Jason Jones Hilariously Reports on the Discrimination Google Glass Explorers Face Today

For those who may not know, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a satirical fake-news show that airs nightly in the US on Comedy Central. Jon Stewart’s been hosting it for about 18 years now, and it’s become fairly well known these days for giving more factual information here than actual news networks.

Just before last week ended, Jason Jones – a correspondent on the show – did a segment on Google Glass and the people who wear it, comparing the discrimination they endure to the hardships of the 1960s Civil Rights movements. With all the controversy that surrounds Google Glass today (or even smartphone cameras), sometimes we forget the amount of absurdity that comes with it. Whether it’s getting turnt up on a group of 20-year-old Glass explorers, or going out onto the playground with his own homemade Google Glass, Jason Jones makes us remember that absurdity all over again.

This video also marks the birth of the term “iDouche”.

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Google Obtains Patents for the Development of Contact Lens Cameras


Google Glass is on public sale today for one day only. And by that, I mean that the development model with software specifications assigned two years ago is on sale today. They haven’t even fully implemented their Glass technology into the world of wearable consumer technology, yet, and Google already has their mind on the next move. A patent’s just been released that details plans by the company to invent camera technology for contact lenses.

Oh, eat your hearts out, NSA. Eat your hearts out.

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Panasonic Is Officially Stepping into the Wearable Market with their 4K Camcorder


2014 is going to be a game-changing year for wearable technology. Google Glass is slowly making its way into the consumer market, having just finalized deals with companies like Ray-Ban, and then there’s independent companies like GoPro that have already popularized the action camera within the timespan of less than a year. Now, Panasonic is stepping into the ring with its announcement of the HX-A500 4K action camera.

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This Clever Stop Motion Movie Was Made Entirely With Google Glass

Whether you are an advocate or an opponent of Google glass you can not ignore the fact that it brings some creative potential to the table.

Catch a stop motion movie made with over 1,000 photographs taken with Google glass  was TU+, Namroc, Freddy & Isam Prado over the course of 4 days.

The movie follows a lipstick phone number left to a guy at a bar as it moves in space. (really, you probably need to see it to understand).

With the media busy with the social implications of Google glass, it is simply enjoying to see someone uses it as a creative tool.

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A Beautiful Teardown of Google Glass (And Camera Module)

One of the notable things about photo taking Goggle Glass is how scarce they are at the moment. This makes a deep bow to Scott Torborg and Star Simpson who did a detailed tear-down post on the glasses.

Teardown of Google Glass

Some of the motivation for the tear down was purely technological while some of it was driven by the growing concerns about privacy and personal security in the US.

“Growing up on a rich diet of dystopian tech fiction, we were
filled with both intrigue and concern about Glass and decided to take
our model apart to bring you a detailed view into the electronics guts
of the device.

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