This Is What 5 Years of ‘Collecting’ GoPro Gear Look Like


Gear comes and gear goes. Or rather gear comes and gear accumulates. Photographer Mitch Bergsma have been shooting with a Gopro for 5 years and as one of his main tools of work, he had to fit it, mount it, strap it, elevate it and submerge it into various places.

Having using a GoPro for five years means that you get to accumulate lots of mounts and cases for lots of different GoPro cameras and if in addition to that you don’t let go of the old gear, you get a full blanket of gear (sorry had to).

So to celebrate this 5 years anniversary, Mitch got a DJI Phantom 2 in the air to take an aerial of all his GoPro gear. And there is a lot of it….

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POV Video of an IDF Disaster Dog Searching for Earthquake Survivors in Nepal


The worst earthquake to have hit Nepal in 80 years occurred last week, killing over 6,000 people and thousands more are still unaccounted for.

The international community rushed to offer assistance, with Israel sending the largest aid delegation consisting 260 doctors and rescue personnel. Joining the search and rescue teams are three dogs and their handlers belonging to the IDF’s Special Forces K-9 unit.

One of these dogs, who were specifically trained to locate signs of life and survivors in disaster areas, was equipped with a GoPro Camera and offers a unique view into the ongoing efforts to find people buried under the rubble.

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GoPro Purchases Kolor; Set to Take Over Virtual Reality Spherical Videos

GoPro_KolorImmersive content is said to be the next big thing in digital media, and GoPro just took a major step towards becoming a dominant player in the market.

While its HERO cameras currently offer 4K video recording and dominate the action camera market, the hardware company is unable to offer the software necessary to get the most out of its products.

This is where Kolor, a French software company and GoPro’s latest purchase, comes into play. Kolor’s software enables users to create 360° content including panoramas, virtual tours and videos.

Up until now spherical content was mostly created by professionals, and the purchase of Kolor has them worried that the company will now focus on creating 360° software for the masses rather than cutting-edge pro-level software solutions.

Will this acquisition lead to the release of a GoPro virtual reality camera?

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This DIY Chocolate Drone Will Give You an Appetite for Flying


Source: YouTube screenshot


The Phantom 3 might have a fancy built-in 4K camera and 3D Robotics’ Solo can orbit around you, but when you’re feeling a bit peckish at the end of a shoot these drones have nothing on the Chocolate Copter.

This airborne dessert is made of homemade chocolate and electronics available online, and flies surprisingly well. Just don’t fly it on a hot day.

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GoPro Falls From 3,000 Meters, Found by Mycologist, Returned To Parachutist

Here is a story that can only happen in the days of the internet. A mycologist (fungi explorer) was doing his thing in Sweden while suddenly founding a GoPro on the floor.

He tested the memory card and found the above footage, which was uploaded to Youtube by his son. Apparently the GoPro detached while connecting while maneuvering in midair and swirled down to the ground.

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Behind The Stunts Video of the Furious 7 Movie Shot Entirely on GoPro Cameras


The Fast & Furious movie series is best known for its high-speed action scenes, so which camera better to capture a behind the scenes video than the leading action camera?

In this video, uploaded by GoPro, viewers get a cool behind-the-scenes view of some of the latest movie’s stunts.

A voice over by Jack Gill, Furious 7 stunt coordinator, talks more about the stunt team’s motivation than any real information, but audio has never been the reason people watch action movies anyway.

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Thanks to Xiaomi, the GoPro Hero5 Should be Amazing


Xiaomi recently announced the $64 Yi Action Camera and based on the first reviews, GoPro has plenty of reasons to be worried.

The Yi closed several of the gaps between the GoPro and the cheaper action cameras, and now poses a serious threat to the dominance of the Hero4. GoPro however won’t give up without a fight and hopes to further distance itself from the newest rival with the release of the Hero5.

The original release date was estimated to be sometime around September, but rumor has it that the date will be pushed back. Either way, GoPro will have to respond to the Chinese by the end of 2015.

So what features and improvements are in stock for GoPro fans? 4k and 8k video recording and improved battery life, to name a couple.

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Lion Filming 101: Behind the Scenes with the Lion Whisperer


Kevin Richardson is a South African animal behaviorist and lion conservation champion.

Known to many as the Lion Whisperer, Kevin uses his extraordinary relationships with lions, hyenas and leopards to draw public attention and raise awareness to their dire situation both in captivity and in the wild.

Kevin’s YouTube channel is home to some fascinating educational and behind-the-scenes videos, including perspectives that you will not see anywhere else.

In this informative video Kevin shows what equipment he uses to capture the unique footage and how it’s actually done.

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Xiaomi Yi Action Camera First Reviews and How It Compares to the GoPro


We recently reported the announcement of Xiaomi’s $64 new action camera, and we’re now bringing you the first hands-on reviews and GoPro comparisons.

Two Chinese reviews, one by pcpop comparing the Yi Action Camera to the flagship GoPro 4 Black and the cheap SJ4000, and another by Geekpark comparing it to the GoPro 3 and 4 Black editions, reveal new details regarding the highly anticipated new kid on the block.

Other than sharing new specs and features, the reviews include video, contrast and low-light shooting comparisons.

One of the concerns with such a cheap camera is that cheap often comes at a cost. Does the low price indicate low quality?

Overall the camera seems to give a rather impressive bang for the buck, but will it work in crowded spaces?


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