GoPro Drone Finally Announced; Coming in 2016

GoDroneRumors have been talking about a GoPro drone for quite a while, and yesterday the company’s CEO Nick Woodman finally announced it is actually going to happen.

“Do you guys all want GoPro to make a quadcopter?” Woodman asked the audience at the Code Conference, replying “OK, GoPro is making a quadcopter. It’s official!”.

The device is expected to be launched in the first half of 2016, and is guaranteed to have have an impact on rivals’ sales.

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Mystery Drone Drops Money on Michigan Crowd

Source: Mlive

Source: Mlive

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’.

Try telling that to the kids who were shaking bills out of trees yesterday after a mysterious drone operator dropped one Dollar bills on a crowd attending an event at Great Rapid’s Rosa Parks Circle.

According to reports the drone dropped between $50-100 in total, all in one Dollar bills, but people were running to collect the cash as if it was, well… raining money.

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Videographer pleads guilty to “Unauthorized Photography,” world does not implode

Last week, Photography Is Not A Crime published an article about a Shreveport, Louisiana videographer who was detained by authorities for flying a drone over a local VA hospital while on assignment for a local newspaper. This brought screams of “tyrants” and “carry a gun” from Internet commenters, as most logical people in today’s screwed-up world can imagine. Mickey Osterreicher, renowned media lawyer and general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, even weighed in on the subject, his comments being published in PINAC’s original article.

However, after all the fanfare had died down and the Internet trolls put away their pitchforks and migrated back to Reddit, little was heard about the case which “went to trial” last Friday. In fact, when I spoke to Jay over the phone, apparently I was the first person to give a rat’s tookus as to the outcome of his plight and the first to see how our brother-in-arms was doing.

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Aerial Photography Without A Drone – Hands On Review of the Seaport Digital MegaMast

aerial photography without a drone hands on review of the seaport digital megamast

The single biggest challenge I face as a photographer is finding ways to create images that are noticeably different than everyone else’s.

The vast majority of photographs that have ever been taken (or ever will be) are captured from about 5 feet above the ground – eye height for the average human.

One different perspective that I find particularly interesting is overhead and aerial photography.

There are several (very complicated and expensive) ways to get a camera overhead, but I recently had the opportunity to review a product that makes taking overhead and aerial style photos very easy – and the results are spectacular.

Hit the link to continue reading my hands on review of the Seaport Digital MegaMast. (If you do decide to get one, use code mega10 on checkout to get 10% off during the following week)

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Secret Service Detained a Man for Trying to Fly a Drone over the White House Fence


Source: U.S. Secret Service

A man was detained an hour ago by uniformed personnel of the Secret Service, who marched him into a police car, and Lafayette Park on the north side of the presidential building was completely locked down.

The aerial device did not make it over the fence.

President Barack Obama is currently at Camp David, so he was not in the White House when the event took place.

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Racing Boat Saves TV Drone at the Very Last Second


The DJI Phantom has a failsafe mode that will automatically land the drone if the remote controller’s battery runs out of juice. This is a smart feature, but not very helpful when flying over water.

In such a situation your options are to watch your drone go belly up or make a run for it, or in Tom Leogrande’s case, race a quarter mile for it.

Watch as the drone, capturing footage for a fishing TV show, gets saved and avoids becoming fish bait.

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Hacked DJI Phantom Marks The Age Of Drone Vandalism


We have reported drones causing damage inadvertently by crashing into buildings or losing contact with operator, but this is the first time we are reporting a DJI phantom being used to a deliberate act of vandalism.

On Wednesday morning last week, the first large-scale drone-driven graffiti was done in one of NYC’s biggest and most prominent billboards. The billboard, featuring a huge ad of Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein was tagged using a hacked DJI Phantom.

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Photographer Tased and Arrested After Flying a Drone in Hawaiian National Park


Travis Sanders visited the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on Saturday night with his wife and daughter in order to see the rising lava lake at Halema’uma’u Crater, but never imagined that he’d turn into the main attraction.

At some point Sanders decided to use a drone to capture the spectacle and the crowds, later claiming he was unaware his actions were against the law, but things turned ugly when a park ranger approached and demanded that he brings it down.

Accounts of what happened after the ranger asked to see Sanders’ ID greatly differ. The photographer stated he was simply trying to avoid a confrontational ranger, while park officials said the “very unruly” suspect fled the scene and was stopped in order to protect the hundreds of people at the scene and prevent him from falling down the edge of the 500-foot deep caldera.

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