Freebies: Get 866MB Hi-Res Images Of Fire And Sparkles For Hot Editing


Sometimes, when sorting out old crap on your hard drives, you can find a little treasure. You might remember that fireproof housing for my D800. We tested a lot on this day and some of the shots were really cool.

I’ve converted all the files to JPG without cropping them. So these files are quite high resolution and the package is over 800MB to download.

It’s all stuff from little fire, larger fire and sparkles up to “inferno”.

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Please, Trash The Dress Responsibly

I saw this photo on Tal Zigdon‘s facebook page and at first I was wondering if it was an April 1st photo. The first thing I was looking for when seeing this shot was the fire squad and a bunch of support crew. Titled trash the dress, the context seemed obvious, but I wanted to know more.


Not really understanding what I was seeing, I contacted Tal and asked him about the photo. Tal told me that he has worked on the concept for months and had many, many tests before bringing a live person to the shoot. On the shoot day there were 2 pre-tested fire extinguishers and two ready-to-jump assistants (Daniel & Shiran  Zigdon), and the location was near the sea and there was lots of sand.

Of course not every couple will be willing to assume the risk, and there were a lot of ‘dry rehearsals’ done before the first match was lit.

Still, from my point of view, the bride being an untrained stunt lady, there is so much that could have gone wrong, and even for the epic shot that this stunt produced, I still think it is not worth risking your skin or your life. As the bride / groom / photographer, how would you tackle the situation?

Benjamin Von Wong Goes Against Cheapo P&S. Makes It Shoot Beautiful Fire Bursts

When we feature Photographer Benjamin Von Wong it is usually when he aces a photoshoot. And usually he uses all sorts of fancy gear to take the shot. From underwater lights to super slo-mo cameras. But when Ben met Kai from DigitalRev he was thrown into the cold water and given an epicly cheap Point & Shoot to create an Epic fire lit portrait.

There were quite a few challenges that Ben went through and conquered and I thought it was worth doing a minute by minute break down of the video with regards to those challenges. [Read more…]

Self Challenge: Shooting The 4 Elements In A Single Exposure

photographing the four elements

While I was doing my 365 Day Project, I did a photo of the four elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. I shot this photo around three years ago, I was quite new to photography and was still learning a lot of new things (which I still do now)… Shooting the 4 elements seemed like quite a challenge, because it involves different exposures and the different timing for each element. When I first shot this, three years ago, I had no choice but to shoot each element separately and compose them in photoshop. [Read more…]

A 50 Assistants Crazy Pyrotechnics Shoot

A while back at November I attended Salon De La Photo in Paris which was quite cool. Very different atmosphere from the big shows in Europe and Vegas.

Luckily, I was able to attend a mass shoot done by Benjamin von Wong. It was a fashion/fire kinda shoot where it was not really clear what’s going on while the shoot went on and today I finally got to see the final pictures.

A 50 Assistants Crazy Pyrotechnics Shoot

Ben is modest in his video and does not reveal all the details from that shoot. So This post is kinda a viewer report on what was going on at that time, and what I think as a participant that made this shoot a pretty happy and interesting experience for me. Any omissions, inaccuracies or right out lies are 100% my fault. [Read more…]

Creating Multiple Exposures Of Man Spitting Fire

Hey guys,

This is Benjamin “Von Wong” and I am a Montreal Based Photographer. Recently I just did a tour across Europe and one of the shots that I did that got selected as Editor’s Choice on 500px featured something quite new that I haven’t quite seen around and that’s blending Fire and Multiple Exposures. I’ve outlined the general storyline of how the whole shoot and project came about for those of you interested on my blog but figured I’d give you DIY’ers a little more technical breakdown for those of you who want to attempt to create your own Multiple Exposure shot! Before going into any explanations, be sure to see this video of how the entire photoshoot came together:

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Setting A Model On Fire. Twice.

Setting A Model On Fire. Twice.

Benjamin Von Wong is no stranger to this blog. In his latest installment Ben shares how he lit his model on fire.

For me it was very interesting to watch this BTS as it is a second run of shoot that did not go well for Ben, which at least for me, sends out a clear message about pushing yourself and not giving up. It was also interesting to see that Ben did not fled the windy conditions that interfered with his first shoot but embraced that in the second one.

Watch both this man on fire BTS and the previous one after the jump. (New one first, older second). [Read more…]

Readers Projects – Got a Light?

diy_project_03.jpgThis is the second part of the Readers Projects series, my way to show my love and appreciation to DIYP readers.

In this series, I’ll be posting some of the great projects DIYP readers brought to life. I learned about those projects either from DIYP flickr group (thanks you all for sharing) or from DIYP readers mails. The first project was the Christmas Tree Ring Light, a cold and snowy project. This project is all about fire – to even the temperature. If you’ve ever watched the legendary mission impossible show, you’ll remember that unforgettable starting frame where a match is being lit from nowhere and this match starts a fuse and eventfully… “This message was self destructed after ten seconds“.

Photographer Nick Wheeler recreates the magic of MI in his “How to Light a Match” setup. (Yap, it is the same Nick who invented the Floor Lit Table Top Studio Project.

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