PocketSkater2 – The 1lb Camera Dolly That Fits In Your Pocket

I am a naturally skeptical person.  So, it was only natural that, when I first saw the PocketSkater2, I was a wee bit skeptical.  There are numerous mini dolly hacks with subpar performance out there, so I wasn’t expecting much from a device claiming to be small enough to “fit in your pocket.”  But, I was surprised.

Edelkrone, the same guys who brought us the Wing railless slider concept last year, have done, in my most humble estimation, a great job on this project.

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The Wing Is A Clever No-Rails Slider


Just when you thought that Slider+ was as awesome as it can get with regards to sliders, comes the Wing.

The wind is a slider, that does not actually look like a slider, it looks more like an articulated robotic arm. The smooth sliding motion is not achieved via moving on rails like traditional slider, but rather via a set of gears that keep the “palm” of the robot leveled while the joint moves up and down. [Read more…]