34 Edits To A Single Road Photo – And Who Won The Best Edit Challenge


A few weeks back we held a fun contest revolving around editing a photo. We started out with a photo by Dave K. Piper with strong compositional elements, but used a ‘naked raw’ file to let anybody who wants to try and tweak it to their likings.  The winner, chosen by Dave  (and announced at the bottom of the post) gets a a sweet Blue CityWalker 20 camera bag from Think Tank Photo.

Results have been staggering. Several wonderful looks have been submitted, as well as a few composites. Here are some of the many wonderful submissions, followed by Dave’s selection of the winner: (if you just want the winner scroll to the end)

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Show Us Your Best Edit And Win An Awesome Camera Bag


UPDATE: Winner was announced here. Everyone, thanks for playing and a huge thanks for Think Tank Photo for sponsoring a prize.

This week we are up for some editing fun and on today’s challenge you get to interpret a photo shot by photographer Dave Kai Piper. We are including a completely RAW format of the photo so you can gave as much play as you want.

The one that Dave likes best will get its editor a sweet Blue CityWalker 20 camera bag from Think Tank.

Rules are simple:

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Gloves / Photography Tips And Etre Touchy Gloves Winners

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is FreezingFour days ago, we had a post about making gloves that fit taking pictures in a cold weather. We also had a giveaway for Etre Touchy gloves.

Well, the Etre Touchy Contest is over and we have our three winners. Scroll to the end to find out if you are one of the Lucky bare handed who get a pair of the coolest photog gloves ever. We had 215 submissions, some had some great tips, some were hilarious to read (yup, I read them all) and some were simply opt-in which is also cool. Thanks for everybody who took the time to chim in.

Random.org provided us with the winning numbers. However, just before we announce the winners, I’d like to share some of the really useful tips we got through the comments [Read more…]

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is Freezing + Giveaway

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is FreezingHave you ever tried to photograph a wolf on a wild terrain when it is sub-zero outside? If you have, you must know that gloves are a photographer’s friend. Of course, gloves can be a nemesis as well, if they are making you clumsy and take away your ability to press them little camera buttons.

I am going to show three ways to handle gloves clumsiness fever and then we will have a giveaway at the end. [Read more…]

15 Great Portrait Tips By You – Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway Part two

Below you will find 15 great portrait tips on group shots, taking kids pictures and post processing.

Tips were submitted by you as part of the Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway project. As part of this project DIYP readers submitted over 200 portraits and 15 tips.

My favorite is by Heather Katsoulis and deals with getting natural portraits of kids. Heather, along with CRT and Matt wins a copy of Portrait Professional 8 studio edition. [Read more…]

Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway

UPDATE2: For a Flickr picture to be eligible to participate it must
have a short (or long explanation on why you took the portrait / the
person means something for you)

UPDATE1: See some Q&A at the bottom. I’ll update those as more questions come in.

A little while back, Alasdair Townsend, one of the makers of Portrait Professional, sent me a copy of Portrait Professional 8 to play with. Apart from the great fun that I had with the software (review coming soon), he also suggested to give three copies of Portrait Professional 8 as contest prizes.
– No Way!
– Way! And to make it even better, I’ll make those giveaways the studio high end version. (Valued at 239.95 USD).

So what do you have to do to win one of those three copies? You have three options to submit an entry:

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At My Home Photo Contest – The Winners

At My Home Photo ContestIt was not an easy decision for any of the judges. With 50 submissions to the contest, it was amazing to see how each one of you portrayed the concept of home.

When I thought of how to describe the subject of the contest, my wife said "keep it as open as possible", and as I usually do, I followed her advice.

And what a great advice it was, submissions took the subject of "Home" to many directions, and played on the home theme in many different ways. As you can see below, there was a lot of debate and diversion amongst the judges as well.

Without much more ado, I give you the winners of the "At My Home Photo Contest", each won a personalized copy of the great America At Home Photo Album. [Read more…]

At My Home Photo – Contest Submisisons

At My Home Photo ContestThe past three weeks has been truly wonderful and submissions started to accumulate to "At My Home" Photo Contest. It is amazing to see how many of us feel differently about our home.

Indeed submissions span multiple subjects like family, couples, occasions, every day homely routines, just plain family fun and even pets. Each picture heart warming in its own way. Thanks for everyone who shared their home and family with us.

All the pictures below got tagged with "DIYP" and "atmyhome" and pushed into the DIYP flickr group, but for some reason, not all the images were available to all participants. Why, I don’t know. I guess it is a Flickr glitch. So you can either watch a (partial) slideshow here, or scroll below and watch the submission as my search dug them up. [Read more…]

One Week In Two Weeks Left

At My Home Photo ContestJust a quick reminder to everyone that DIYP "At My Home" Photo Contest is running on the Flickr group.

In the first week of the contest, you have made 24 great submissions and the number of topics and techniques is almost as vast as the number of pictures submitted. You can view a slideshow of the images submitted here.

If you plan to make a submission and still don’t have a Flickr account you can get it here, and join the DIYP group here. I have noticed that new Flickr members takes a while to get update in the system and getting a flickr account now (even if submitting in two weeks) will verify that your entry is there for the final cut. Yep, it is the final cut in two week from today.

If you have questions, please add them as comments to this post.

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