Fotokite’s Quadconpter Is Not Legally A Drone, It’s A Tethered UAV


So, the FAA (US), the CAA (UK), Transport Canada (Canada, duh) and countless others are taking a stand against drones restricting usage and allowed flying zones and conditions. Especially for commercial use.

This is where Zurich-based company – Perspective Robotics hopes to gain footage in an ever-crowded niche. Their UAV solution is somewhat different from the DJI’s and 3DR’s out there in the sense that it does not use a radio to control the UAV. Rather it is using a tethered cable to deliver power and control to the airborne half of the unit.

Fotokite claims that at least one Airspace regulator –  DGAC, the French airspace authority – exempted them from the Drone classification.

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Guy Uses New Drone to Rescue Lost Drone from Neighbor’s Roof


Drunken friends:  We’ve all had at least one, but chances are not all of us have had ones that lost our quad copters on neighbors’ roofs.  That is not the case for Harrison Howe who’s roommate drunkenly lost his Syma X5C on an inaccessible roof down the street.  Without being able to actually get onto the roof (imagine THAT conversation with a neighbor!), the drone sat there for two months until Harrison devised a plan for an aerial rescue.

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Operator Crashes Drone Into His Own Head


Source: YouTube/doctorsnaketown

Drone fans, amateurs and professionals alike, dread hearing about safety incidents involving their beloved flying devices.

Knowing that any crash can put them at risk of even more restrictive rules, especially if a person is hurt, responsible operators make sure they follow the guidelines and take the necessary precautions.

One FPV (first-person view) mini quadcopter operator, who goes by the name doctorsnaketown on YouTube, discovered the hard way that there’s a risk even when flying outdoors with no other people around… as he flew the drone directly into the back of his head.

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‘Drunk and Disgruntled’ Neighbor Swats DJI Phantom 3 Drone Out of the Sky


Some people love drones, others hate them. Hate them so much in fact that they can’t help themselves when they see one.

The guys over at Lucky 7 Drones say they were busy shooting instructional videos on the DJI Phantom 3 when an intoxicated, half-naked neighbor decided to put an end to their day.

“If you put that over my house I’m gonna be pissed off, you understand me?”, said the neighbor, not waiting more than a couple of seconds before ensuring the drone doesn’t go anywhere near his house.

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‘The Drone’ is a Parody Trailer That Will Make You Lock Up Your Drone and Throw Away the Key


Source: YouTube

A vast segment of the general public and the media might consider drones to be dangerous, privacy-invading-little-buggers, but any drone owner knows that they are what their operator makes of them.

A drone can’t be blamed for flying onto the Japanese Prime Minister’s roof or over the White House fence. It won’t randomly turn on its camera and spy on you or follow you around the house when you’re not paying attention. It probably won’t kill your dog, either. Then again, maybe your drone has been doing these things all along and you just haven’t noticed it yet. (OK, you’d probably notice the dead dog, but the rest…)

“Don’t you hate it when drones become sentient?,” asked Jordan Rubin, the director, producer and one of the writers behind this awesome movie trailer when he shared it on Facebook.

Watch the trailer below; just make sure your drone isn’t watching it with you.

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Let Enrique Iglesias Show You Why Grabbing A Drone Out Of Mid Air Is A Really Bad Idea

Enrique Iglesias has taught us all a valuable lesson: Don’t grab drones out of mid-air unless you’re up for a trip to the emergency room. While performing Saturday in Tijuana, Mexico, the singer reached up and grabbed a drone mid-flight, which the performer commonly uses during shows to take photos of the crowd. According to a statement released by the Iglesias camp, it is not uncommon for the singer to grab the drone to take some “Point of View” shots. Only this time, his fingers became entangled in the drone’s whirling blades, slicing the performers hand open. [Read more…]

GoPro Drone Finally Announced; Coming in 2016

GoDroneRumors have been talking about a GoPro drone for quite a while, and yesterday the company’s CEO Nick Woodman finally announced it is actually going to happen.

“Do you guys all want GoPro to make a quadcopter?” Woodman asked the audience at the Code Conference, replying “OK, GoPro is making a quadcopter. It’s official!”.

The device is expected to be launched in the first half of 2016, and is guaranteed to have have an impact on rivals’ sales.

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Mystery Drone Drops Money on Michigan Crowd

Source: Mlive

Source: Mlive

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’.

Try telling that to the kids who were shaking bills out of trees yesterday after a mysterious drone operator dropped one Dollar bills on a crowd attending an event at Great Rapid’s Rosa Parks Circle.

According to reports the drone dropped between $50-100 in total, all in one Dollar bills, but people were running to collect the cash as if it was, well… raining money.

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Videographer pleads guilty to “Unauthorized Photography,” world does not implode

Last week, Photography Is Not A Crime published an article about a Shreveport, Louisiana videographer who was detained by authorities for flying a drone over a local VA hospital while on assignment for a local newspaper. This brought screams of “tyrants” and “carry a gun” from Internet commenters, as most logical people in today’s screwed-up world can imagine. Mickey Osterreicher, renowned media lawyer and general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, even weighed in on the subject, his comments being published in PINAC’s original article.

However, after all the fanfare had died down and the Internet trolls put away their pitchforks and migrated back to Reddit, little was heard about the case which “went to trial” last Friday. In fact, when I spoke to Jay over the phone, apparently I was the first person to give a rat’s tookus as to the outcome of his plight and the first to see how our brother-in-arms was doing.

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