Things You Can Do With A Piece Of Illustration Board

I was a reading an article last week about clever ways to mount a foam board in a studio when I thought about sharing one cheap and simple piece of gear that is regularly a part of my shooting routine, especially with product photography – an illustration board.


Normally I can get a 4×2 feet illustration board at about $2-$4 here in the Philippines, it comes in a black and has a white side which is perfect.

Actually, illustration boards are rated second most used items after Granite tiles. What makes them great (aside for the price) is that they are very cheap, disposable, and have many many uses. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with  illustration boards. [Read more…]

A Clever Way To Hold A DIY Foam Board Reflector/Flag

One of my favorite lighting accessoris that I use on almost everyone shoot, is simple piece of white foam board. You can get them at an art supply store or even the dollar store sometimes.. So a 30 x 40 inch white board can cost between a $1 and $5 depending on where you shop. Not a bad deal for all you can do with it. Whenever I can bounce light vs. setting up a fill light, I’ll always use that option.. it adds nice fill light without being “sourcey”

A Clever Way To Hold A DIY Foam Board Reflector/Flag [Read more…]

A Simple Fold Away Light Box

DIY light boxOne of my favorite home studio instruments is the light box. I like it for several reasons. First, I like it for the light quality that it produces. It produces light that is soft and even very much like a light tent. Only instead of lighting it from the outside, you push light from the inside.

The “walls” of the light box reflect the light source, and making it bigger, however the light quality is a bit harsher than the light tent, especially if you are using a semi reflective material such as foamboard. Light boxes are also commonly used with worklights, which are a personal fav of mine due to their low cost. [Read more…]