Photograph Sells For $6.5 Million, Sets New World Record; Has Some Asking How Much Are Photos Actually Worth?

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Is a photo worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it?

There are a lot of brilliant photographers who haven’t been discovered or who otherwise struggle to sell a single image for what usually turns out to be less than a living wage. It isn’t that the photos are not good or usable, the market is just over saturated and it takes more (a lot more) than just taking a good photo to make a living doing it. There’s also the issue of the “weekend warriors” who are willing to drastically undercut the competition hoping they get a little publicity out of it. And that’s not to say they shouldn’t be getting their own, too, or even that their photos are not up to par, because a lot of times they are. It just makes it really discouraging for the folks who are out there trying to make a living at this and do not have a day job to fall back on.

And then a headline like this one appears in the news feed and for a fleeting moment we feel as though there’s hope. Maybe there is a market for fine art photography after all. And not just the average, hope-you-break-even kind of market that we’re accustomed to, but the kind of paradise where buyers are dishing out $6,500,000 for a single photograph. Could it really be true? Does that kind of utopia actually exist? Turns out, if you’re Pete Lik, utopia is reality. [Read more…]

A Homeless Man Uses Photography To Turn His Life Around

Let’s face it, nearly everyone has access to a camera of some sort. While that sort of access can be seen as a good thing, it also has it’s downfalls. With everyone and taking photographs of everything they see, it seems nearly impossible to get noticed as a street photographer nowadays. Even if your work is really good. So when I come across an upcoming–and entirely self-taught- photographer with the natural talent Norman Eric Fox has, I feel like I owe it to myself (and to the photographer) to stop and really pay attention to the work in front of me. And what’s more, Fox, a Vancouver based street photographer, has an especially heartwarming story to tell.

Photo courtesy of Norman Fox.

Photo courtesy of Norman Fox.

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Unique Photography Project Takes ‘Self Portrait’ To All New Levels

In a world that is so obsessed with selfies,  it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but the unusual technique adopted by American photographer, Brigette Bloom, may just steal the show. Bloom, an advocate for film photography, soaks rolls of film in her own urine before exposing it. Yes, you read that correctly, she pees on unprocessed film.


Bloom uses a variety of techniques to process her film including steeping it in her own urine.

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