DJI Ronin M A Half-Sized DJI Ronin Gimbal


Ever since the motorized gimbal made it into the industry about two years ago, that market segment has been getting more accessible to low budget shooters. From the $15,000 MoVI through the $2,499 DJI Ronin and now DJI announces a smaller sub $2,000 Ronin M.

But it is not only the price that matters, DJI made a huge change where it has been getting the most feedback – the weight of the system. The Ronin M is down to 5 lbs while the previous bigger brother weighs 9.3 lb. This is almost a 50% weight decrease. Of course that with a mounted camera that difference will shrink, but it is still 4.3 lb off the load.

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Sweet Tips on Setting An On-Location Run-‘n-Gun Ronin Gimbal Rig


If you are using a motorized gimbal (like the DJI Ronin or the more expensive MoVI) you’ve probably noticed that setting them up on location can be a drag. In Getting all the cables set up, attaching the camera to the plate and balancing take up precious time and are pretty much simply inconvenient. In the studio, or van you probably have a rack where you can place the Gimbal and set it up, but on location…. usually not.

Videographer Eric Stemen came up with a few clever tips on getting the gimbal up and running pretty quickly while going on location.

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Incredible 3 Minutes One Shot Switching Between Hand Held, Cable Rig And A Truck Crane

Sometimes product ads pull some of the more impressive footage just to show you how cool their product is. This is indeed the case with the latest sub $5,000 DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal system.

This short flick designed to demonstrate the performance of the Ronin under various conditions shows some impressive transitions between operating modes. See if you can watch the flick and understand how they pulled it off before hitting the jump and watching the BTS. (be warned, your cheesyness radar may explode, yet the shots are completely awesome) [Read more…]