Photographer Captures Rare Moment As Lightning Strikes An Exploding Firework


We Americans are always looking for any excuse to blow things up, whether figuratively or literally.  Once a year, though, we have a legitimate excuse to get explosive, and every Fourth of July the skies light up with “the rockets’ red glare.”

Mitch Axness, a system support specialist at North Dakota State University, describes photography as a “serious hobby.”  While photographing the fireworks display at Devils Lake, ND, Mitch captured a once-in-a-lifetime image as a bolt of lightning reached out to meet an exploding rocket.

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FireShapes Converts Fireworks into Shapes

July 4th came and went and as usual we found ourselves drowning in fireworks videos and photos.  Alexander Wolfe took another approach, converting fireworks into shapes using masked aperture.

The idea is that a remote highlight will assume whatever shape you punch on the front of a lens. Alexander used the Bokeh Masters Kit to achieve the effect, making fireworks appear as hearts, stars and baseball players, but you can easily create this effect at home without spending any money using some cardboard and a sharp knife.

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Cross-Sectioned Fireworks Shows That They Are Simpler Than You’ve Thought


Earlier this month was United States Independence day which means lots and lots of fireworks. For the rest of us who are fireworks-challenged, photographer Andrew Waits provides some insights on how those flowers of fire are built.

Seattle-based Andrew created Boom City – a photo series of cross-sectioned fireworks showing their interiors against a black background.

For me it was a surprise that most of those crackers were actually quite simple – a fuse, a charge and some powder.

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Our Best Tips for Photographing Fireworks


With the Fourth of July right around the corner here in the United States, along with other summer celebrations around the world, photographers everywhere will be photographing fireworks over the next couple of months. Many will try, but how many will succeed? Fireworks photos, in my experience, are usually an all-or-nothing proposition. You either get the shot or you don’t. The good news is that there are steps you can take and tips you can follow that will vastly increase your chances of success. This is not a ranking. Missing any one of these elements can mean the difference between a crisp, dramatic photo and an over/under-exposed frame of out-of-focus smoke. Instead, I chose to list our tips for photographing fireworks in the order you’ll need them.

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