Xiaomi’s YiCamera Is Twice As Good And Half The Price Of A GoPro


Xiaomi, a rising star in the world of mobile phones and consumer electronics, has just announced the YiCamera action cam.

Judging by the specs of this camera GoPro is in trouble, as the company that has been changing people’s perception of Chinese products seems to have not only outdone the Hero action cam, but it did so at half the price.

The 16 megapixel camera will cost $64, but will initially be available only in China.

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Building A Photo Booth Using A Gopro Camera, Some Led Lights And A Doorbell

I offered our good friends to build a photo booth for their wedding to be held here in Berlin Germany. They had already been asking around and searching the web for a solution without any luck.

I immediately knew that I wanted to make a fun automated contraption that mimicked something from an amusement park, rather than just setting up a DSLR with an umbrella etc. as it needed to be something different that people would relax in front of and not feel intimidated by equipment.


I also knew I wanted to use a camera with an extreme wide angle lens as it creates dynamic and fun images, plus it needed to be a rugged but highly portable solution that I could throw in a cab when going to and from the party. So the choice for integrating an action camera like the GoPro was given.

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GoPro Hero 4 Models To Get 4k Video Capability At 30fps And Touch Screen LCD

1 - 30tzHeD
After a thread on Reddit exploded with rumors regarding the forthcoming (and highly anticipated) GoPro 4, news about the details of the action camera began seeming more and more reliable. The Reddit thread is now reporting that Michael Zhang says he can confirm the rumors in a post he wrote over on PetaPixel.

It looks like GoPro has been listening to it’s consumers as they have added several important upgrades including the ability to record 4k video at 30 fps. (Previous versions could only recocrd 4k at 15 fps). However, only the GoPro Hero 4 Black will feature the 4k at 30fps upgrade. Instead of higher frame rates at 4k, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver will get a new touch screen LCD to help take the guesswork out of farming shots. Unfortunately, according to Zhang, the touch screen will not be available on the Hero 4 Black edition.
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GoPro – I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

My GoPro and I have hit a bit of a rocky stretch in our relationship.  I’m not sure yet if we’re heading for divorce, but we’re defiantly not newlyweds anymore.

The last straw was when my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition decided to fry its 64 GB SanDisk Ultra micro SDXC memory card in the middle of a shoot.

But it’s not just the technical problems I’ve been having with my GoPro that have been bothering me – we’ve kind of drifted apart artistically as well.

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Gopro Captured Footage Of Man And Lions Bro-Wrestling (In A Good Way)

If you were lucky enough to grow up with a smaller brother (or unlucky to grow up with an older brother), you know what Bro-Wrestling is. And it is usually pretty harmless.

But what about if you are good friends with a lion? Imagine Bro-Wrestling with one of these majestic animals.

Gopro Captured Footage Of Man And Lions Bro-Wrestling (In A Good Way)

This GoPro commercial accompanies Kevin Richardson, A.K.A The Lion Whisperer in a few days travel across South Africa. Kevin strapped a GoPro Hero 3+ to his chest and captured amazingly close footage with them. [Read more…]

GoPro Firmware Hack MegaLapse Allows GoPro Time Lapse Tweaking

If you are using GoPro for time lapse shooting this is something you are going to appreciate. I am not really sure if it deserves the ‘firmware hack’ tag, since it looks like a built in feature, yet, this is a clever use that goes all the way to the good old DOS days.

GoPro Firmware Hack MegaLapse Allows GoPro Time Lapse Tweaking

Think hard, what was the first DOS program you ever wrote, I bet it was a two liner: the first line writes your name, the second is goto line 1. Right?

Konrad Iturbe used that ancient DOS kong-fu to create a clever way to extend the intervals offered by GoPro cameras. The GoPro originally supports 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds intervals for time lapse, but Konra’d clever program extends this interval to whatever time you want, allowing multi-days timelapses. [Read more…]

Building A Creative GoPro Glider For Capturing Orbital Footage

Point Of View (POV) can be a major factor in storytelling. Finding new interesting points of view is not trivial, and every bit of innovation helps keeping viewres on their toes. This is why we got to hand it to Steven Prael for coming up with this cool GoPro rig idea that captures an orbital view of a scene.

Building A Creative GoPro Glider For Capturing Orbital Footage

The idea in general is pretty simple – get a go pro on a rope and turn, turn, turn it around. But execution may be tricky. By building a simple rig Steven overcame two problems that has to do with spinning – The first is how to keep the camera facing the center and the second is how to reduce vibrations.

Both issues were dealt with by adding a small wing to the rig, creating a makeshift glider. Pretty clever. If you were wondering how durable a GoPro is just check out the failed footage at 1:10 and 1:20 . [Read more…]

Powering a GoPro With LP-E6 Canon Batteries

GoPro’s latest Hero 3+ made a cool move when (among other things) added 30% battery time bringing the camera about 40 minutes of recording time at real-life conditions.

Powering a GoPro With LP-E6 Canon Batteries

If you need more time than this you have several DIY options and several USB based options. I not a big fan of either. The folks at P&C came up with the Tehkron CagePro + GoPro cage.

Basically it is a cage like the one you’d use for DSLRs with two clever additions:

  • You can power a GoPro of a regular LP-E6 Canon battery and
  • You get a 62mm mounting thread for filters.

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GoPro Hero3 And GoPro Hero3+ Compared Head To Head

GoPro which is kinda the standard for action cameras today recetly released the GoPro Hero3+ (with + being the new part) after releasing the Hero3 late last year.

The new Hero 3+ boast a new camera and housing with longer battery life, better image quality, a smaller form factor and better WiFi connectivity.

GoPro Hero3 And GoPro Hero3+ Compared Head To Head

But is it worth the extra $70. Here is an indipendant test from Kyle Heart, who did not believe the GoPro specs and made a test of his own. Guess what? GoPro were on the dot with each of their claims. [Read more…]