The Canon 5D Mark IV Will Come in Two Versions; One Dedicated to Video


There have been plenty of specs and rumors going around lately regarding the Mark III’s successor. Just yesterday we went over some of the rumors and why some previously unlikely specs seem more logical after the release of the C300 Mark II and the XC10.

One of the rumors that have been floating around the web is that the Mark III replacement will not have 4K video, but rather that the high-end video capability will be included in a dedicated 5D-series camera.

New info reveals a bit of new specs, but mainly brings back another rumor about sensor size and organizes all the rumored specs.

If true, we will be seeing two new cameras in a few months time – the 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark IVc.

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The Crazy 5D Mark IV Specs Don’t Seem So Crazy Anymore


A couple of months ago we posted a set of specs supposedly belonging to a Canon test camera. Despite looking like a possible 1D X Mark II, that option was ruled out and it was mentioned that the camera could be testing an assortment of features that wouldn’t necessarily all show up in the same one body (or at all).

Another possibility was that the specs belong to the much anticipated 5D Mark IV, and recent rumors and developments seem to make this option a whole lot more logical now than it was back then.

So what kind of camera will the 5D Mark IV be?

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Canon Is All Over 4K; Announces Two Camcorders, a Monitor and a Proprietary Video Format


Earlier today Canon officially announced the XC10 – a compact, fixed-lens 4K video and digital stills camera, targeting aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts. The camera is a first step towards upgrading to one of the high-end EOS Cinema cameras.

Alongside the XC10 Canon also revealed the professional EOS C300 Mark II cinema camera, with impressive 4K capabilities and a dynamic range of up to 15 stops.

Not stopping just camcorders, the company has also developed its own video format targeting 4K professional camcorders and unveiled a new 24-inch 4K reference display.

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Magic Lantern Puts Linux On EOS Cameras. Could Be Developer’s (and filmmakers) Heaven


The team a Magic Lantern has done wonders for the filmmakers industry (and arguably for Canon as well). They made RAW shooting on DSLRs available, implemented a scripting language, and even improved the exposure and dynamic range of the Canon EOS line.

But announcing that the ML team managed to run a 3.19 Linux Kernel on several EOS cameras has the potential to make a huge difference in how apps are developed for cameras. Apps for cameras?  yes. This may become a reality.

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The Battle of the Nifty Fifty: Canon’s 50mm1.8 vs. Yongnuo 50mm1.8

So, a while back Chinese flash maker Yongnuo stepped into the optics realm and started making a 50mm 1.8 (aka the Nifty Fifty, aka fantastic plastic, aka, your second lens).

The Nifty fifty was never an expensive lens, the Canon version is about $115, but if you are super frugal you may be tempted to check the $60 cheaper Yongnuo lens. Photographers Tony & Chelsea took the lens for a spin comparing it with the twice as expensive Canon version.

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Canon Shows Off with “Prestigious Accolade”. Actually It Is Rather Embarrassing

Canon says it took a right turn, but it definitely turned left

Canon says it took a right turn, but it definitely turned left

Canon USA proudly announced yesterday that its parent company, Canon Inc., was praised by Fortune magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2015.

The company didn’t make it to the top 50, but it ranked 7th in the Computers category. Apple, Ranked #1 in the overall list as well as in the Computers category, kept its spot for the eighth consecutive year.

What’s interesting though, and pretty hilarious, is that Canon completely misunderstood its ranking and advertised its lowest ranks as its strengths.

Also, Canon might want to look up the dictionary meaning of the word “prestigious”.

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Japan Has Spoken: Canon Dominates, Sony Dethrones Olympus And Nikon Stutter


Market research and analysis firm BCN announced the annual BCN Awards 2015.

Winners are determined based on sales volume, calculated from data gathered from thousands of sellers throughout Japan.

Canon seems to be doing better than ever, while Nikon is just barely holding its ground.

Sony gets its first taste of victory (and a painful failure) and SanDisk maintains its top spot.

A bit of digging reveals why names like Think Tank, Lowepro and Manfrotto won’t make the list.

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