Watch GoPro Capture This Fish Leaping Through the Air to Bite This Man’s Nipple


Nature is a wonderful thing – there are times it entrances us with its hypnotic beauty…and there are other times when it just makes us laugh a ball off.  Today, we’re exploring the latter.

Wyatt Green of Boater’s Outlet was chilling with the fishes (literally, no metaphor implied) at Lake Powell in Utah when things got a little frisky.  While filming some tiny fish swimming around him (why, exactly, we’re not sure), one of them leapt from the water and quickly got to second base with Wyatt, latching onto his nipple.  (Yes, Mr. Media Censorship, men have nipples, too.)

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Photography Karma – I’ll Trade You A Lens For A Kitten

I'll trade you a lens for a kitten on craigslist

Wedding photography can be a roller-coaster of ups and downs.

Here’s one way to tell if you’re having a good day:

Leave a brand new Nikon 20mm f/1.8 lens laying on the ground during the park photos.  Have it found by a random passerby who proceeds to jump into her car, drive in the general direction she thought the limo went, spot the bride’s dress while she’s having her photo taken in the garden of the banquet center, pull over and return the lens.

Yes, someone found a $1000 lens sitting on the ground – then tracked down the wedding party just to return it to the wedding photographer (me).

The whole experience left me feeling really awesome about the state of the world – and also feeling like I owe someone some serious karma.

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Photographer Crafts Epic ‘About’ Page With a Single, Hilarious Image


Some people have all the fun…something I’ve never really ever been accused of.  But, that’s not the case for photographer and Yale MFA graduate Victoria Hely-Hutchinson.  In what is probably one of the most epic About pages I have ever seen, Victoria wastes no time with the usual BS about awards and accolades and exhibits.  Who really cares anyhow, right?  The page contains a single image that is not only uproariously hilarious but describes so much about the artist at the same time.

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Prince Philip Yells At Photographer To ‘Just Take the F***ing Picture’


Any of us who have ever done portrait or wedding photography know what it’s like to work with a fussy client/model/subject who has a tendency to think they are royalty.  Granted, those cases are often few and far between, and it’s just par for the photography business course.  But, what happens when your subject is fussy AND royalty?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elisabeth II, was at a photo-op at the RAF Club in London to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  Apparently, the photographer wasn’t moving the procession along fast enough which is when the royal gentleman and veteran of the Royal Navy lost his royal temper.

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4-Year-Old Steals the Show with Her Own Kiss At Mother’s Wedding


Most often, photo-bombers are those annoying, inebriated  trolls lurking in the shadows at parties or on the street.  But, every now and then, they come in the form of an innocent and hilarious child.

Knoxville-based photographer Leah Bullard was shooting the wedding of clients Michelle and Anthony when she asked the bride and groom to kiss.  It was at the moment that Michelle’s four-year-old daughter, Anderson, decided to steal the show and, with arm wrapped around his neck, plant a kiss firmly on the ring bearer’s lips.

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The Thought Process of a Professional Photographer: Behind the Scenes to Photograph a Computer Display On A Desk

behind the scenes, professional photographer, how to, blog photos, blog photography

In our previous post where I reviewed the 34 Inch 21:9 UltraWide Display – LG 34UM95, I had to include a few photos of the display sitting on my desk.  I could have used an advertising photo, but for a hands on review, I wanted to show the monitor sitting on my actual desk.

As it turns out, the final shot was a teeny bit more involved than I was planning and I think that you might find the thought process along the way pretty interesting.

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Heartbreaking Video of a Girl Confessing to Deleting Her Uncle’s Picture

The content you’re about to see is a bit painful to watch just because of how emotionally heartbreaking it is, but I really hope it will help remind everyone out there of how important it is to back up your data.

Like any other person can before her, 4-year-old Candace caught herself in a situation where she didn’t pay enough attention to what she was doing with the pictures on a camera that her Uncle Dave loaned her. When she accidentally deleted one of his beloved photos, Candace was struck with guilt that I’m sure we can all imagine; she had to face her uncle and tell him that his pictures “went away forever.” And though it may be hard to hear that your memories were tampered with and gone in the matter of a second, Uncle Dave managed to capture his niece’s confession on camera and upload it here to show us what it feels like.

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A Small YouTube Tutorial on How to Clean Your Camera… of Any Life it Has Left

NSFL: Camera Death.

There’s a new trend on YouTube these days: making parody videos of all the horrendous tutorials we find so often there. They can be of someone holding a camera like it’s in the middle of a magnitude 7.6 earthquake; or what about the ones where the uploader goes off for about seven minutes on the premise of why he’s making the tutorial? And then there’s the videos that just… give plain bad advice in general. This video hilariously depicts exactly that by teaching you how to clean a Canon 5D – by submerging it into a tub of water and soap.

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