/TB to $25/TB in a similar time frame or to $130/TB in the next two years.

Engaget reports that Samsung are upping their yield and planning to ship during 2015. This means that even this year we will see bigger SSD drives at cheaper prices.

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Easily Back Up Your Memory Cards To External Drives With This OTG Cable Hack


When you shoot multiple cards, usually the workflow is to unload them once you get back to home base. This is usually enough, but if you want to be absolutely on the safe side (or just want to empty your cards) you have two common solutions: use a laptop to transfer the files or use something like the $219 WD My Passport Wireless hard drive that comes with an SD slot.

Reader Sasha Stojkovich just sent in this clever tip that enables a backup from practically any card to practically any portable hard-drive. The secret sauce? An OTG card reader with a USB hub built in.

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How To Back Up Your Memory Cards to Endless Storage on Field


If you a long time reader you know that we take backups very seriously. We usually talk about the backups you have to do to your data at home, but it is equally important to backup while on the field.

Of course you can lag a laptop and a card reader and copy everything over, but if you want a small and slick solution, instructables user blorgggg shares a hack that will give you unlimited storage and easy redundancy (i.e. have each memory card backed up to two or three locations and stored in separate bags).

blorgggg went on a month-long trip to Madagascar and needed a solution that is low-power, stores lots of data and can withstand intense jostling. This is what he came up with.

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NSA Uses Hidden Software In Hard Drives for International Cyber-Espionage


Earlier today it was revealed by Kaspersky, a leading software security group, that the NSA has been using leading brand hard drives to spy on targets worldwide. In fact, they have been doing so since 2001.

While you most likely use a hard drive manufactured by one of the companies involved, chances are that you haven’t been a victim. Not that you’ve got any way of knowing…

Infected computers were found in over 30 countries, including Iran, Russia, Pakistan and China.

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DIYP Reviews The G-Dock Ev With Thunderbolt

DIYP Reviews The G-Dock Ev With Thunderbolt

G-technology is no stranger to mass storage. The company is leading the market when it come to high performance storage for creative people. The G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt is one of those storage devices. It’s has everything you’d expect from a device aimed at creative professionals and also those who see themselves as such; It’s extremely well built, looks “pro” and works as it should – fantastically. (I guess you can tell where this review is going to go… we love it!) [Read more…]