Photographer Answers the Question, ‘What Would Chairs Look Like As People?’


Many of us have often pondered the great question, “What would chairs look like if they were people?”  Okay, so perhaps not, but I appreciate those who think outside the box (with the exception of a classmate in high school whose way of thinking stood as a stumbling block in my mathematics career).

However, it was during a disappointing shoot that award-winning photographer Horia Manolache was inspired to ponder that very question.  What resulted was an intriguing and somewhat comical portrait series.

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Smoldering Roses Scene Built From Scratch, Used Burning Coals


I recently came across this stunning image from Warsaw-based creative studio Ars Thanea and was mesmerized by the paradoxical elements.  Roses, a symbol of love and beauty, smoldering and covered in ash…all stunningly captured.

“We wanted to create something unreal,” says Peter Jaworowski, creative director and founding partner of the firm.  But Peter didn’t want to go the route of 3D computer simulation, partly for authenticity and partly because that method would simply be too time-consuming.  So, they opted to build the image from the ground up.

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Turn an old, silk scarf into a stylish camera strap

diy-scarf-camera-strapI’m always looking to accessorize to compliment my beard, from the hats I wear to…well, that’s pretty much the extent of it. While this DIY project isn’t perhaps something I would personally dangle around my manly neck, I think it’s awesome and would make a great handmade gift for the female photographer in your life.

Photographer, camera bag designer, and semi-pro crocodile wrestler (she’s from Australia…we made assumptions) Emma Anderson recently posted a tutorial on repurposing an old, silk scarf into a stylish and gorgeous camera strap. (Just because I wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean I can’t like it, right?)

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Photographer Splices Movie Stills Into Real Life Using His iPhone


This is a cool idea I wish I could have come up with myself. Photographer Francois Dourlen has a signature move where he shoots with his iPhone – well, not with his iPhone, but with his iPhone incorporated into the picture itself. Recently he picked up an interesting hobby where he saves stills from movies he likes onto his iPhone; what he does with them is unique, fun, and incredibly simple. As he goes on about his day, he takes those stills on his phone and shoots photos of them being implemented into real life scenery that – you might say – completes the picture.

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