Seamless Follow Focus Ring From Cinegear Provides Uninhibited 360-Degree Rotation

One hassle with dSLR video is having to attach follow focus rings to your lenses, often with a clunky bracket or closure to hold them in place.  From my experience, these brackets frequently get in the way or have to be adjusted around the lens as your change focusing distance significantly.  Now, perhaps inconvenience is your thing, but, personally, I find it annoying.

Cinegears, the Canadian purveyors of remote lens control systems, created a seamless focus ring that can be sized to fit your lens, without all the clunkiness we previously discussed.

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Andra Is a Follow Focus Gamechanger – Claims To Have Solved The Creative Auto Focus Challenge

Video and autofocus don’s usually go hand in hand. After all, focus is a creative decision and the camera, sophisticated as it may be, can’t know where you want to focus in a scene.


What you usually do is pre-mark focus points and change between them using a programmable follow focus or a focus puller (think a person dedicated for shifting focus).

Andra seemed to have solved both issues in an ingenious way. It provides state-of-the-art iPad controlled follow focus, which is nice, but not new. What’s new is the way they pull autofocus and focus shifting. Rather than pre-focus key elements of the shot and mark them, the Andra system allows using a small sensor to continuously monitor a an object in space.  [Read more…]