Olympus Announces E-M10 II with Faster Shooting, Better Stabilization, and Improved Viewfinder


Olympus, who 13 years ago produced what I viewed as mediocre digital cameras at best, has been impressing the photography world with many of their cameras in recent years.  From the Pen to the OM-D, they have really stepped up their game to be a real contender in the professional sector.  Now, they’ve upped the ante yet again…

Olympus just announced the OM-D E-M10 II, an update of its previous version, bringing with it a whole list of tremendous functions.

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Casey Neistat Smashes Canon 70D With An Ax, Fails Anger Management

When I get angry, I like to break things.  When I get very angry, I like to smash them to smithereens.  It’s like therapy – stuff-shattering therapy.  Granted, this hasn’t happened in a while…perhaps all that self therapy paid off in the long run.  But, regardless, I can identify with the urge to smash the crap out of anything that’s not working.

That is why I have empathy towards photographer and serial vlogger Casey Neistat who yesterday released a video in which he demolishes a Canon EOS 70D that was being temperamental and kept flashing the dreaded “Movie Has Been Stopped Automatically” error, prohibiting him from continuing to record.

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Unleash your inner stalker with the help of a $60k zoom lens

There’s a little bit of creepy in all of us.  Don’t take my word for it, it’s practically scientific fact.  Stop it!  I’m not judging you…it’s perfectly normal.  But, if you have an extra $60k sitting around looking for a home, you can take your creepy to a whole, new level!

Don’t believe me?  YouTuber SirJonnyCargo shows how he took a Fujinon XA55 Digipower lens designed for video set work, made a few modifications, and attached it to a Panasonic Lumix GH4.  With the crop factor and a 2x teleconverter added, he took the effective focal range of the lens from a measly 9.5-525mm (::scoffs::) to a whopping 44-2,415mm full-frame equivalent!  That’s some serious reach, AT&T.

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About Patents, Design Patents and DIY Mockups


There is a thread on r/photography noting that posts were taken down from DIYP, FStoppers and Petapixel. The thread tells that a letter was sent to Petapixel (which PP shared) asking them to take a post down.  Here at DIYP we got a similar letter.

I can assume that Josh (who is the author of the article) and Fstoppers got similar letters. I mean, why send a letter to only one of the places where certain info is published, right?

The main concern or anger can we the fact that the post was taken down and that DIY info should be with the masses, I mean, no one that has the time (and probably not the money) to make a product would buy it, right? That’s what I think too. This brings us to the issue of…

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You Will Never Check Your Camera Gear Again After Seeing This Airport Baggage System


Every airport I’ve been to has signs advising travelers to remove all valuables from checked luggage. While most people do so worrying that airport staff will steal their expensive belongings, throw their bags around or lose them altogether, it turns out that humans are not the only danger to your prized possessions.

As the video below shows, some automatic baggage systems might also pose a serious threat to the chances of your cameras or lenses making it to their destination intact.

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The (Drunken) Camera Store Guys Rate The Best And Worst Photography Trends Of 2014


As 2014 begins drawing to a close, it marks the official beginning of an onslaught of year end lists. If you only have the time (or patience) to sit through one of them, I hope you choose this silly 19-minute long clip from the guys at The Camera Store. Their refreshing departure from the traditional year end list is presented in video form, probably because they want us to enjoy their progression from sober to flat out wasted as they play a drinking game while delivering their top and bottom picks of 2014. They save the worst of lists until the very end, when they’re nice and hammered, so rest assured, you’re getting their unfiltered feelings about the gear. Hilarity is bound to ensue….

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DIYP Reviews EWA Marine Underwater Camera Housings

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at underwater photography, the first challenge you are going to face is how exactly are you going to get your camera underwater? EWA Marine underwater camera housing review jp danko toronto underwater photographer If you are looking for a high quality, simple and affordable underwater camera housing, you are really going to want to check out the underwater camera housings offered by EWA Marine. For details, please read on for our complete hands on review of the EWA Marine U-BXP 100 underwater camera housing. [Read more…]

Using Less Gear Will Actually Improve Your Photography

Throw Away Your Camera Gear; Haoyuan Ren on InMyBag.net

If you think that getting the next lens, body or strobe will instantly improve your photography, photographer Haoyuan Ren suggests a different point of view (no pun intended).

Ren has been shooting for about seven years and is landing jobs with the big magazines and shooting celebrities (Tilda Swinton, Dean Norris shown above and Taylor Schilling stood in front of his lens). Interestingly, Ren’s advice for photographers is to use less gear.

In an interview with InMyBag Ren’s suggests to throw away as many pieces of gear as you can (or actually not to buy them in the first place). Ren advices that: [Read more…]

Luxi For All: An Affordable Kickstarted Light Meter

We dont usually feature kickstarters, but you have to hand it to a company that knows what they are doing and already shipping their first product.

Luxi For All: An Affordable Light Meter

Luxi For All. (Image from their KickStarter page).

I love my photography toys and gadgets. Most photographers I know are exactly the same. But the problem is so many of them cost a small fortune that often the money can be best spent elsewhere.

One such gadget that can be argued should be in every photographer’s bag is a light meter. Such a tool can be used incredibly effectively, especially in studio work, to shoot with the correct settings to gain perfect exposure. The only problem is that light meters are normally expensive. Until Extrasensory Devices, a Californian company, came along with the Luxi, an affordable light meter for the iPhone.

Their current Kickstarter project sees them trying to bring the new and improved “Luxi For All” to the consumer world which is not all made of iDevice owners. Their prior Kickstarter project, simply called the Luxi, was purely for iPhone and raised over $120,000 from a little over 5,000 backers. It was praised by reviewers as an exceptional and accurate device, particularly considering the price point. The new release is sure to match. [Read more…]