More Specs on Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm VR Upgrades and a Pimped DX Standard Zoom Lens

Nikon_UpgradesFollowing up on our previous post with initial information about the expected upgrade of Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm f/4 VR lenses, another source reveals more information on these rumored lenses.

Making sure there’s something for those on tighter budgets as well, there are also specs for a 16-80mm f/2.8-4 DX lens. It is said to be replacing the 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6, but with all its fancy new features I doubt the price will be anywhere near its predecessor.

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Nikon Rumored to Announce New 500mm and 600mm f/4 VR Lenses with a Fluorite Element

Nikon 500mm. The fluorite element will make it smaller.

Nikon 500mm. The fluorite element will make it smaller.

Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm f/4G ED VR lenses are rumored to be updated in the near future, with a fluorite element being added to each.

The aging lenses were announced in 2007 and will be smaller and lighter, though more expensive, thanks to the new technology.

The flagship D5 should also be announced before the Rio Olympics in 2016.

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Nikon’s New Fluorine Coated Lenses Make You Want To Kiss Them Wearing Lipstick

Nikon definitely knew what they were doing when they released this video on their Japanese channel. The video shows what happens to lenses when they are met with the elements. And by elements I mean oil, color, markers, mud, ink, permanent markers and just about any other fluid on earth.

The fluorine coating acts as repellant and just like Teflon nothing sticks to it. Some of the secret lies in the way the Fluorine coating interacts with liquids. While regular surfaces let fluids ‘rest’ on them, the Fluorine repels them and makes as little contact with the fluid as possible. Here is now Nikon explains it on their site: [Read more…]