GoPro Falls From 3,000 Meters, Found by Mycologist, Returned To Parachutist

Here is a story that can only happen in the days of the internet. A mycologist (fungi explorer) was doing his thing in Sweden while suddenly founding a GoPro on the floor.

He tested the memory card and found the above footage, which was uploaded to Youtube by his son. Apparently the GoPro detached while connecting while maneuvering in midair and swirled down to the ground.

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Behind The Stunts Video of the Furious 7 Movie Shot Entirely on GoPro Cameras


The Fast & Furious movie series is best known for its high-speed action scenes, so which camera better to capture a behind the scenes video than the leading action camera?

In this video, uploaded by GoPro, viewers get a cool behind-the-scenes view of some of the latest movie’s stunts.

A voice over by Jack Gill, Furious 7 stunt coordinator, talks more about the stunt team’s motivation than any real information, but audio has never been the reason people watch action movies anyway.

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Thanks to Xiaomi, the GoPro Hero5 Should be Amazing


Xiaomi recently announced the $64 Yi Action Camera and based on the first reviews, GoPro has plenty of reasons to be worried.

The Yi closed several of the gaps between the GoPro and the cheaper action cameras, and now poses a serious threat to the dominance of the Hero4. GoPro however won’t give up without a fight and hopes to further distance itself from the newest rival with the release of the Hero5.

The original release date was estimated to be sometime around September, but rumor has it that the date will be pushed back. Either way, GoPro will have to respond to the Chinese by the end of 2015.

So what features and improvements are in stock for GoPro fans? 4k and 8k video recording and improved battery life, to name a couple.

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Lion Filming 101: Behind the Scenes with the Lion Whisperer


Kevin Richardson is a South African animal behaviorist and lion conservation champion.

Known to many as the Lion Whisperer, Kevin uses his extraordinary relationships with lions, hyenas and leopards to draw public attention and raise awareness to their dire situation both in captivity and in the wild.

Kevin’s YouTube channel is home to some fascinating educational and behind-the-scenes videos, including perspectives that you will not see anywhere else.

In this informative video Kevin shows what equipment he uses to capture the unique footage and how it’s actually done.

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Xiaomi Yi Action Camera First Reviews and How It Compares to the GoPro


We recently reported the announcement of Xiaomi’s $64 new action camera, and we’re now bringing you the first hands-on reviews and GoPro comparisons.

Two Chinese reviews, one by pcpop comparing the Yi Action Camera to the flagship GoPro 4 Black and the cheap SJ4000, and another by Geekpark comparing it to the GoPro 3 and 4 Black editions, reveal new details regarding the highly anticipated new kid on the block.

Other than sharing new specs and features, the reviews include video, contrast and low-light shooting comparisons.

One of the concerns with such a cheap camera is that cheap often comes at a cost. Does the low price indicate low quality?

Overall the camera seems to give a rather impressive bang for the buck, but will it work in crowded spaces?


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Olympic Gold Snowboarder Shows Off New Trick Integrating A GoPro In The Most Awesome Way

Passing off a GoPro to Sage Kotsenburg mid flip.

Passing off a GoPro to Sage Kotsenburg mid flip.

Professional snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg, is well known for developing new tricks. He won an Olympic gold medal during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games after pulling off a “1620 Japan Air Mute Grab”, a trick Kotsenburg debuted (and had actually never tried) prior to his Olympic run. For that move, he flipped through the air 4 ½ times while holding his snowboard behind his back. It was pretty wicked, enough to wow the judges and secure him the gold medal. You can check out some sweet composite images of the that entire run over on the New York Times.

Kotsenburg appeared on the Conan show last night to debut an all new trick he’s been developing: a mid-frontflip camera grab. As the name implies, the trick involves him doing a mid-frontflip while grabbing a GoPro camera out of his incredibly brave friend’s hand. Naturally, the GoPro is recording the entire thing. [Read more…]

Guy Straps GoPro On, Set Himself On Fire and Jumps From A 10-Stories Building. Why? Because He Can


For a long time now, we’ve seen a rising culture of dare-devils taking selfies on skyscrapers, or documenting themselves doing dangerous stunts just so they can get those on youtube and enjoy their 15 seconds of fame. But for me, this guy is totally going over the limit.

Youtuber Alexandr Chernikov got on a 10-stories building (roughly 30 meters) only to set himself on fire and jump down to a pile of snow, documenting the entire experience with a GoPro. While one of the watcher documented the thing from the ground, there is also the first person view from the said GoPro on this link.

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DIY GoPro Stablizer That’s Light Enough To Use All Day Long


Carrying around heavy equipment all day can really take the fun out of being a photographer. Sure, there’s good quality, lightweight gear on the market, but such pieces typically make one’s wallet a whole lot lighter, too. That’s why the chief product designer behind ProductTank took it upon himself to whip up this awesome, lightweight, and inexpensive stabilizer that’s perfectly suited to keep you and your GoPro shooting all day long. [Read more…]

Some GoPros Now Capable Of Broadcasting High Definition Video For Live Television; NHL Jumps Aboard

About a week ago we reported on GoPro stock plummeting after Apple was granted a patent for wearable cameras, but thanks to an announcement made by the NHL and GoPro on Friday, GoPro stocks are making a swift recovery (up 6.5% at the time of writing). The announcement detailed a deal between the two which will put GoPro 4’s on professional hockey players during game play with the idea that the footage from the cameras will be used for live broadcasting.

“…to date the footage has been restricted to a post-production workflow with memory cards being shuttled back to the truck to provide a look back at the action.  This new solution will be the first time official GoPro products are used to transmit the action in high definition, allowing for integration into a live television broadcast.”

This announcement comes a week after GoPro announced it’s partnership with Vislink to equip their cameras with the capability to broadcast sporting events live in high definition. In that announcement, GoPro mentioned they would showcase this new technology during the 2015 X-Games in Aspen in addition to the AMA Monster Energy Supercross event, but, at the time, made no indication of a deal with the NHL. [Read more…]