Splashes From The Pool

I like to let the pool gather some weight and take a nice slow journey once a month. It gives me a great relax time and a great opportunity to get to know DIYP readers.

The pool currently holds 8277 great photos, and 4546 members. Thanks for everyone who shares their photos, and everyone who’s still holding on the "send to group" button, the pool is a great place to view images, comment, mingle with other photographers, and get critique.

Here are January picks.

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The First Pool of 2009

This is the first fun at the pool of 2009 and I feel blessed with the great talent at the DIYP Flickr group. One of the things that makes me particularly happy is the great use you are doing with the flickr DIYP discussion group. A few great questions were asked about building a softbox, creating the shaped bokeh thing and more. Great answers are given by the readers, and it is a great opportunity to let everyone know about this resource.

This is also a great opportunity to mention Something Newer, our latest photography project. Submit an image with the friends theme to DIYP Flickr pool and tag it with somethingnew to get a chance to win a two-week rental of a camera/lens or both.

What Does This Smell Like? (paggre) Gift to the 1 you hate "happy new year" ([JA]   ??) Rhinoceros Beetle (nickwheeleroz) A Stroll in the Park (Brian Auer) up the tree ({tribal} photography) Body. Conscious. (ej (umop ap!sdn))
20081229-IMG_2846 (Ztarman) wideangle (FabioHofnik) Takde Keje (zainuri hamzah) night tree (plebism [Simon]) The Setup (Chris Farrugia) ? Apple light ? (Electronick)
Effeil Spirals* (fredodupoux) Shapes and Lines (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com) Testing out CFL Lights (Mark Wisniowski) Lights off, SPOT LIGHT ON! (pattn) 17/52 My feelings about Christmas (grilkip) These Walls Are Busy (Brian Auer)
Analia (Ruben Silva) Homo Sapiens (pattn) KaneFamily_SM-IMG_6415 (Peter Boden) Family Photos (paggre) Up Close (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com) Milk and Cookies (Jake O'Connell)
FREEZE! (pattn) Princess (Andriy Z) Cafe au lait (Bald Monk) surprise group I (alextremps) Mass of Plaid (neilcreek)  (Eric Gomes)
Ashleigh (nickwheeleroz) Chelsea Koenig (artandsteel_com) summertime (darmawan saputra,mawan) OliverDay1-032 (Trevor Connell)

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Thank You Pool

Thank you for interacting with other photographers

Thank you for commenting on each other’s notes and thoughts

Thank you for going out, being creative learning, teaching and sharing

Thank you for taking great images (and submitting to the pool – sideshow)

Thank you for reading DIYP

S. Lorenzo Church (Salvatore Falcone) Tramonto (e.celesti) chaos line (/\/\r_/\/\_/\/\ontg0mery) _DSC8749 (matstornberg) 14/52 The Clones. (grilkip) Yogpot Gels (leprechaun947)
Kick It (Brian Auer) [2008-11-27] vapour (RobertsonPhotography) - " I never think of the future. It comes soon enough " - (- Shiphattey -) peace with myself (Victor Bezrukov) Tip Toeing-2 (Marcus W) Happy Thanksgiving (Darren C.)
morning_0680 (rlketcham) Hero or Vilan (Ztarman) Dark side of the furry (bazs_eos) curves of a violin (mawa_73527) Nautilus in venetian light beams (StephenCotterellPhotography) Prince Adam (kangster)
[2008-11-24] coloured swirls (RobertsonPhotography) open (Will Nickelson | Clueless Photog) Drops of Lager... (Adam Raasalhague) Santa Fe I (alextremps) weather proofed 1 (Jake O'Connell) Day 31/365 - Julia Pin Up (herobyday)
Punctuality Was Tilted (Chris Farrugia) 13/52 Le Douche (grilkip) Contained within glass (Matthew Stones) Rubik's bokeh (.MJ.) Ashleigh - Winter Socks (herobyday) immense (Lady Twiglet)
Look closely (Matthew Stones) Wasn't Me.... (Dr|g) Green & Beautiful ([JA]   ??) Day 160/365 BBC children in need (Graham Warsap) The brush off (Bald Monk) Rope (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com)
Plain ice (Bald Monk) Julia - Santa Fe Springs (herobyday) THE NEW FISHERMAN'S FRIEND (pattn) Ashlynn (Jon Neftali) Jessica 4 (Dana Lane Photography)

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Pool Portraits – A Splash Of People

As I said in the previous pool post, I am dedicating this pool to portraits. I was happy to discover (not that I did not know already) the diversity and variety of portraiture in the pool.

Then again, with 3,294 Members members this is no big surprise. If you have not joined DIYP Flickr group already, you are welcomed to so now. It is a great place to chat, explore images and share knowledge.

I did a little change in the way I am selecting the pictures, so if you see a new featured-on-diyp tag on your image, don’t be alarmed. It means that your image will appear in DIYP pool post.

Richard at Work (Brian Auer) Original Available. Chris & Rebbecca's Engagement shoot (TomJanz.com) sg1 (phox3x50x) JumpShot 4 (Adam Melancon) Original Available. Plastique (Chris Farrugia) Looking into the well (Salvatore Falcone)
Music sitting on the Stairs of Reason (Salvatore Falcone) Filipe (// antóniochagas) Original Available. _MG_9447-Edit (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com) a2 copy (phox3x50x) Thoughtful (Salvatore Falcone) _MG_9797-Edit (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com)
 (mubidu) Friends (beldyga.com) Recursividad (ovejanegra) Original Available. In pigtails (Salvatore Falcone) Drae Chair 1 (SSB Photo) Wrong Number (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com)
firstdance1 (v_tofu) Garter grab (v_tofu) libby 2 (mitch.vid) Sexy! (Yon Pol Fotografía (PRO no more)) Project I, Submission 1 (Rishi S) Original Available. little model on trampoline (gorrr) Original Available.
Lindsay (Digital Kloc Photography) SP (4/52) (grilkip) Today I'm fine.... (idathue) Original Available. gina (chris challoner) Original Available. Trumpet Man (justin_elbert) Original Available. Master Photographer with his Leica (justin_elbert) Original Available.
Flowers are cool! (justin_elbert) Original Available. Petaling St. (Julian Chin) Jill_Shoot1_040908_43 (justin_elbert) Original Available. Holga Karate Girl (rahuldlucca) Original Available.

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Having Fun @ The Pool #5

It is time for another great collection of DIYP reader’s images.

I could not resist watching the images submitted to DIYP Flickr pool, no matter how late it became and mark a few favs.

The range of images, as always, is a great variety ranging from portraiture to still life to abstract. 

I am going to try something new and make the next pool-fun all about portraiture. 

Do submit studio portraits, opportunity portraits, kids portraits, on location portraits, off location portraits, self portraits, black and white portraits, friends portraits, OK, I think you get the point.

Acute Viral Nasopharyngitis (Week Eight of Fifty-Two) by Auzigog On The Playground by paggre Razor by Bald Monk jason-safari-28 by spudcheyne  by Ryan Holloway Photography The Great Eggscape by Bald Monk
Taking the Trash Out by Brian Auer Our court R.I.P by beldyga.com Chuckle Brother by JonathanRobsonPhotography.com confusing...or somewhat confusing by anvancy Chris & Jessica Engagement - Falling by Auzigog Bike trick by Salvatore Falcone
Night Sky Over Country House by neilcreek DSC_0148 by chris challoner _MG_6184 by JonathanRobsonPhotography.com x by Victor Bezrukov Marcus Fenix by Will Nickelson | Clueless Photog Bluebottle by Bald Monk
Chair dance by grilkip yellow by Salzer studios Pencil Party by Scott Coulter Sea of green by Bald Monk Coffee Legends by rivm Worlds within Worlds by Bald Monk
Belladona presenta "Show" by Yon Pol Fotografía Like An Old Pair Of Shoes by Latente ?? Ho accidentalmente Port-125 by Victor Bezrukov Pure Fire by Touzeen Hussain 092708000678 copy by taylorjonesphoto Dude, why won't you look at me? by Will Nickelson | Clueless Photog
Guitar by TrixSigio Alternate Realities by Julian Chin DSCF7632 by anvancy Olympus 35 RC by Brett Dickson NorthWestern by Adam Melancon AppleJacks Acoustic Set #3 by Salvatore Falcone

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Having Fun @ The Pool #4

The last week was very interesting week on my professional career, I was attending a software conference in Toronto called The Agile Conference 2008. The conference was all about making software better. (Any Agile practitioners here? Give me a shout).

I find that there are plenty of similarities between Agile software development and striving for photography perfection and style, and I intend to share this in an upcoming post. (Don’t worry, this will not be a geeky-techie post).

While being away from home I had the pleasure of watching the DIYP Flickr group grow. We are now 2751 enthusiastic photographers, and sharing 2653 picture. Great work. While it feels great to be part of such a striving community, I noticed that the number of photographer is smaller then the number of pictures. That means that some of us are missing on the great opportunity to share our pictures and get ideas, critique and standing ovations from group member.

Here is my suggestion, if you did not submit at least on picture to the group, submit one picture now, and pick one of the other images on the group and make a comment. This is turn will encourage other to comment on your images.

Thanks for making my day great! Below are some of my favorites from the last month.

Take me with you! by Hugo de Stockholm cupcake_aftermath.jpg by hodgespics Isle Of Avalon promo by kryss martin Stormy weeds by Dr|g Christine by Jon Neftali spencer_portrait2.jpg by hodgespics
KCS Train by 710 Photography IMG_1704 by ZtarMan aka ZMan Vasutas lettem by akosphoto  by kaankiran Play "Misty" for me! by Anthony HB2007  by kaankiran
what's at the end of this rainbow? by hlkljgk Tres Chic by viktor.dite Angela and Sadie by Artheon Mermaid Watching by Brian Auer Yellow Gerbera by nickwheeleroz
Small World by ksten singing-lessons-copy by rockhoppermedia Curves by skedonk CRW_4259 by evolved photography Pinhole Seesaw  by Darren C. Alexa-1 by MATTaddington
Signing Documents by TrixSigio Might as well jump.... 2bw by Adam Melancon Sunrest by Hugo de Stockholm 9pm Spectacular on Sydney Harbour by sachman75 Vanished by oz_ranger Floating Gin by Bald Monk
Give a man a thought... by getbusylivn Cover Shot by Auzigog painting smoke II by morrmota Save Christian in Egypt by Brian Auer Half Full by Chica-X Firestarter by 710 Photography
Kenzie by Jon Neftali Day 13 - Inspiration by Kwame John classic_Spencer.jpg by hodgespics Soraya by Abdallah ? "Dicen que los galanes existen en las películas nomás" by Yon Pol (Digital Canon XT en Venta) reader by rsplatpc
Ice Lollies are not just for Kids! by Bald Monk Lemon Lime by Matthew Stones the wind by Lady Twiglet You Don't Bring Me Flowers.....Anymore by DownTown Pictures Devil's Den by getbusylivn The Halls Are Empty Now..... by DownTown Pictures
The Self Preservation Society by nickwheeleroz Girlfreind having a Cigarette by PaulGT Shot from the cab by Dr|g windywalk by neilcreek

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Having Fun @ The Pool #3

It has been quite a long time since the last post of fun at the pool, but now with summer kicking in big time, it is time to take a nice refreshing Ice Tea Beer and hang out in the pool.

In the last few weeks it was a great joy for me to see how the DIYP group is evolving into a group that shares more then pictures that show how to build stuff. Of course, pictures of how to build stuff are always welcomed, but posting images of fine art, extreme lighting, portraiture, and more are a great way to leverage the group to a place where photographers can talk, share and interact together (and of course, the discussion panel is always open). I also had great fun watching the at my home contest submissions accumulate into the pool, as great images and lots of fun. Again, thanks for everyone who participated.

Lastly, if anyone knows of a way to create the mosaic below by using a tag, I’ll appreciate it if you share this data in the comments. I’ll greatly improve the time it takes me to round the pictures into a post.

Bonus in the shower by iacob Nothing Like The Morning Cup Of Coffee by DownTown Pictures smoke fire by morrmota Gota de agua by bajolagua.es Yummy! by AlexCampagna In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves. by sharaff
Flower by Dean Pemberton P1110440 by generalsahab Circled round by Epa by NAPIE CURIOSITY by Adam Melancon Mean Machine by nickwheeleroz Big White Boxes by auer1816
The Vortex by DownTown Pictures There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice by sharaff  by Bz*Em Bannister by unevieboheme 002009060908 copy by taylorjonesphoto Emerge Into Life by Jon Neftali
ryan, tom and max by kryss martin Sunbath by beldyga.com slow suicide by Latente | Fa una cazzo di caldo LIFE by mahooya  by wyzard Anna by akosphoto
Warp Speed by auer1816 For Mothers Day by DownTown Pictures  by rsplatpc I Am Legend by DownTown Pictures Neon Egg by Mr_M_Montgomery Step Into My Life by DownTown Pictures
Pay Me! by rsplatpc DSC_2063 by Charles Key Floating on Air by Darren C. Chrome Spokes by auer1816 Pinhole Pier by Darren C. Macrophotography Setup by Opo Terser
Silhouette by akosphoto No Yellow Submarines In Sight... by DownTown Pictures  by rsplatpc Green? by Charles Key The Watcher 0015 by keyholeprod Silky smooth by Matthew Stones
Daisy Chain by Only This Midori Shocker by Bald Monk IMG_4429 by kcgarrison_1999 If I Had Wings, I'd Never Walk... by DownTown Pictures Stag Beetle by Squirrel_bark Tender by mahooya
Hockey Head by nickwheeleroz Break Free by nickwheeleroz The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. by sharaff Katie by George L Smyth Chelsea by Jon Neftali Hold On by **CRT**
The Blowout Kit by rsplatpc Splash in a whisky glass by robgr85_PL the fairy collector by Lady Twiglet Red Porsche - 200_5120 by unclerichy Daylie by Ninja Medic Elspeth Ring Flash Portrait by nickwheeleroz
48Straight 83 by serczh1 A Yellow Rose by Fomo  by HampusBovbjerg Somer by Ninja Medic A Mother's comfort by Dr|g Poor Man Strip Light by funadium
Words, don't come easy by sharaff

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Having Fun @ The Pool #2 – What a Splash

It has been about 20 days from when I asked DIYP readers to jump in the group pool. Well, you made quite a splash. In less then 20 days the pool has grown to more then 2000 members. Actually we are at an interesting point where the pool is three members short from matching the number of members to the current year. (Making it as the 2008th member on 2008 is known to grant three wishes to the user).

Slowly but surly the pool is becoming a rejuvenating dip. While great DIYP projects are still being submitted to the pool, I see and interesting (and blessed) change where photographers (Pros and amateurs alike) are also submitting great pictures (1,110 and counting). There are still one or two favs here from my contacts, who did not submit their photos to the pool. If anybody knows how to search for favorites within a pool, please ping me at the comments.

Building Society by rsplatpc We are choosing hope over fear. by sharaff Bright Eyes by LeggNet Desert Junkyard by zebthepilot Shine by www.intofotos.com 2 lillies by Rob1690
Smiles and Rubiks by walkersharpe greetings, human by a.m.n Ethereal by like_shipwrecks hand by FotoKong Prambanan by r_o_n_n_i Spectacular strawberry splash by robgr85_PL
read lines by rsplatpc Fly portrait by robgr85_PL smurf by FotoKong smena macro by second_color tracks by rsplatpc lighting experiment by tim rudder
Stop and Smell the Flowers by auer1816 Im flying... by NAPIE -13 by mmhappypants Hidden Emotions by heckcare_der Man on Subway by rsplatpc D Street by auer1816
Veering Left by Darren C. DSCF8180 copy by Charles Key May You Find Some Comfort by Only This What's Your Poison by nickwheeleroz 080420-Boxing-513 by c71clark gloriosa macro by gnackgnackgnack
Scanner Photography 19 by pyuri Spoons 2  by Bald Monk Vini #2 by kos_mos No Smoking by Justin Elbert by justin_elbert You Big Wet Drip by nickwheeleroz After the storm by Gilad Benari

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Having Fun @ The Pool #1

The DIYP Flickr group is a great place to get inspired, both for projects and image Ideas.

The images submitted are a feast to the eye and the DIY projects shown are the source for the reader’s projects column (this column is all DIYP readers, so thank you).

If you have a Flickr account, join the group and start splashin’ around sharing your pictures. We have 1,738 Members so far, and the numbers are growing.

If you are already in the group, wouldn’t it be great to get some inputs from the DIYP community? By sending your pictures to the pool, you share it with everyone. (And if you don’t have a Flickr account, you can get one here.

Below, I’ve tagged some of my pool favorites. (Well, 99% from the pool. There are just a few favs from other contacts).

Water on Petals by hilmy2007 praying for rain by Doc Tony Yet another DIY beauty dish by funadium 25/365 : Five Little Monkeys by {Kimberly.W} En Peligro de Extincion by German Ribota Staple by Lumberg
Don't forget the simple joys... by Just Fab Wanda in white by NAPIE Yum?... Who?... Me? by TIO... DYI RingFlash / Feito em Casa (more photos on comments) by Chaval Brasil 001441041508 by taylorjonesphoto Wanda by NAPIE
Desert Rose by nickwheeleroz / ¨ by Yon Pol Adeq by NAPIE More tea, sir? by Steve Kay Geisha Ninja Zombie Killer by nickwheeleroz Fuchsia by Cherryrig
Wanda by NAPIE Monochrome Dream by cgcrago Bundled Fiber Flash by roosma dot net Saying Goodbye to Sweden - Diciendo Adios a Suecia by [DaviD] Basket by beldyga.com anybody home? by dedalus11
Ghosties by minolog Ikea Koja tent as Light Bank by Latente | Ora e Sempre RESISTENZA! Water Drops  by Matthew Stones 24/365 : A glimpse into the outside by {Kimberly.W} Tsunami by Matthew Stones Decay by nickwheeleroz
Clifton Suspension Bridge by kodiang star spangled by Mr_M_Montgomery Chaos by nickwheeleroz Lady by German Ribota Expodisc Alternative : Coffee Filter 2 by - Jason W Bender's vendetta! by FabioHofnik

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