Enrapturing Portraits Explore The Athelticism, Strength, And Form Of Dancers


Dancers are known for their gracefulness and poise, for the great stamina and strength. A study of the human form wouldn’t be complete without visiting the a dance studio. There’s a level of dedication and perseverance in great dancers that sparks an inner connection between the physical and the mental–a culmination of beings that only great photographers can capture.  [Read more…]

Dutch Photographer Shows The Athletic Side Of Pole Dancing In Original Photo Series “Pole Fitness”



It’s pretty safe to assume when someone hears mention of “pole dancing” their mind automatically starts thinking of dark, smokey strip clubs. There’s some fairly negative connotations, and for the most part, the stigma attached to the term is not necessarily a prudent one. However, a Dutch photographer by the name of Bart Erkamp is on a mission to show the other side of pole dancing.

You see, pole dancing isn’t just something found in sketchy clubs on the outskirts of town, it’s also a the basis of a rapidly growing fitness movement. In fact, gyms all around the globe are beginning to offer pole dancing classes as a legitimate way to get fit–no sultriness required. There’s classes for men, women, children–people from all walks of life are invited to get in on the fun. There’s also a world championship and governing body, the International Pole Sports Federation, that is trying their darnedest to make pole dancing an Olympic sport. [Read more…]

New Interactive Video Uses 9 Nikon D750’s To Let You Pick The Perspective


Finally, a less annoying use of annotations on Youtube! The creators of the video below, produced by Nikon Asia, put those annoying pop up annotations to work as a way to make the video an interesting piece of interactive  media. Featuring the dance crew, Morning Of Owl, the clip is a five minute long break dance session that was filmed using 9 different Nikon D750’s.

What sets this video apart from other multi-camera videos is that viewers can switch between all nine of the different camera perspectives at their own free will, simply by clicking on one of the camera icon annotations that appear throughout the clip. Upon clicking a new camera, the YouTube loader will automatically switch the perspective at the same time stamp where you left off.

It’s similar to a choose your own adventure story, only this one uses cameras, which of course makes it better. [Read more…]

Revisiting Shinichi Maruyama’s “Nude”; 10,000 Photos Of Nude Dancers Composited Into One


A well made photograph never gets boring to look at. As proven by the images that make up Shinichi Maruyama’s Nude series, which features gorgeous photographs of nude dancers. The photographs, however, are not your average studio shot and that beautiful display of the dancers motion wasn’t captured using long exposure techniques as you might suspect. Rather, Maruyama photographed the dancers using frame rates near 2,000 frames per second. In total, each individual image you see is actually made up of about 10,000 frames that were composited together during post production. [Read more…]

How Six Of The World’s Most Difficult Ballet Moves Were Captured In Slow Motion

When we came across this video, we were captivated. I’ve always been in awe of ballet dancers. They possess the most amazing hidden strength, machine-like precision, and grace beyond words.

What happens when you ask six incredibly talented ballet dancers to show you their hardest move and film it in slow motion? You gain an even greater appreciation for the skill they possess. This is exactly what Jason Aldag from the Washington Post’s PostTV did and the results are fascinating.

6-ballet-moves_1Aldag told me he wanted to show the Washington Post audience “something unexpected.” But, in doing so, he’s shown the world what these dancers can do. He even admitted that he “knew that ballet dancers were athletic but [he] was blown away by what the Washington Ballet crew showed [him] that day.”

Check out these amazing performers in the video after the jump

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