Good-Bye Polarized Filters: Olympus Patents Polarized Sensor Technology


Polarizing filters are almost mandatory for landscape photography, but they have a few drawbacks.  The first is obvious:  the hassle of having to carry filters with your to fit each lens.  The second is not quite as obvious but has a vital impact:  loss of light within your scene.

Olympus is aiming to change that with a new patented sensor technology that essentially has a built-in polarizing filter within the sensor itself.  This technology would automatically analyze a scene for light values and adjust accordingly, allowing you to basically have a polarizer for each one of your lenses without the hassle (or expense) of carrying them around or losing valuable light from critical scenes.

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Panasonic’s Newly-Announced Post Focus Feature Perhaps Not As Awesome As Hoped


Welp…  Proving once again how accurately I can predict the future, today Panasonic officially announced their focus-after-capture technology, called “Post Focus.”  While it looks like the quality of the final images will be significantly improved over the Lytro Illum since they will be composites of 4K video frames, I don’t see it being very useful.

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Panasonic Reportedly Building Focus-After-Capture Feature Into Upcoming Cameras


We’ve seen previous unveilings of post-focusing cameras, such as the Lytro Illum, which allow the user to change the focus of the image after it’s already captured.  And, a year ago, Sony even jumped on the bandwagon by acquiring their own patent for similar technology.

Now, according to reports, all Panasonic 4K-compatible cameras released in the next year will have built-in focus adjustment capabilities.  Booyah.

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From the Cold War: The Evolution of the Modern Digital Camera


The history of the digital camera is much older than most would expect.  With roots going way back into the dark days of the Cold War, a fascinating series of innovations have led to the creation of technology we take for granted in our everyday lives.

For instance, did you know that the first cell phone photo was shared in 1997 or that the first digital camera prototype was developed as far back at 1975 or that the basic plans that launched the CCD sensor were developed in under one hour in 1969?

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Pandora dSLR Optimizer Could Be the Answer for Guerrilla Filmmakers…Or, Perhaps Not

If there’s one thing that is a pain for dSLR filmmakers, it’s all of the little limitations that go along with the format. Having to dig for memory cards, swapping batters (seemingly) constantly, having to record audio on an external source to get decent quality, etc. That is where the creators of the Pandora DSLR Optimizer drew their inspiration for creating a one-stop-shop for on-the-go budget filmmakers.

Though still in the crowdfunding stage, this gadget has a lot of potential to either be the mother lode of dSLR video gear or a complete bomb.

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PocketSkater2 – The 1lb Camera Dolly That Fits In Your Pocket

I am a naturally skeptical person.  So, it was only natural that, when I first saw the PocketSkater2, I was a wee bit skeptical.  There are numerous mini dolly hacks with subpar performance out there, so I wasn’t expecting much from a device claiming to be small enough to “fit in your pocket.”  But, I was surprised.

Edelkrone, the same guys who brought us the Wing railless slider concept last year, have done, in my most humble estimation, a great job on this project.

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iris360: New 360-degree automatic camera puts new possibilities at your fingertips


I still remember the very first 360-degree photograph I ever saw.  I believe it was around the turn of the century on a Grolier Encyclopedia CD-ROM (for you youngsters, that’s what progressive folks had before Wikipedia).  I can’t recall where the image was from, exactly, but I do recall that it was some large plaza in Europe.  I was mesmerized just wandering back and forth, up and down throughout the 450px-wide image.

Since then, technology has come a long way.  We’ve seen 360-degree images in online marketing campaigns and real estate listings, and we’ve been able to travel the world on Google Street View for years.  But, the standard process has been to hire a professional with specialized gear and software to shoot, combine, and publish the images for suitable use.  That, however, could change with the iris360, an automated imaging system for capturing, compiling, and publishing 8k (in other words, wicked high res), 360-degree images to the web.

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The Miggo AGUA – a storm-proof, quick-draw camera bag


As some of your faithful followers may know, I like camera bags.  I also like to make them water-resistant.

My family and I do a lot of outdoor activities, from hiking and exploring to paddling and camping, often encountering less-than-ideal weather conditions. For those of us who like to take our cameras into extreme weather, we often worry about how the gear will fare…or we simply opt to leave it at home. On one whitewater trip last year, I drowned an SLR body and lens because it wasn’t properly sealed in the bottom of my kayak.

That is why I am excited about the new storm-proof quick-draw carrier from Miggo – the AGUA.

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New 58mm Petzval lens touts bokeh control, classic shininess

Lomography made a big splash when they released a 21st-century version of the famed Petzval lens last year. Now, 175 years after it was first invented by Joseph Petzval, Lomography is planning to launch a 58mm version of the lens with a built-in bokeh control ring. This ring, according to Lomography, will allow you to “determine the strength of the swirly bokeh in your photos” with its seven different levels of swirliness. The new lens goes for $450. For those too cheap to spring for the new lens, we assume an ample amount of peyote will achieve the same result.

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5 Cheap & Indispensable Photography Gear Recommendations

5 cheap and indispensable photography gear recommendations

Over the years we have all accumulated a secret stash of photography gear and photography accessories we’ve sourced from a number of inexpensive internet suppliers.

However, finding legitimate suppliers online can be a bit of a gamble, so this week, I though that I would share 5 of my go to sources for photography gear that are inexpensive and super useful.

I hope you will share some of yours in the comments too!

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