Canon Announces EF 35mm F1.4L II with Improved Optics and Chromatic Aberration Control


Canon has just announced the upcoming release of the EF 35mm F1.4L II USM, an upgraded version of the wide-angle, L-series prime lens.  Boasting features such as 14 optical elements and an improved water-resistant housing, the lens is also the first in the world to implement Canon’s new Blue Spectrum Refractive technology, significantly reducing chromatic aberrations in-camera.

“The new Canon-developed BR optical element offers characteristics that significantly refract blue light,” states Canon’s press release, “which lies within the short-wavelength range, to achieve impressive levels of chromatic aberration correction for outstanding imaging performance.”  The BR technology essentially takes light from the blue wavelength spectrum, which has proven difficult to properly refract, works to better refract the light to a single focal point.

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One Photographer’s Perspective on Moving From Canon To Sony


The battle between was never that fierce and it seems that the action is not over yet. In the blue corner we have the heavy weight champions, Canon and Nikon with their old-yet-proven DSLR lines and on the red corner we have Fuji and Sony with their slick-and-fast mirrorless lines.

Moving from Canon to Nikon or vice versa is no longer “news” it seems that more photographers are moving from DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras.

Photographer Alex Koloskov (who is the face behind the successful Photigy site) just switched systems from Canon to Sony, and despite the fact that he is not using the latest model (he uses the older A7 and not the recently announced A7II) he still makes some valid point on making the move:

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You Don’t Need To Buy A New Camera To Be A Better Photographer

simon-cadeLet’s face it, with how rapidly camera manufacturers are improving digital technology and releasing new and improved cameras, it’s hard not to get caught up in gear acquisition syndrome. At some point, you may have even caught yourself saying, “If I just had (fill in any piece of equipment here), my photography would be so much better.” I’ll be the first to admit the thought has ran through my mind at least a couple times. That’s exactly why this poignant video from filmmaker, Simon Cade, hits home so much.

If you were to take a look inside Cade’s gear bag, you’d find the same CanonT3i and Canon Elph 300 that he’s been using since the beginning of 2013. Yet, despite shooting with older and (what could be considered) entry-level gear, upgrading to a new DSLR isn’t even on Cade’s radar. And, the logic he uses to battle the nagging desire to spend tons of money on new gear and gadgets seems to be pretty flawless.

“My theory is that the people who don’t prioritise equipment & technical things end up being successful enough that they shoot on high end gear just because they can. It’s definitely not the equipment itself that makes them great / successful.” [Read more…]

Police Officer Spends His Vacation Creating Awesome Timelapse Of Severe Weather

supercellWorking full time as a police officer in California, photography started as just a hobby for Jeff Boyce. Though he’s been interested in taking photos for the past couple of years, it wasn’t until this year that Boyce was ready to take on the daunting world of time lapse. Two weeks ago, Boyce released one of his first attempts at the art form and, boy, did he knock it out of the park.

Combining his love for storm chasing–a hobby picked up in 2014–and his love for photography, Boyce took a 5-week long break from his duties as an officer to travel around the country capturing timelapse of some wicked intense weather. Boyce had no plans as he pulled out of his driveway, embarking on the journey. Rather, he frequently checked the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center for an indication on where he should be heading. Boyce said on some days he would travel upwards of 600 miles just to get where the action may or may not happen. Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of sleep happening on this trip. [Read more…]

Reclaim Australia Protests Shown From A “War Photographer” Perpespective


Photo by Dillon Mak

Sydney based street photographer, Dillon Mak, spent some time over the weekend documenting the Reclaim Australia protests and, wanting to create something in addition to the still images, the photographer also recorded video of the action. What sets Mak’s protest videos apart from all the others is the way he managed to capture it–by mounting a GoPro Hero 4 on top of his Canon 7D, Mak was able to record video with the GoPro while simultaneously shooting stills with the Canon. [Read more…]

Canon Announces New 430EX III-RT with Wireless TTL


Canon has just announced the upcoming release of the latest addition to their speedlight lineup – the 430EX III-RT.  While still having the same zoom range (24-105mm) and guide number (141 ft at ISO 100) as the 430EX II, the updated unit is more compact and lightweight (10.41 oz vs. 11.6 oz) with updated controls.

But, the real kicker is that the 430EX III will have built-in wireless TTL functionality, previously only seen on the more expensive  600EX-RT.  The only downside is that the new model will only be able to function as a slave (50 Shades of Light).

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I switched from Canon to Nikon To Medium format to Canon Again


I love Canon cameras, I really do and it was with great regret that I moved away from Canon last year after being an EOS system user my entire life. I started when I was 5 years old on my fathers EOS 300 film cameras and have then enjoyed every camera up to and including the 5D MK3, but there was a problem.

I’m sure it wasn’t just me, I’m sure a lot of other pros felt like Canon wasn’t listening. The fact that it felt like I had been abandoned by the system I’d bought ito throughout my career hadn’t come at a great time – I was at a crossroads in my career and wanted to make the jump into medium format, I couldn’t then still have my Canon cameras as they weren’t a viable backup with the vast difference in resolution – to me the only option looked to me to jump over to Nikon and use their D800 bodies as backups for my Mamiya Leaf & Credo system that I had bought into. I wasn’t the only people thinking about the switch, it was a conversation that was becoming more and more common when I caught up with other photographers, there seemed to be a general feeling of frustration at Canon.

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Canon Files Patent, Could Be Entering Drone Wars


Drones.  Some love ’em; some hate ’em.  We simply report on them.

According to reports circulating around the web, Canon may be the next big player to announce its contendership in the great drone race based a patent filed with Japanese Patent Office.  While details are very limited at this time, Canon has apparently filed a patent for some form of drone-related technology, making them the first of the major camera companies to take such a step.

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Canon 5DS and 5DS R Initial Resolution Tests

Yes, I had to. A cheap cell-phone pick of the highest resolving SLR cameras made just seemed so wrong that it had to be done.

Like everybody else, we’re pretty excited to get our hands on Canon’s new 5DS and 5DS R. There are already a lot of hands-on articles about the cameras that probably have told you more than you need to know to make your purchase decision. Of course, for most of the Canon shooters who read this blog, the purchase decision was just which place you want to buy it from.

For me, I want some lab data to see just how much of a difference those megapixels make. More particularly, I want to see how much of a difference they make when shot through a reasonably good lens, an excellent lens, and an adequate lens. Some people want to simplify things too much and claim certain lenses are ‘good enough’ for the new cameras and others aren’t. It’s not that simple.

So we begged and threw temper tantrums until Drew agreed to let us have a couple of the new cameras for a couple of days testing in our Imatest lab. That was enough time for us to get a quick overview using several different sample lenses, but it will be months before we have a good database of which lenses are most capable on the new cameras.

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