Natural HDR In Films – Disney’s New Algorithm Is Taking Us One Step Closer


Today’s cameras are able to capture an enormousness amount of dynamic rage. Sadly our monitors and film projectors are not able to display the entire tone range that we can capture. This calls for a process called Tone Mapping. This process squeezes the larger, captured, tonal range into a smaller tonal range that the display is able to display. It is the same process that gives HDR its signature look. Of course if not done subtly, it can create a chewed to death overwhelming effect.

When video comes into play, HDR tone mapping becomes even harder and can result in some interesting video artifacts such as ghosting, Brightness Flickering and camera noise.

The team at Disney Research (yes they do research as well) created a new algorithm that can better handle the tone mapping part of HDR processing.

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Use These 5 Tricks To Help Add Depth To Your Images And Video

The ability to create realistic depth in a photograph, a 2-dimensional plane, is the sign of a good photographer. When shooting stills or video, it’s an important detail to make sure your shots have depth. Sometimes, however, that is sometimes easier said than done. In the quick, 3-minute video clip below, cinematographer Matthew Rosen, covers his top 5 favorite ways to ensure his image aren’t falling flat. The video is geared towards cinematography and moving pictures, but many of the techniques can be transferred into still photography as well. Well worth a watch even if you never shoot video. [Read more…]

Into The Night Will Motivate You To Go Outside And Take Photos During The Next Blue Hour

into-the-nightAfter sharing Roy Two Thousand’s Burning Man timelapse a couple weeks ago, I decided that I could probably cut back on my timelapse addiction for a while. After all, it would be pretty hard to top the slick camerawork of R2K. At least that’s what I thought at the time. Then I happened to come across this beauty, Into The Night,  which was created by Barcelona based photographer/cinematographer, Jordi de Temple and explores both, Barcelona and California. Jordi throws in some  low lying clouds, a little milky way action, sweet motion blurs, some fun tilt shift scenes, multiple holy grails for good measure, and some profoundly gorgeous and cinematic wipe transitions. Even the musical arrangement was spot on.

I know I said I was trying to avoid relapsing back into a timelapse hole, but…Wow. I would have felt guilty had I not shared this one with you all. Enjoy!
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Panasonic Unveils the New VariCam 35 with 4K & 120 fps Capabilities

Thanks to Planet 5D for the heads up on this!

Disclaimer: if you have a weak wallet, then don’t read this.

Actually, in this case, all of our wallets are most likely crying in the corner, so it’s okay. Just appreciate the camera, I guess.

Panasonic took part in a press conference just yesterday in New Jersey, where it announced a new entry targeted towards the high-high-high end market of cinema. The 4K camera/video-recorder is titled the VariCam 35 (AU-VREC1), and it claims to be a powerhouse in handling a variety of formats.

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