Battle Zone: Photographer Recreates ‘War of the Worlds’ Using Scale Models


Lyn Caudle is a fan of The War of the Worlds, so much so that the photographer and visual effects supervisor decided to recreate the massive carnage in his hometown of Dallas.  Unfortunately, nothing was actually blown up or destroyed during the process.

After creating lifelike replicas of the “Martian war machines” from both the 1953 and 2005 versions of the film, Caudle set about compositing them with scene from his favorite city.

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Sasha O’s Inspiring 365 Day Self Portrait Project Is A Refreshing Step Outside The Ordinary

Sasha Oleksiichuk is a young Ukrainian photographer (currently based in Belgium) that is gaining some much deserved attention after finishing up her enchantingly surreal 365 day self portrait project. Her portraits are creative, a quality that you come to realize is genuinely innate as you browse through her portfolio. The images that make up her 365 project range from surreal portraits to bright, colorful studio shots, with a healthy dose of composite images that send the imagination running.

Sasha O, as she’s more commonly known, takes her inspiration from the little things in life, she says things like paint, shells, vegetables, feathers, light, shadows, nature, and her surroundings. Even books, movies, and music, she explains, can inspire us, oftentimes without us even realizing it. “You can see some trees and you get ideas what to do with it. You just need to be open to new ideas and not be afraid to try it, even if it sounds crazy, because the results may surprise you.” Speaking to Sasha, you can’t help but to be inspired yourself. Much like the way she draws inspiration and courage from photographers before her who completed similar feats, Sasha O is a bit of a muse herself.

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The Toronto That Might Have Been If Only Star Wars Was Real


Darth Vader riding a streetcar; Luke Skywalker hitting a home run at Rogers Centre; Yoda piggybacking a youngster to cross the road.

For some impossible realities. For others, like Canadian photographer Thomas Dagg, a daily sighting.

Thomas takes the wonderful streets of Toronto and mixes it with his childhood memories. The city succumbs to Thomas’s strong memories of renting the trilogy over at Blockbusters, through almost dying to get a Chewbacca action figure.

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Watch These Brave Children Destroy Monsters In This Awesome Portrait Series


There are few things in life more inventive than a child’s imagination. From an artistic standpoint, we could probably all benefit from the ability to tap into our inner child every once in a while. That’s exactly what French photographer, Laure Fauvel, has done for a recent collection of portraits titled “Terrors” that show children battling off monsters of nightmarish proportion.

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Photographing a Mermaid – a Photoshop Breakdown Tutorial by Colin Smith


Using the image above, which was inspired by Disney’s Little Mermaid, I’ll walk you through how to employ an artform called Computer Generated (CG Photography) to create a powerful, surreal image. For the record, I have no purism in my personal style of art. I’ll use whatever I can to create the look that I’m after. I love to blend photography, illustration and 3D together to create something that doesn’t exist in the real world. It’s also worth mentioning that this image spent about a year as a showpiece on the homepage of and Adobe used it in their keynote presentation when they announced Photoshop CS6. [Read more…]