Lily Is a Camera Drone That Wants to Make Shooting Fun


At the latest NAB we saw a big surge of Camera Drone interest. (it was sliders three years ago, Jibs two years, Gibmbals last year and now Drones). Most of the drones (or drone upgrades) introduced were focused on providing a smooth run or more range. Lily is a new players and it is focused on making it FUN.

Lily is a camera drone aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts and as such it features some innovative features.

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Blackmagic’s New Micro Camera is the GoPro of Cinema Cameras


The newly announced Micro Cinema Camera seems to be following in the footsteps of the popular action cameras, with Blackmagic advertising it as a multi-purpose camera that can be taken almost anywhere (which makes sense considering yesterday’s leaked poster).

Touted as the world’s smallest digital film camera, the camera is advertized as a being perfect for drones, as a crash cam, mounted to a helmet or the side of a car or hidden on the set for reality TV.

Along with its compact size, it is the advanced camera features, interchangeable lenses, remote operation and monitoring, expandable connections and professional recording formats that make this a great camera for high-end products.

The ease of use, reasonable price and wide flexibility, however, mean this camera will not be used only in Hollywood.

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Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Banner Leaked: It’s A Super16 RAW Drone Ready Camera


Usually companies try to keep their product launches secret. This may be a hard thing to do if you are putting a poster of your new product up on the wall of a major trade show, say like NAB 2015. This is just what Black Magic did, actually revealing the world with their upcoming camera: a Black magic Micro Cinema Camera, with 13 stops of DR, Super16, RAW, with features for use with drones as tweeted by Zak Forsman a few hours ago.

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Humor: Using A Drone For Better BBQ


While here on DIYP we’ve been obsessed with the moral implications of using drones (or UAVs, or quadcopters) some people have found a uses for those machines which are much less controversial.

Hamburg based photographer shared a video freely translated as Lighting the Barbecue Like a Boss, where he sets up a grill. Unconventionally, getting his gill up to heat involved using the wind generated by a DJI Phantom carrying a Gopro camera. Hit the jump to see the wonders of BBQ and Drones.

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Wrapping Up the 2014 NAB Show: Innovation with Affordability


In case life took over and you haven’t been aggressively checking up on what’s new in the photography world every day, you probably missed quite a few big announcements this week. The NAB Show just wrapped up its run for 2014, and this past week has been an absolute roller coaster for tech media. Here’s a round-up of the show just so you can be caught up with what’s been happening.

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DJI Announces the Phantom Vision 2+, the Latest Addition to Their Drone Line

Phantom Vision 2+

If you don’t know about devices like the DJI Phantom, then keep reading, because you may find yourself seriously considering investing in one afterwards.

DJI Phantom quadcopters are drones that take videos and photos from up in the air, like any basic helicopter shot you’ll see in movies. They’re effective, durable, and stay where they need to stay even if the wind is against them. And now the company is announcing their newest addition to the line: the Phantom Vision 2+.

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