How To Build A DIY 2 Axis Cable Cam


One of the fun ways to ad motion to a movie is by using a cable cam. We featured a short tutorial about building a gravity driven cable-cam back in February, but as the name suggests it was gravity driven, meaning you have very little control over the speed and duration of the movement.

This tutorial uses (not one but two) motors for making a 2-axis cable cam that is more controlled. Specifically, they are using the Genie, but even if you don’t have the budget for this (and willing to let go of some control), you can use slower servo motors instead. [Read more…]

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Updated: the giveaway is now over, thanks everyone for playing! winner details at the bottom.

The kind folks at Syrp are giving away one of the most beautiful devices I’ve seen – a Genie Motion Control System. I do have to say that this is one of the most clever systems I’ve seen and its list of features is probably everything you’d ever need from a time lapses system (stay tuned, we have a review coming out soon too),

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