10 Adobe CC Shortcut Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier


Cheat sheets are wonderful, especially if you’re actually taking a test.  (I only speak from hearsay, of course…)  But, they can also be invaluable when trying to maintain a speedy workflow within an application.

With the recent release of the 2015 updated Adobe CC, it was only a matter of time until the keyboard shortcut cheat sheets started pouring in.  Thanks to Jamie Spencer of SetUpABlogToday who posted a whole slew of updated cheat sheets, there is no excuse for going the long way around Robin Hood’s barn again.

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Quench Your Photography Rumors Thirst With These 8+ Photo Rumors Sites

As with anything trendy, rumors are a big part of the photography industry. And as with anything that is a big part of anything nowadays, there are photography rumors sites for just about everything and anything in the world of photography.

Those sites share gear development news, industry statistics, brand specific deals and most importantly insider’s information.

Quench Your Photography Rumors Thirst With These 8+ Photo Rumors Sites

While some rumors fade away, a lot of them turn out to have a solid base and become main stream news once formally released.

Favorite quote of all sites: “This site is not affiliated with Canon/Nikon/Fuji/Sony/Olympus….”

If you want to know the future before it happens (at the risk of being totally wrong), here are the main sites that cover photography rumors. [Read more…]

A Primer On The Math Behind F-Stops

Have you ever wondered why the aperture number skip in such a weird way? What does 1.4 has to do with 2? The video below by Dylan Bennett has a great primer on the relations between focal length, aperture and the amount of light hitting the sensor.

A Primer On The Math Behind F-Stops

My favorite part is the trick to remember aperture stops -> Start with 1.4 and 2. and then double the numbers for the next stop => 1.4, 2, 1.4×2=2.8, 2×2=4, 2.8×2=5.6, 4×2=8 and so on. [Read more…]

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Expedite Your Lightroom Workflow

I was not always a photographer. I used to be a project manager and before that a coder. (If you are you using Skype, Comcast voice or TimeWarner cable modems, you are probably running my code daily).  One thing that we were thought as coders is that it is a pain to memorize keyboard shortcuts, but once memorized, it is significantly faster to work with keyboard only than with mouse and keyboard combined.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Expedite Your Lightroom Workflow

This is especially true for programs like Lightroom where items are hidden in sub-menus and issuing a command looks kinda like this: take hand off keyboard; find the right menu; the right sub menu; click command; regain hands-on-keyboard position.

In fact, there is an Apple study by UI guru Bruce Tognazzini saying just the same. So is how to get your Lightroom workflow mojo on: [Read more…]

The Amazing Epochs Timelapse With Super-Detailed How-It-Was-Created

The Amazing Epochs Timelapse With Super-Detailed How-It-Was-Created

Sean Goebel shot Epochs, a spectacular time lapse piece over 11 months and 4 states. Interestingly enough, a lot of the tracking gear he used was home made and lots of the “pro” gear borrowed. Just goes to show that talent and dedication trumps budget anytime. Sean was king enough to share the complete super-detailed making of Epochs, including gear lists, locations, challanges and a lost-in-a-desert with a dying flash light story. So sit back, go to full screen crank up the volume and enjoy. [Read more…]

Dancer Shoot Anatomy – The Workout

I’m Antoine Willaeys, I’m a French 25 years old photographer & retoucher from France. I am, at present, creating a series of various images with artists and athletes during and after their workout. I really love these different universes and the stories which we can see there. Every person is different and every image has its strength. I chose to create this series, every time, in the same way : as a composite.

Dancer Shoot Anatomy

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Should You Shoot RAW Or JPG?

A Visual Guide For RAW vs JPG

Should you shoot RAW or JPG? Every photographer asks this at a certain point.

The fine guys at SLR Lounge did something I love to do. the pixel peeped the hell out of a RAW and a JPG shot under the same conditions giving an in depth analisys on how jpg and raw files behave under every day use scenarios.

The comparison takes images shot with a Canon 5D mkII and a 50mm/1.4 lens and compares various frames: both “correct” images and “badly” exposed images. looking at both the “out of camera” versions and the lightroom “fixed” versions of the files.

If you are a photographer or a computer fanatic (or a fanatic photographer) this is a very interesting read.

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Virtual Lighting Studio Let You Light & Shoot With No Studio

We are big fans of lighting cheat sheets, ever since with pulled our first one, featuring my former boss, which shows 24 positions of lighting for portraits. (Which was later nuked with a software creating a similar chart with 72 lighting positions using a 3d head scan from Infinite Realities).

Interestingly enough, a similar scan by IR was used to create the Virtual Lighting Studio an interactive chart that you can plug lots of lights into and position them anywhere. So as long as you don’t really care about expressions, hair or human interaction, you can light and shoot at the comfort of your living room. (Or make your mega lighting card cheat sheet)

Virtual Lighting Studio

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Use Open Source Software To Emulate Every Possible Lighting

One of the ways to understand how light works in photographs is to do basic exercises. We did one way by creating the portrait lighting cheat sheet that shows how positioning a single light effect a portrait, others have done similar stuff with an egg.

Photographer Pat David had another idea. Using a CC-BY 3D scan by Infinite Realities and an open source 3D modeling software called Blender 3D (Blender is darn near real rendering engine, it can even mimic shaped bokeh), he started to play with positioning various light sourced around the scanned head.

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