9 Photo Composition Tips In 189 Seconds

If you are just starting out on photography, you’ve probably heard about the RULES OF COMPOSITION. When you hear about those rules, it can be kinda intimidating, especially if they are referred to in all CAPS. The truth is that those rules are actually guidelines that formulate what is visually pleasing to the eye.

The team at COOPH who are really good at cutting down to the chase, made a short movie explaining 9 of these rules. You may have heard them already or you read them in a book, but it is always a great refresher to see all those rules condensed into such a short time frame.

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6 DIY Photography Gift Ideas

With the holidays coming with are all obsessed with buying stuff for our loved ones, even DIYP has a holiday gift guide. But what if we made the holidays an extension of photography – creating something from nothing (or actually from other things).

The team at COOPH came up with 6 easy to make DIY photography gift ideas, ranging from lamps and wood transfers to lanterns and candles.

Here is what I like about those ideas. They are easy to implement and have a quick wow effect.

[6 DIY Photography Gifts | COOPH]


“COOPH Apparel”: Clothing That’s specifically designed For Photographers

There are many photography- related products and accessories out there but what COOPH announced today is something special that hasn’t been there before (at least not in my knowledge): Clothes that were specifically designed for photographers. Yes, you read that right, now you can get yourself a beanie with a pocked that’s dedicated to hold a lens cap or perhaps a shirt with an integrated lens cleaning cloth?

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7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

Photography can be expensive! So, it’s lovely to come across cool tips for using every day, household objects in your photography which can both help reduce the price of creating cool images or even help protect your gear.

Markus Berger and the team over at the COOPH YouTube channel has just released a new video featuring seven very cool little tips (and a bonus one at the end) doing just that: it shows simple, every day objects, used to great effect. More than one of these I had never thought of, so it’s well worth checking out these DIY hints used in effect. Read more below the jump.

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