The Harsh Truth About The Connection Between The Cost Of Your Gear And Your Value As A Photographer


Posts that illustrate the cost of running a photography business and deriving an hourly (or a daily) rate from it are becoming somewhat of a standard. (We even did one ourselves, and here is another one). Those posts make a strong connection between the cost of doing business (renting a place, buying a camera and so on) and the fees that a photographer need to charge.

The team over at Salesographer makes what I think is a very true statement about the fact that the money you charge should have nothing to do with how much it actually costs to produce a shoot. It has everything to do with the value you bring to the table. They actually go right against those cost sharing posts and say that: [Read more...]

How Much Should Photographers Charge Per Hour?

The short answer is, of course: As much as possible.

The long answer depends a lot more on where you personally fit into the photography industry and your local market.

In this article I am going to explore the seven critical factors that determine how much should photographers charge per hour, along with an example of how to calculate a reasonable billable rate.

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