Will the Canon 1D X Mark II Offer the Best DSLR Sensor Ever Made?

1D X Mark II Sensor

For a while now Canon users quietly disappear whenever dynamic range comparisons or sensor ratings come up.

The Canon sensors’ dynamic range is one of the main reasons why its flagship camera, and overall highest ranking sensor, is located in the not-so-impressive 35th place on DxoMark’s list. In fact, it shares that spot with Nikon’s $500 amateur D3300 camera.

All this could soon be dramatically changing if the recent rumors regarding the 1D X Mark II are correct, and Canon might actually dethrone the D810.

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How High ISO Has Revolutionized Photography – And Why Dynamic Range is Next

how high iso has revolutionized photography and why dynamic range is next

I was recently editing a set of photos for submission to my stock agency, when I realized how much my approach to photography has changed in just the last few years.

I think that this particular series of photos really illustrates how the ability to use high ISO has revolutionized photography in just the last couple of years, and why I think improvements to dynamic range should be the next revolution in photography.

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Magic Lantern Boosts Dynamic Range For Canon Cameras. As Easy As Flipping A Button

Magic Lantern are a werid creature to digest. On one hand they are not part of te official Canon team. On the other, they realese incredible features for Canon touching an all aspects of the camera, from RAW video to (the dynamic range enhancing) dual ISO.

Magic Lantern Boosts Dynamic Range For Canon Cameras. As Easy As Flipping A Button

Their latest announcement revels a great feature call ML ISO, as opposed to “Canon ISO”. (The develpment name is a boring four letters acronym: ADTG)

The method involves quite a bit of tech, which I dont full understand, but it involves changing the way the sensor is being amplified. Tests done by Canon Rumors member Marsu42 show improvment of 1/3 to 1/2 a stop of dynamic range depending on the used ISO. [Read more…]