Handy Website Lets You Check Amazon Prices Around The World For Better Deals On Photo Gear


Okay, you technically can search for the price of any Amazon product, not just photo gear. So, should you feel compelled to see if you can find better price on toilet paper by having it shipped to you from a foreign country, I suppose you are free to do so, but we’re just going to stick to the fun stuff for now, you know, like cameras and lenses.

I noticed a post on Facebook recently by a UK based photographer who was able to save £75 on a Sony A6000. Had he purchased the camera from Amazon.co.uk it would have cost him £449. After he did a little investigating, he discovered he could purchase the same camera for £374 by ordering it from Amazon.de and taking advantage of Amazon’s free shipping. Depending on what product you’re looking at and where you are located in the world, you could find savings well into the hundred’s of dollars using the same method of researching all of the different Amazon sites.

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This Is A Good Time To Buy Nikon (D610 At $1,600, Optional Savings Of Up To $800)


Nikon is trying to be the first horse in the race to cross the line and lock your holidays presents with an impressive discount program. Of course Nikon is not just begin generous for the sake of generosity. They are hoping to get your holidays presents and end of year money. Luckily they are doing quite a good job.

The biggest news is the discount on the D610 @$1600 (or $2245 wit a kit lens, which is about $800 discount) and the D7100 @$945 (or $1,500 with both kit lenses which represents about $630 discount).

Here is the full list of available product. The link above directs you to B&Hs Nikon selector where you can choose a bundle and see the pricing/discount. Like any good thing, there is a time limit and the counter currently points at Nov 22nd. Following below is the full list of discounted gear. We expect Canon to throw a counter punch soon.

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Deal Alert: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Under $500


We don’t usually share deals. There are sites that do that far better. But this offer from Black Magic just can’t be ignored. Black Magic currently offers their Pocket Cinema Camera for $495 over at B&H. As it sold for about $1000 until 30 minutes ago this is not a bad deal at all.

This Pro-res capable, full HD, 13 dynamic stops is a steal for half a grand, especially if you already own any Micro Four Thirds Lenses to go with it. And while it does not pack all the features if its bigger 4K sister, it is still a great camera to be shooting movies with.

Usually, a steep drop like this means that a new model is coming soon (maybe a 4K version) and the company wants to clear shelves. Good for us.