No Budget For A Drone? Put Your GoPro On A Kite Instead

If you’ve never heard of the method being used before, attaching your camera to a kite may sound kind of sketchy at first, but the aerial photography technique has actually been around since the late 1800’s. In 1912, a french inventor by the name of Pierre Picavet invented the Picavet suspension, which allowed photographers to mount cameras to balloons and kites while providing leveling to the camera as it flew through the air.

Though the art of kite aerial photography has mostly gone to the wayside, there’s still a devoted group of enthusiasts out there that are keeping the hobby alive. Once of them being YouTube user, QueDecree. In the video clip below, the Australian kite aerial photographer shows you how to get your kite and camera up in the air, and also shares some pointers on assembling the rig.  [Read more…]

GoPro Announces New Premium Content Licensing Portal


In an announcement made on the camera maker’s website, GoPro shared it’s latest venture content licensing portal. GoPro says the service is geared towards “high production value content” which they hope will also eliminate “the pain points creative professionals have when sourcing content by helping them clear copyrights and likeness rights”.  [Read more…]

World’s Smallest Micro 4/3 Camera Will Give GoPro a Run For Its Money


We all love the GoPro for a variety of reasons.  But, one major drawback of the well-known action cam is a sacrifice on quality due to it’s sensor size.  Oh, and you’re kinda stuck with the stock the fisheye-like lens.

Z Camera is looking to give GoPro a run for their money with the introduction of the E1, the world’s smallest micro 4/3 camera with interchangeable lenses and 4K video.  Although it hasn’t yet hit mass production, this feat of photographic engineering is shaping up to be fun!

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GoPro’s New Hero4 Session is Half the Size and Weight of Other Models

GoPro_SessionJust one month after announcing the entry-level HERO+ LCD, the undisputed king of action cameras has just announced another new model. This one sports an entirely new, and drastically smaller, design.

The Session looks like a lens block that was cut out of a regular GoPro making it 50% smaller.

Including its integrated waterproof housing the camera weighs just 74 grams, which is approximately half the weight of its bigger brothers in their own underwater housings.

Of course the huge cut in size and weight come at a cost; both feature and money wise.

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California Paddleboarders Follow Great White Sharks to Get a Selfie


When you hear about human-shark interactions it’s usually about shark attacks or sharks swimming nearby people. Even when there’s no sign of aggression whatsoever, the media rarely misses the opportunity to play on peoples’ fear of sharks and draw some attention.

This video, captured by a paddleboarder with a GoPro, is rather unusual though. Not only did Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess encounter great white sharks at Orange County’s Sunset Beach, they actually entered the waters with their flimsy boards in order to see them.

The mission? Shark selfies, according to the Orange County Register.

Sadly, despite the fact that the duo was there by choice and was actively following the sharks, National Geographic still felt the need to sensationalize the video and make it sound as if an attack was imminent.

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Tried and Tested: GoPro Cameras are Baby-Proof


GoPro takes great pride in the durability of its cameras, which enables them to go to places where no camera has gone before.

When in the standard housing the GoPro is waterproof to 40 meters (131’) and while I don’t know of any official numbers, the camera is also incredibly shockproof.

We’ve seen it fall from insane heights, with or without a protective housing, and somehow survive.

Granted, though, most users aren’t all that into extreme sports and jumping out of space, so here’s a more ‘real-life’ durability test: a baby trying to eat a GoPro.

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GoPro Camera Strapped to a Rocket Captures Magnificent Footage as it Falls Back to Earth


SpaceX is a privately owned company that aims to revolutionize space technology with its advanced rockets and spacecrafts.

Hoping to carry its first human astronauts in 2017 and eventually colonize Mars someday, the company is obviously performing a bunch of rocket and spacecraft launches and – and many of these activities are documented and shared on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

This time, however, instead of sharing more footage of a rocket launch recorded from the ground, the company strapped a GoPro camera to one of its two-stage Falcon 9 rockets and uploaded out-of-this-world (literally) footage of Earth as the rocket falls back down.

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See What ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Would Look Like in Real Life

I have to admit, there are times I have been hard-pressed to NOT turn my driving experience into a real-life Grand Theft Auto trailer. I mean, have you met these idiots on the road? Geez…

But, the very generous (and creative) guys at Corridor Digital (we’ll call them Sam and Niko) were nice enough to eliminate some of that guesswork with a new “real-life” GTA video around the streets of Los Angeles.

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