Tried and Tested: GoPro Cameras are Baby-Proof


GoPro takes great pride in the durability of its cameras, which enables them to go to places where no camera has gone before.

When in the standard housing the GoPro is waterproof to 40 meters (131’) and while I don’t know of any official numbers, the camera is also incredibly shockproof.

We’ve seen it fall from insane heights, with or without a protective housing, and somehow survive.

Granted, though, most users aren’t all that into extreme sports and jumping out of space, so here’s a more ‘real-life’ durability test: a baby trying to eat a GoPro.

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GoPro Camera Strapped to a Rocket Captures Magnificent Footage as it Falls Back to Earth


SpaceX is a privately owned company that aims to revolutionize space technology with its advanced rockets and spacecrafts.

Hoping to carry its first human astronauts in 2017 and eventually colonize Mars someday, the company is obviously performing a bunch of rocket and spacecraft launches and – and many of these activities are documented and shared on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

This time, however, instead of sharing more footage of a rocket launch recorded from the ground, the company strapped a GoPro camera to one of its two-stage Falcon 9 rockets and uploaded out-of-this-world (literally) footage of Earth as the rocket falls back down.

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See What ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Would Look Like in Real Life

I have to admit, there are times I have been hard-pressed to NOT turn my driving experience into a real-life Grand Theft Auto trailer. I mean, have you met these idiots on the road? Geez…

But, the very generous (and creative) guys at Corridor Digital (we’ll call them Sam and Niko) were nice enough to eliminate some of that guesswork with a new “real-life” GTA video around the streets of Los Angeles.

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GoPro Targeting VR Market with a Six-Camera Spherical Mount and Wireless Syncing

GoPro_VR_ArrayIn addition to its upcoming drone, GoPro has announced it is working on a dedicated spherical mount that will hold six of its Hero cameras and allow recording footage for virtual reality and augmented reality systems.

GoPro is also looking to simplify the working process and is developing software that will automatically sync videos from the camera to the cloud.

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Google Announces 3D Virtual Reality Rig, Says They Will Share Plans

“What will they think of next,” was a phrase I used to hear my grandmother say. While civilization is still busy committing the oldest of sins in the newest of ways, Google has teamed up with GoPro to bring a truly new revolution to the world of virtual reality (in case real reality was just too boring for you).

Yesterday, at Google’s I/O event, they unveiled a collaborative project called JUMP. The JUMP camera rig pairs the ever-popular GoPro camera (or, rather, 16 of the bloody things) with Google’s JUMP assembler, a high-powered video processing platform, to create 360-degree, 3D stereoscopic video that can be viewed on your smartphone using Google Cardboard. Basically, you can “look around” the video in the same way that you would look around your real world (just with a cardboard box pressed to your face).

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GoPro Drone Finally Announced; Coming in 2016

GoDroneRumors have been talking about a GoPro drone for quite a while, and yesterday the company’s CEO Nick Woodman finally announced it is actually going to happen.

“Do you guys all want GoPro to make a quadcopter?” Woodman asked the audience at the Code Conference, replying “OK, GoPro is making a quadcopter. It’s official!”.

The device is expected to be launched in the first half of 2016, and is guaranteed to have have an impact on rivals’ sales.

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Capture Every Lightning Strike with This Clever GoPro Hack

lightning-strike-gopro-result-stillIn the past, we’ve featured some great posts about making sure you capture those epic lightning strikes that frolic through the sky like hyperactive children – like this one. (It’s okay…I’ll wait while you check it out. Maybe grab some KFC on your way back?)

Photographer and photo-hacker (can we just shorten it to “phacker,” already?!) Saulius Lukse recently published a post detailing how, using a GoPro and Python script, you can not only capture a whole string of lightning strikes but isolate the individual frames as well.

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This Is What 5 Years of ‘Collecting’ GoPro Gear Look Like


Gear comes and gear goes. Or rather gear comes and gear accumulates. Photographer Mitch Bergsma have been shooting with a Gopro for 5 years and as one of his main tools of work, he had to fit it, mount it, strap it, elevate it and submerge it into various places.

Having using a GoPro for five years means that you get to accumulate lots of mounts and cases for lots of different GoPro cameras and if in addition to that you don’t let go of the old gear, you get a full blanket of gear (sorry had to).

So to celebrate this 5 years anniversary, Mitch got a DJI Phantom 2 in the air to take an aerial of all his GoPro gear. And there is a lot of it….

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