Zeiss Uploaded More Photos Said To Be Taken With the Sony A7R II; Are The Companies Working Together?


Zeiss made unexpected headlines a couple of weeks ago when it seemed to have revealed the upcoming Sony A7r II with a 56+ MP sensor.

The company uploaded more sample photos of their new Batis lens yesterday and while the EXIF data was completely removed, the photo captions stated they were taken with the Sony A7r II.

The camera model was edited once readers excitedly pointed out that Zeiss was in possession of the yet-to-be-announced camera.

Is Zeiss working with Sony to promote their new products?

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Zeiss May Have Revealed the Upcoming Sony A7r Mark II and a 56+ Megapixel Sensor


Earlier today Carl Zeiss Lenses uploaded a few sample photos of the new Batis 85mm f/1.8 lens to its Flickr account, but what’s really interesting are not the images but rather the size of one of them.

While there’s nothing unusual with the rest of the album, one photo sticks out. The photo’s caption states it was taken with the new lens and a Sony α7R, but while that camera features a 36.4MP sensor (7392 x 4920), the sample photo’s original size is 8910 x 6300 – which equals to 56.1MP

Could this photo have been taken with the still-rumored Sony A7r II?

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Flickr Issues Apology, Removes Creative Commons Photos From Marketplace; But Is It Too Little Too Late?

"Photographing the Photographer" Photo by: Thibault Martin-Lagardette

“Photographing the Photographer” Photo by: Thibault Martin-Lagardette

In an announcement made today on Flickr, their Vice President Bernardo Hernandez, has issued an official apology letter to it’s users after launching their Wall Art Marketplace program which allowed other Flickr users to purchase prints of photos in the Creative Commons photo pool, with all proceeds going to Flickr. Though Flickr was not actually doing anything illegal, many photographers were caught off guard by the move and most found it to be morally appalling. Hernandez’s letter starts out: [Read more…]

The Camera That Holds The Title Of Most Used On Flickr Might Surprise You


The Canon Rebel T3i is the first dedicated camera to show up on the list. (Photo: Canon T3i by Andy Malmin)

In fact, the cameras that hold the title of not only the most used, but also the second, third, and fourth most used cameras on the popular photo sharing website might grab your attention. Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer, did some researching on the matter recently and discovered that the usual suspects from Canon or Nikon don’t even make the list until the 5th place slot. Do you know which camera model holds all the glory? If you guessed Apple, pat yourself on the back. The iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4 round out the top four, respectively, while Canon finally makes it on to the board with their Rebel T3i claiming fifth. [Read more…]

Flickr Surprises Everyone, Announces New Licensing Opportunities

As the stock photography market continues to expand at dizzying speeds, photo hosting conglomerate, Flickr, made an unexpected announcement this morning saying that they will be rolling out new opportunities for it’s users to jump onto the stock photography bandwagon.

flickr0lic-01While the website already has some image licensing options already in place through Getty Images, it appears as though Flickr is expanding this feature in hopes to be able to compete with growing websites like 500px, ImageBrief, and a whole host of microstock sites.

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