Seung-Hwan Oh Develops Film With Fungi, Results Are Delicious


Developing film is an art form that is slowly fading away. As time goes by, less labs are available for developing film, and as DIGITAL is slowly taking over the last bit image capturing, film rolls are becoming more rare. And while producing art from film and paper was not always as accurate as working with calibrated monitors and printers, I miss those days of mild imperfections.

I guess artist and photographer Seung Hwan Oh felt similarly. But his concept of imperfection involved introducing fungi into the film before exposing it in camera. Of course the fungi liked the film and so it ate it a bit. The result shared in a project called Impermanence is something a bit weird, something between portraiture and abstract.

Haily Grenet who describers the work on Seung Hwan Oh’s portfolio explains the concept:

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The Story and Science Behind Color Film

Have you ever wondered how color film came to be? Interestingly the story involves math, chemistry, and a group if innovative, curious people, as well as smart businessmen.

The Story and Science Behind Color Film

The film below by our pals at filmmakeriq, have a great movie going over the history of color film starting with the “discovery of color” as a function of light by Isaac Newton.

The story goes on with Kinemacolor system a duo color capturing mechanism and travels all the way to modern days Technicolor and Eastmancolor. [Read more…]