eMotimo TB3 Review for Time Lapse Photography

I have a big and complicated time lapse film project on the horizon, and one of the new pieces of gear I recently picked up was an eMotimo TB3 Black robotic panoramic head.

I have created my fair share of time lapse films in the past. However, for this project I really wanted to step up my game by adding some killer dynamic time lapse sequences.

That is where the eMotimo TB3 comes in. The eMotimo TB3 is basically a robotic panoramic head that allows a time lapse film maker / photographer to make pan and tilt moves (two axis) while filming a time lapse photography sequence.

eMotimo TB3 Review - Setup

(The eMotimo TB3 head can also be added to a robotic dolly to produce pan, tilt and push / pull moves – three axis control.)

The resulting time lapse video sequences can be pretty mind boggling – and that sense of dynamic motion is exactly what I wanted to add to my work.

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