The Battle of the Nifty Fifty: Canon’s 50mm1.8 vs. Yongnuo 50mm1.8

So, a while back Chinese flash maker Yongnuo stepped into the optics realm and started making a 50mm 1.8 (aka the Nifty Fifty, aka fantastic plastic, aka, your second lens).

The Nifty fifty was never an expensive lens, the Canon version is about $115, but if you are super frugal you may be tempted to check the $60 cheaper Yongnuo lens. Photographers Tony & Chelsea took the lens for a spin comparing it with the twice as expensive Canon version.

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Canon Shows Off with “Prestigious Accolade”. Actually It Is Rather Embarrassing

Canon says it took a right turn, but it definitely turned left

Canon says it took a right turn, but it definitely turned left

Canon USA proudly announced yesterday that its parent company, Canon Inc., was praised by Fortune magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2015.

The company didn’t make it to the top 50, but it ranked 7th in the Computers category. Apple, Ranked #1 in the overall list as well as in the Computers category, kept its spot for the eighth consecutive year.

What’s interesting though, and pretty hilarious, is that Canon completely misunderstood its ranking and advertised its lowest ranks as its strengths.

Also, Canon might want to look up the dictionary meaning of the word “prestigious”.

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Japan Has Spoken: Canon Dominates, Sony Dethrones Olympus And Nikon Stutter


Market research and analysis firm BCN announced the annual BCN Awards 2015.

Winners are determined based on sales volume, calculated from data gathered from thousands of sellers throughout Japan.

Canon seems to be doing better than ever, while Nikon is just barely holding its ground.

Sony gets its first taste of victory (and a painful failure) and SanDisk maintains its top spot.

A bit of digging reveals why names like Think Tank, Lowepro and Manfrotto won’t make the list.

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Canon and Panasonic’s Sponsorship of The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Could Cost As Much As $126 Million; Potentially Earning $10 Billion


Canon and the Tokyo Olympic Games organizers have announced on Tuesday that the Japanese camera manufacturer will be the official still camera and desktop reprographic hardware provider for the event.

While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Yahoo Sports reveals the price of being an Olympic sponsor.

Sponsors will be divided into three groups, with just one company selected in each category:

  • “Gold Sponsor” – bidding is said to begin at 15 billion Yen ($126M*). This is $26M higher than the estimated price Coca Cola paid for the 2012 London Games.
  • “Official Sponsor” – the reserve for this group set at 6 billion Yen ($50M)
  • “Official Supporter” – between 1 to 3 billion Yen ($8.4-25.2M)

Canon however will most likely pay a significantly lower amount as it has partnered with the Japanese Olympic Committee to be a domestic sponsor, rather than a worldwide sponsor of the International Olympic Committee.

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Canon Set To Take Over Video Surveillance Industry With A $2.8 Billion Purchase


Eager to strengthen its market share in the growing industry, the Japanese giant has made an offer to buy all shares of Swedish network video surveillance leader, Axis. Should the deal go through, it will be Canon’s biggest purchase to date.

This move is a natural step forward after Canon purchased Milestone Systems, a company providing video management software in the network video surveillance business, in June 2014.

Canon is not the only well known camera manufacturer to enter the field of video surveillance, with several dominant brands also looking to diversify their income streams.

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LensRentals Bust Open The Canon 100-400 IS L Mk II Teardown, Naming it “Best Built Lens Ever?”


Lenses come and go and as we move on we move higher up the lens latter, but according to the Canon 100-400 IS L Mk II teardown post from LensRentals, Roger Cicala is so happy with the build of this lens that it may very well earn the “Best Built Lens Ever” title.

Of course, LensRentals have to fix their own lenses after coming back and having gone through abuse, so Roger is both experienced and equipped to open a $2,200 lens, I would not try this at home.

Roger goes through taking the lens apart step by step starting with the tripod foot and ending with the optical elements. Here are some f the thoughts that will ease you into shelling out the extra $500 from the previous version:

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More Rebels To Come From Canon: T6i and T6s. Adds Wi-Fi, NFC, top LCD and Control Dial


In what may be the most announcements-packed day ever Canon also introduces two new Rebels at the Camera & Photo Imaging show. If you are not the photographer who will go for the EOS 5Ds(R) behemoth, you may consider a camera a bit down the line.

Starting at a low price point and providing good image quality, Rebels have always been some of Canon bestselling cameras. They were the go to camera of anyone who started with photography as a hobby and wanted a Canon system. (Well, at least until mirrorless came and Canon was left with no go-to mirrorless for entry level).

This is why it is interesting to see what Canon has in store for this line. It looks like Canon is going iPhone5 on the market releasing 2 Rebel T6’s: a flagship Rebel T6s and a budget Rebel T6i. (Though the price difference is really not that staggering – $849 for the S and $749 for the I). Both Cameras should hit the market on April. So… What’s this update all about?

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Canon’s 11-24mm f/4 Confirmed. Will It Outdo Nikon’s Famed 14-24mm?

An illustration of the Canon 11-24

An illustration of the Canon 11-24mm f/4

Canon Rumors reports that the existence of the EF 11-24 f/4L has been confirmed and several retailers have been provided with info about the lens.

Expected to set you back $2899 ($3100 in Canada), Canon’s new ultra wide angle will be the widest rectilinear lens ever produced for DSLRs.

Despite a maximum aperture of f/4, will this lens put an end to Canon shooters jumping ship in favor of Nikon’s legendary 14-24?

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Spoil Your Point and Shoot By Making it A Waist Level Shooter


If you are missing the good old time where decent cameras shot from the waist, or if you just wanna shoot from the waist like they do in all the big fashion productions of the 80’s, then this is a tutorial for you.

The idea spans around taking a Canon powershot N (or a similar camera with a tilting screen) and adding a rectangular piece of wood (8x6x5.5cm) changing the camera into a Rolleiflex lookalike.

The idea is described in the schema below:

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