This Remote Controlled BuggyCam Looks Like Even More Fun To Use Than A Drone


This is what you get when you put a BBC wildlife cameraman (Rob Drewett) and a buggy racer/design engineer (Andy Nancollis) together in the same workspace: a really sweet looking 4WD buggy that can pack your camera over all sorts of terrain at speeds of up to 40mph. Collectively called Motion Impossible, the two based the BuggyCam design on a race proven remote controlled vehicle, and as though that wasn’t cool enough, Drewett and Nancollis made it even better by developing their V-CON camera mount system to pair with a Freefly Movi M15 stabilizer ($11,995), which means you can use it to get professional quality photos and smooth video.

It also means it’s sturdy enough to carry professional grade photography and cinematography equipment. In fact, in the two clips below, you can see the guys using it to tote around a RED while shooting on location in a forest and also capturing some great footage of a peregrine in flight. [Read more...]

Incredible 3 Minutes One Shot Switching Between Hand Held, Cable Rig And A Truck Crane

Sometimes product ads pull some of the more impressive footage just to show you how cool their product is. This is indeed the case with the latest sub $5,000 DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal system.

This short flick designed to demonstrate the performance of the Ronin under various conditions shows some impressive transitions between operating modes. See if you can watch the flick and understand how they pulled it off before hitting the jump and watching the BTS. (be warned, your cheesyness radar may explode, yet the shots are completely awesome) [Read more...]

DJI Pushes Its Boundaries with the Announcement of its First Stabilizer


This is pretty unexpected, but it looks like DJI is starting to expand its range of products. If you’ve seen previous articles I’ve written, you’ll know how much I geek out over the DJI Phantom line. The Phantoms are what the company is primarily known for: high-altitude camera drones. And now they’re announcing their newest addition to the company’s line of products: a handheld stabilizer called the Ronin. [Read more...]