Would You Ask An Assassin To Work For Free?


“This is like a small personal thing, I was hoping for favor job”

“This could be really good for your career”

“I might be really successful one day”

“Maybe I’ll need another job and I’ll call you first”

“I’m sorry I’m not some wealthy hedge fund manager with all this disposable income”

If you’re a photographer and you haven’t heard any of these sentences, you must be living in an isolated cabin with no other humans around.

This humorous video makes you realize how ridiculous some requests can be by replacing the photographer/graphic designer/model/any creative freelancer (pick your favorite) with a professional assassin.

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The Pros and Cons of using Cheap China Brand Lights

Feature image cheap lights

My first ever off-camera flash was a Nikon sb-24 speedlight (1988), which I got. After a while I bought my first ever Nikon speedlight an sb-600 (it was around $250 back then). I was very happy with it until I wanted to get a studio strobe. There weren’t many choices to pick from here in the Philippines; its either you get one that cost around $300 per strobe or you can buy a “kit” with 3 off brand studio lights, light stands and softboxes for around $220. I got the latter.

(As a reference, a 400WS Broncolor Siros 400 which is one fine branded strobe – yet one of the cheaper branded strobes – will set you back $1000. A Cowboystudio 400WS strobe will only cost $150. A Square Perfect 400W/S strobe will only set you back a $100 or so. Those 3 are obviously not comparable strobe)

CHEAP doesn’t always mean bad, I have used these lights for more than 6 years now, and I want to share with you the pros and cons of using cheap off brand lights.

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