18 Jaw Dropping Photos That Celebrate The Natural Beauty Of Breastfeeding Mothers

DSC_6727 copyBreastfeeding in public is always a hot topic of debate and a photographer from Illinois is looking to shed more positive light on the subject. Ivette Ivens has become a breastfeeding advocate of sorts, having breastfed her own two children, the bond it helped to develop between mother and child inspired the photographer to undertake a beautiful photography project in which Ivens photographs women breastfeeding their children, usually in nature, to help signify just how natural of an activity breastfeeding actually is. [Read more…]

Photography From The Future: Facial Recognition Software Lands A Chicago Robber 22 Years In Jail


With drive-by shootings and gang violence rampant behind the curtains, within slums and neighborhoods that nobody on the outside pays attention to, Chicago is possibly one of the most troubled cities in the United States today. Around the beginning of last year, the Chicago Police department began implementing new technology by NEC into their order of operations – a facial recognition software called NeoFace.

A man named Pierre Martin was recently arrested for connections to two different armed robberies carried out between January and February of 2013; the new facial recognition software ended up capturing him in surveillance footage and linked him to a previous record. Just earlier, Martin was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison; he is now the first and only person to have been convicted with the use of NeoFace in aid of his arrest.

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Security Guard and Photographer Skirmish ends with Memory card Deleted and Damaged Gear

Over the time we’ve seen a lot of Police activity we tag under photography is not a crime, but I think that this is the first time we are covering anti photography actions not by a cop, but by a security guard.

Videographer Benn Jordan was doing a timelapse shoot next to an Acme Refining facility was faced with a security guard who was upset about the filming taking place. Benn found himself in quite a Kafkaic situation when he agreed to leave, but had his memory card taken and photos erased.

According to Benn: [Read more…]