Facebook Users Bombard Cancer-Struck 16 Year Old With Dog Photos. Restore Faith in Humanity.


Too often we hear stories about the internet being used to bully, scam harass or humiliate. This time I am delighted to share with you a wonderful example of the pure awesomeness that can be achieved on the web.

Anthony Lyons is a 16 year old kid from Phoenix Arizona, and sadly Anthony has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was diagnosed back in July. After going to be checked due to back pain, he is currently going in and out of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy.

In order to keep Anthony’s spirits up, he started getting visits by therapy dogs. These visits definitely got the job done, but they were happening only twice or so a week, while Anthony spends a week at a time at the hospital.

Now this is where things get amazing.

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Touching Group Portrait For Sick Friend Done With Shaved Heads

There aren’t many single moments in life that you can lay your finger on and say that your life before that moment is completely different from the life after that moment. Discovering you have cancer is definitely a life changing moment. And is it in that moment that you need your supporting environment – friend and family – the most.

Anything for love ...

Last month, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an email asking Gerdi friends to come and make a group portrait for her. Having diagnosed with breast cancer, all of Gerdi’s friends accepted the invitation.

But, this was not a trivial group shot. To show their empathy, Gerdi’s friends all shaved their heads prior to posing for the portrait, which despite the sad circumstances is one of the most touching portraits I’ve seen. [Read more…]

Ever Wanted To Make A Person Forget They Had Cancer? Check Out This Brilliant Portrait Project

Sadly, as time progresses we are getting more and more accustomed to sad stories involving cancer. Fighting the illness is not easy and is usually accompanied by sad and serious faces.

Ever Wanted To Make A Person Forget They Had Cancer? Check Out This Brilliant Portrait Project

That was not the case with latest project from mimi foundation and photographer Vincent Dixon. In a series called If only for a second mimi and Dixon joined forces to make beautiful portraits of 20 Cancer patients. Here is the catch. The patients were asked to keep their eyes closed during the makeover processes, not knowing what to expect. [Read more…]